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Media is too big

Rachel Maddow is Turning On the Pressure; J&J Vaccine Suspended over Blood Clot Concerns; The China/US Covid Connection; A New Truth About Cancer Series; And a Special Surprise

#Maddow #UnderPressure #BloodClots #Covid19 #Daszak
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Media is too big

Louise Roseingrave reports in today’s Sunday Times that the death figures reported by Nphet “do not have a scientific basis”, according to the Mayo coroner Patrick O’Connor.

She writes:

“He claims that many of those recorded as having died from Covid-19 were already suffering with other underlying illnesses that may have caused their deaths.

O’Connor, who acts as a public information officer for the Coroners Society of Ireland, said that recording Covid-19 as the principal cause of death when a person was already terminally ill raised questions about the accuracy of the figures.

Since the start of the pandemic 4,831 Covid-19 deaths have been recorded in Ireland.

“In reality, a lot of people have terminal cancer or multiple serious co-morbidities.

People can die from Covid or with Covid.

I think numbers that are recorded as Covid deaths may be inaccurate and do not have a scientific basis,” O’Connor said.

“When a person is suffering from a number of medical conditions which will or may lead to their death at some short time in the future, if they are unlucky enough to be infected by the Covid virus, that is recorded as the principal cause of death.”

Denis Cusack, the Kildare coroner, presented evidence in a report published last week that 99 per cent of the 230 Covid-related deaths in the county were of people with underlying conditions.

“The associated or underlying medical conditions reported in the 230 persons who died directly from Covid-19, or whose death had Covid-19 as a contributory cause, were taken from the original reports to the coroner,” Cusack’s report states.

Of the 230 deaths notified, 228 had underlying conditions including 132 cardiovascular, including hypertension; 120 dementia; 58 respiratory; 36 oncological; 30 neurological; 25 diabetes and 23 renal.

While all Covid-related deaths must be reported to the coroner, they do not require inquests because the illness is considered a pneumonia and therefore a natural cause.

However, a coroner can direct an inquest based on individual circumstances.

O’Connor has opened two such inquests in Co Mayo, into the deaths of a 17-year-old Ballyhaunis student, Sally Maaz, and John Carolan, 79, from Ballina.

Both died after contracting the virus at Mayo University Hospital and these inquests have been adjourned for mention on June 21.

“These two inquests are taking place because of the individual circumstances of each person at the time of their death.

The inquests directed by me were deemed to be in the public interest,” O’Connor said.

Full report https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/a924df02-9fc8-11eb-9528-e3733dc789af
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"Interestingly, one of the few liberties that will be allowed in Ireland from April 23 is the right of eviction. Got that? You can’t meet in your friend’s house, or work to pay your rent or mortgage, but strangers can come into your house and turf you out for not paying your rent or mortgage."

THADE ANDY writes on Victim Olympics and the rise of a strange new medievalism


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And so the cookie starts to crumble… Read this…3 TIMES! The masks begin to fall off!

“The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline, which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!” (the one who makes the vaccine against the virus which was (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and which was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes the vaccine!

“GlaxoSmithKline is (accidentally) managed by the finance division of Black Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (accidentally) manages the French AXA!

“Soros (accidentally) owns the German company Winterthur, which (accidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German Allianz, which (coincidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock,” which (coincidentally) controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital.

“Black Rock” is also (coincidentally) a major shareholder of MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (which – remember? Sells a miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now the first sponsor of the ‘WHO!

Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China has infected the WHOLE PLANET! “” …. copy and share quickly ….
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Covid Passports: Church vs State

The "end of liberal democracy?" Hundreds of Christian leaders in the UK have SLAMMED the PM's Covid passport scheme - calling it "unethical coercion".

An open letter to Boris Johnson describes a slipper slope towards a surveillance state that "uses technology to control lives".

“This is one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics,” the letter stated.

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1st of May 2021 2pm... The Custom House, Dublin

Organise locally and build strong community groups every Saturday 2pm across every City, town and village Nationwide.

If none are organised... call it yourself. TDs office, munissable building's, community centre, town square or park. Saturday's 2pm.

Anyone willing to support these gatherings please pass on info to us to help promote event, time and location. GET ACTIVE!💚🇮🇪