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I post content that’s censored in mainstream media cos it
challenges the status quo narrative, & shows how a cabal of corporate elites have captured global trade, governance & our minds through corporate media propaganda - the solution is to relocalise
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Looking forward to (date & venue still secret) Bilderberg 2024.
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Block the UN's Last-Minute Pandemic Treaty Push! - Click here:
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Bill Gates, new RNA vaccines via @YouTube
The used electric car timebomb -  EVs could become impossible to sell on because battery guarantees won't last - find out if you are affected
the view from the top of the pyramid of power

Bilderberg 2024 revealed to be taking place in Madrid, 30May-03Jun

Massive swanky hotel of course: Eurostar Suites Mirasierra just to the north of the city
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“I’ve got tickets to Groundswell on 26th and 27th June, see you there?” @groundswellaguk