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👇Vital thread

Proof UK Govt used military to spy on 100s of ordinary people - just for asking questions about Covid policies

MPs, journalists also secretly monitored, recorded, suppressed

WHY was military involved at all?

WHY was original pandemic strategy thrown out?
Media is too big
"Haringey LTNs need to go - they are not right, not fair & not democratic"

"3 massive LTNs imposed, not in Haringey Labour's manifesto...60%-65% asked basically didn't want them"

Free Our Streets
Get involved:
A bit of a 'mega thread' on LTNs, zones, 15-20 min cities & ULEZ. This is about democracy, ignoring residents, damaging business & families & ideological fervour. We shall be making big announcement tomorrow too, pls share. thanks .Its all about locals taking action
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"This is reality of what LTN ("Low Traffic Neighbourhood") has done - we're having to move out of our shop because we can't stay here any more & make money"

How can councils like Haringey Council afford to trash rate-paying businesses, some wonder?

Grants from central Govt + stinging motorists

This video is from Tara Hawkins who explained situation in Myddleton Road a week ago in another video. Tara said:

"We have 68 shops here, 75% of those surveyed looking to close or relocate within 18 months due to LTN.

The council wrecked the business model overnight - with no consultation."

LTNs, "15 Minute Cities", "Liveable Neighbourhoods"... whatever the label, the impulse always seems to be same:

A doomy ideology where cars & moving freely are very BAD & public must be punished, limited, restricted to atone for imagined sins

Say no! 👇
"The Billionaires Coming For Your Gas Boiler"

"Effort to “electrify everything” & ban use of natural gas in homes & businesses is part of years-long, lavishly funded campaign bankrolled by some of world’s richest people...(which) may be worse for climate"
Media is too big
Govt using Army to spy on lockdown critics "an enormous scandal... there must be a minister who was responsible, & they should be sacked" - Rod Liddle

And to think they lecture public on "misinformation" and tell us we need Online "Safety" Bill

This shows public actually need protection *from* Govt

Govt's "Counter Disinformation Unit" in Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport needs shutting down
Media is too big
Sadiq Khan doesn't want open public debate on ULEZ & local councils don't on LTNs

Venue for our Bath event on Thur (re: 15 new LTNs + 48 more planned by council) cancelled due to pressure

We won't be shut down!

New Bath venue - join us Thur - info:
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What do you call a country where Govt uses military against peaceful members of public, journalists & democratically elected representatives?

We have the fight of our lives for basic rights like free speech, freedom to protest #together
Media is too big
"15 Minute Cities" are presented as positive

In fact the idea is to LIMIT & RESTRICT you

As June Slater rightly says:

Councils will NOT be rebuilding towns - so how will you have "everything you need?"

You won't!

You'll have, do, be less & your life will be poorer for it

We reject this grim, sad, frightened vision of the future

Free Our Streets #together:
BATH: Open meeting this Thur 7pm-8.30pm

To discuss 15 new LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) + 48 more planned by @bathnes

NEW VENUE - after "cancellation" by previous venue for daring to want to debate LTNs! - is DoubleTree by Hilton BA1 5BJ

More info:
From Bounds Green London to Cowley Rd Oxford Councillors imposing LTNs & 15 min cities have been enormously damaging to small business & many residents


Will Local Councillors start listening?

Our event in Bath was full & we had to turn people away. It's clear to all except @bathnes @CllrMandaRigby huge amount of opposition to LTNs & RPZs as @Leighlines & speakers explained on the night

We were not shut down: you inspired all to get more active
Media is too big
"I saw a consultation in Oxford where 90% said 'we don't want this' & they were totally & utterly ignored.

"That's not a democracy. That is not the country we should be living in"

Olympian Sharron Davies at our Bath event on Thursday - which was absolutely packed!

It is clear there is huge & growing public opposition to undemocratically imposed and damaging "15 Min Cities", "20 Minute Neighbourhoods", LTNs etc

It's time to Free Our Streets

Get more info & get involved:
"‘Digital pound’ possible by 2030 in bid to combat falling use of cash"

This headline is a nonsense

"Risks but no obvious benefits" - former Governor Bank of England Mervyn King

To require "significant public investment?"

And most money digital anyway

So why do it?
Who benefits?
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Watch Mayor of London Sadiq Khan heckled by female lorry driver over ULEZ - who is then kicked out by security

Khan is pushing for Digital ID because "anonymous abuse online"

But he doesn't seem to like the "wrong" feedback - anonymous or not!

#ULEZ a tax on poor
No clear benefit except £££

Ealing residents got hugely unpopular LTNs removed 2021

But @EalingCouncil don't appear to have got message

"Introduce 3 'Liveable Neighbourhoods' & 25 LTNs by 2030"

Locals may wish to look into council meeting on "Local Development Plan," Ealing Town Hall, 7pm tomorrow