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Today we wrote to our local MPs asking

Will they insist @WHO potential treaty debate in Parliament?

Do they know about amendments to International Health Regulations?

Will they call for Select Committee to assess?

Will they insist on UK sovereignty?


Shame about cost of living says @RishiSunak

Global forces, nothing we can do

£37b fraudulent Covid loans
£37b Test & Trace fiasco
£8.7b PPE written off
£512m ventilators never used
£500m Nightingales
As for lockdowns: forget it

Accountability needed

It is easy to imagine the following censored under Online Safety Bill:

Debating value of lockdowns / restrictions
News re: medicines that could affect public confidence
Discussion of @WHO

Govt had @Ofcom "guide" broadcasters to toe line on issues just like these in Mar 2020 👇
A big thread

drawing in Sajid comments and Boris re lockdowns and need for all to insist on calm and stand together

Belgium implements a 21 day quarantine - after 3 cases of monkey pox

Britain warnings: re contact & future travel plans!

While it’s low risk: ‘this strain can be lethal to 1%’!

Headlines pundits & authorities need to calm down

Stay vigilant #together

Today we wrote to our MPs asking:

Will you be defending Free Speech & arguing against UK Govt's proposed Online Safety Bill?

'Legal but harmful' would outsource censorship to Big Tech platforms already stifling speech

We need Open Debate

Lesson of Partygate & Sue Gray Report v simple:

They spent £1bn taxpayer money on scary "nudge" ad campaigns for the little people

But they knew the truth

They weren't scared

They didn't believe their own restrictions

Public must remember & not be fooled by use of fear again