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This is the official Tor Project Telegram channel. Message @GetBridgesBot for bridges, @GetTor_Bot to download Tor Browser, and @TorProjectSupportBot for help.
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We're a nonprofit defending your privacy and freedom online. Download Tor Browser for protection against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

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Open call for Tor Board candidates

We are happy to announce that for the first time the Tor Project Board has published an open call for candidates to become new members of the Board. The goal of this open call is to provide a way for the whole community to participate in this process.
We believe that this new process will not only help us find great new members for our Board but will also generate new relationships and get us closer to the communities that Tor serves.
If you are interested in giving back to Tor in a governance role, we encourage you to submit an application before Sept. 30.
Arti 1.0.0 is released and ready for production use 🎉

Back in 2020, we started work on a new implementation of the Tor protocols in the Rust programming language. With Arti 1.0.0, we believe it's ready for wider use.
This means that you should be able to use Arti in the real world to get a similar degree of privacy, usability, and stability to what you would with a C client Tor. The APIs should be (more or less) stable for embedders. You can now use arti proxy to connect to the Tor network to anonymize your network connections.
To achieve this, we we've made many improvements to Arti. For a complete list of changes, and to learn more about Arti 1.0.0, visit our blog.
Iran: Circumventing Censorship with Tor

Currently we are receiving lots of requests for support from Iran.

If you are having issues connecting to the Tor network from Iran, before contacting us on our support channels, please try these solutions:

Tor Browser Desktop 🧅

Check Tor Browser version and update to the latest

Please ensure you’re using the latest version of Tor Browser.

To check: click on the hamburger menu on top right, then click on ‘Settings’. Scroll down to the “Tor Browser Updates” section. Click on “Check for Updates”

You can also download the latest version from our mirror:

Connection Assist

Tor Browser 11.5+ ships with Connection Assist, that when required will offer to automatically apply the bridge configuration which works best in your location.
If Connection Assist is unable to determine your location, or you want to configure your connection manually instead, you can select your region (i.e Iran) from the dropdown menu and click on ‘Try a Bridge’.

❄️ Snowflake

Snowflake is working in Iran. Please follow these instructions to connect to the Tor network through the Snowflake pluggable transport.

Using Snowflake with Tor Browser Desktop

1. Click on ‘Configure Connection’ from the start-up screen and new tab should open up.
2. Scroll down to ‘Bridges’ and click on ‘Select a Built-in Bridge’
3. From the options opt for ‘snowflake’

For more instructions, check our Forum:
❄️ Snowflake is helping people in Iran and other countries circumvent Internet censorship.

Run a snowflake proxy:

Let people know you're operating a Snowflake proxy by downloading and printing our Snowflake sticker pack! 👇