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TLS Tunnel 4.4.2 [327].apk
16.1 MB
Improved server list loading.
Updated Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.
Possible correction of some ANRs.

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TLS Tunnel 4.4.3 [331].apk
16.6 MB
Correction of some bugs and security improvement.

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TLS Tunnel 4.4.4 [332].apk
16.6 MB
OpenSSL 1.1.1n Update
Bug fix in app filter setting
Fixed debug detection (false positives)

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TLS Tunnel 4.4.6 [335].apk
17.1 MB
OpenSSL 1.1.1o Update
Some implementation updates...
The selected server is now highlighted in the server list

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List of open TCP ports on official servers

By default, TLS Tunnel is configured with ports 80 and 443 and provides the option of using a custom port.
Below you can find all the ports available on the official TLS Tunnel servers.

Available TCP ports:

If you need a specific port more, send us an email and show us that is really needed.
TLS Tunnel 5.0.0 [348].apk
17.1 MB
🔥 Big change in the user interface, bringing a model with a focus on the bottom and center of the screen closer to the finger, making navigation through the app's options more efficient and pleasant.

🔥 Now descriptions of locked configuration files supports clickable link, this will be useful to share your private chat link, group or channel on Telegram, or whatever you want.
(HTML <a>)

🔥 Possibility to renew access directly from the main screen, without having to access the server list or reconnect.

🔥 Possibility to re-export a locked configuration, generating a new file if you have lost the original, it will just not be possible to edit it.

Bug Fixes:
Crash fix when fails to connect to private server.
Improved log screen error details.
Fixed false positives in root/debug detection.
And many other minor errors fixes...

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TLS Tunnel 5.0.1 [350].apk
17.1 MB
❇️ Improvement on German translation.
❇️ Improvement on Pro Version status verification.

🪲 [Bug Fix]: When saving DNS Tunnel connection method setting with private server.
🪲 [Bug Fix]: On first connection after choosing official server automatically with DNS Tunnel method.
🪲 [Bug Fix]: ANRs and delays when opening server list or app filter app list.

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TLS Tunnel DNSTT Plugin [12].apk
12.3 MB
❇️ DNSTT v1.20220208.0
❇️ DoH and DoT mode use uTLS to camouflage their TLS Client Hello
fingerprint. The fingerprint to use is chosen randomly from a weighted

Download TLS Tunnel DNSTT 1.2.0 [12]
TLS Tunnel 5.0.2 [352].apk
18.4 MB
❇️ A few more minor interface changes
❇️ Small documentation of tags used in payloads
❇️ Language selection option
❇️ DNSTT plugin init time improvement

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TLS Tunnel 5.0.3 [354].apk
18.4 MB
Re-implementation of the SSH library correcting and improving the connection speed.
Private Server Banner (SSH) is now displayed in logs, and supports clickable links.
🪲 Black screen fix when switching language or theme on Androids 11 and earlier

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TLS Tunnel 5.0.4 [355].apk
18.4 MB
Updating OpenSSL 1.1.1p and some other implementations

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TLS Tunnel 5.0.5 [357].apk
17.1 MB
Ads SDK Update
OpenSSL 1.1.1q

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TLS Tunnel 5.0.6 [359].apk
20.4 MB
Ads SDK Update
OpenSSL 1.1.1s

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TLS Tunnel 5.0.8 [361].apk
23.1 MB
OpenSSL 1.1.1w
Appodeal 3.1.3

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TLS Tunnel 5.0.9 [363].apk
28 MB
Appodeal 3.2.0 Beta.2

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