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Now 66 years old, feeling that if I have grown to be an expert on anything, it is long distance bicycle touring.

I don't use or carry the best of everything, rather everything I carry I use, and lack nothing.

But a life of nomadic minimalistic survivalist adventure tourism isn't everything. There are somethings that it's missing.

And what might that be?

1. One must strike a comfortable balance between solitude and togetherness.

2. A body that never deteriorates might be useful. A body that gets up off the ground when struck down, to live forever, or at least long enough to say goodbye.

Yet as our bodies are and deteriorate, we continue to mentally and experientially
grow into our next world reality, one step at a time, one day at a time.

Live and deteriorate gracefully.
Life has been painful for the past 3 months with a hand injury.

After it did not heal, I suspected it may be out-of-joint, possibly fractured and needing special attention.

I have rarely a need for doctors or medications as I serve as my own, but there comes a time when medical x-rays are needed.

The problem is at the carpometacarpal joint.
X-rays were taken through a Hospital Emergency Room visit. In being homeless without a mailing address or phone, there was no charge for the visit.

X-rays revealed to the attending doctor that there is no fracture, and it is not broken or out-of-joint.

Doctor supplied a velcro wrist brace and recommended I see a specialist. The problem seems to be an issue with the tissues and not the bone or joint.

Given the wrist brace, my conclusion is that the tissues should remain disused until they can heal, with light daily massage.

Therefore I am in the process of creating the perfect wrist and thumb brace, a sort of rigid cast, but without using plaster-of-paris.

Nowadays at this hospital, they no longer use the old-fashioned blood pressure cuffs, rather they use disposable velcro cuffs which stay with the patient.

I took my cuff and another one someone left behind, and cut them up to recycle the velcro strapping in order to support and improve the wrist brace I was given.

There is also a metal spoon wrapped inside to support the thumb keeping it straight and rigid.

With this situation, riding bicycle becomes a bit more challenging.

This has been an exercise in "being your own doctor" while on the road.
For doing laundry on the road, I developed a simple no cost system.

I wear lightweight fast drying fabrics, washing just one item at a time, and it takes all day.

I find empty detergent bottles with small amounts of leftover detergent at the local laundromat.

Using a velcro strap, I mount a wide mouth detergent bottle on my front rack, which the sun heats as I ride during the day.

I stuff the clothing item into the detergent bottle along with two golf balls, and then ride on dirt roads.

Rinse and dry, soap and wash, simple, minimalistic, and free.
A life of eternal youthful innocence,
free of pain, worry, and frustration.

Is this what you want?

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

Have no fear, however powerful.
New foam dispensing bottles
recent invention
reusable interchangeable tops.

Easily refillable with a variety of foaming liquid.

Reusable, recyclable, useful, handy.

Save them.
People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

When you go through a setback, be prepared for a comeback.