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WIN: "Independents recently won 228 council seats in the local elections"

Keep making voices heard #together

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LOCKDOWN FLASHBACK: "Under 60s.. you're more likely to drown (than die of Covid)... we need to get things a bit in context" Luke Johnson

This was a disaster, which must be acknowledged and never repeated

#Covid #lockdown
Around 5m people in UK don't have internet access, let alone smartphones

A "Digital Pound" will just exclude older, less tech-savvy, vulnerable people from society further

Who actually benefits from this expensive elite project

We need to make our own health decisions here at home - not “outsource” them to unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats at the World Health Organization

We understand there is a protest upcoming, Edinburgh Sat 25 May, 1pm
"Aberdeen bus gates: Footfall plunges by more than 500,000 amid ‘perception city centre is closed for business’"

This is a disaster

And this *before* totally unnecessary LEZ

"Petition against government's plans for bank ‘mass spying’ powers nears 200k signatures"👊

More attempted state overreach with Data Protection & Digital Information Bill House Of Lords

OXFORD: "Co-op Post Office will close due to 'LTNs'"

"This will especially impact elderly & those with limited mobility, who may face challenges accessing essential services provided by the Post Office" - new councillor Ian Yeatman of the Independent Oxford Alliance Party

WIN: "Taxpayers will no longer fund Global Disinformation Index"

One down, how many more shady censorship outfits to go?

Media is too big

From free speech to attacks on mobility, so many issues in Scotland but the public getting active can change things

If you're in Scotland come join us

We're Stronger #Together
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World Health Organization: "I am profoundly sceptical of the WHO's ability to manage a global pandemic in light of serious errors of judgment, poor leadership & well-chronicled conflicts of interest.

"Minister says it doesn’t bind our hand… but he will know, in heat of ‘emergency’ … irresistible pressure mounts on a govt… to make decisions that… turn out to be wrong" - Suella Braverman

We need to make - and take responsibility for - our own health decisions here at home, not "outsource" them to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats

Central Bank Digital Currency could ultimately be used by Govt or 3rd parties to dictate how we spend our money

Who benefits from a #CBDC
Instead of admitting Net Zero is a mad target, the world’s leaders are pressing on

They will fail, but the damage they are doing will cost all of us dearly

It's up to us

Please sign & share #NoToNetZero at

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BLANKET 20MPH SPEED LIMITS: Welsh government squandered huge amounts on this daft idea, now they will squander even more reversing it

This bonkers idea needs to go from the whole of the UK

CASH: "Use of physical cash increases for first time in decade"👊

GOVERNMENT SPYING: The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill is now in the reporting stage in the House Of Lords

Petition against government's plans for bank ‘mass spying’ powers nears 200k signatures -

#Banks #surveillance
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SCOTLAND COVID INQUIRY: "Residents (in care homes) forgot who their families were"

We need an investigation into what happened in care homes during Covid

(Duncan McDonald-care home manager)

Wouldn't it be better to give your cash to independent businesses run by real people who believe in freedom, than faceless mega-corporations who don’t? ‘Course it would... and that is where the Together Directory comes in! Check it out:
"ANPR cameras installed but not yet activated at Oxford LTNs" (Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods)

Get past the idyllic-sounding names, and these schemes really mean councils imposing surveillance and roadblocks
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NET ZERO: "What planet are they are on... do they want us to go back to feudal times?" (Alan Miller)

Net Zero policies underpin "15 Minute Cities", LTNs, ULEZ & blanket 20mph zones

Media is too big
WHO: "You don't want an international body saying there is only one way of looking at a problem" John Redwood

Our politicians are in the habit of outsourcing policy to unelected, unaccountable global organisations like the WHO

This is totally undemocratic and needs to stop