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“The last two years has taught us the government is not looking after our interests” @JeffreyPeel

With EU extending Covid certification - despite public apparently not wanting it - catch up on our recent event here:

"Digital IDs: a threat to freedom?"

The year: 2026

Censorship & surveillance dominate life in Britain after the passing of The Online Safety Bill

We don't want this future


Protect #FreeSpeech
before it's too late

we need to make sure we dont get silod into damaging acts as things get far worse towards autumn

We are seeing calls from some to re introduce masks & restrictions

We are also all now suffering from the damage inflicted on us all by restrictions that were about 'being seen to do something' rather than actually being of benefit

We shall challenge any restrictions #together.

Scotland: "MSPs make some emergency Covid-19 powers permanent, incl ability to impose lockdowns & close schools"

But lockdowns & school closures were both huge policy failures

Vast costs we've only begun to pay

This must be acknowledged & never repeated
"Girl, 14, killed herself after being 'denied face-to-face appointments' during lockdown" - NHS ruled guilty of neglect

A terrible and tragic story

Tip of an iceberg of lockdown harms

Why do those who call loudly for restrictions on normal life for C19 seem to care nothing for the damage?

Be prepared for usual autumn/winter pressure on NHS to increase drumbeat

And stand firm #together
Vacc passports allowed govts to condition general public to using mobile phone as means of entry & access to basic services, basic amenities

What scared me most is how readily most accepted this"
Check out podcast link

We'll accept no future overreach in the name of ‘safety’

Our fundamental right to meet, organise, protest, pray, dance & socialise is ours & ours alone

In a functioning democracy, this cannot be removed by the State

This was entirely wrong & should never be repeated


The idea @BorisJohnson won't rule out further restrictions 2.5 years on from '3 weeks to flatten curve' is absurd

We know what people in govt thought of these restrictions themselves

They proved it over and over again

"Time we acknowledge our response to pandemic has been worse than the disease"

Thank you @EstherMcVey1

& right to point out effect on kids

Why does @covidinquiryuk need years to do its job?
Wasn't even going to address effects on kids, remember