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THORChain has been transitioned to mainnet 🚀
THORName is here! 🤩 What's yours?

True cross-chain personalized wallet address, powered by THORChain. Own your name, own cross-chain ⚡️

Visit to register and manage your THORName today 💪

Read our medium for all the details:

THORName Video Guide:
It's been 3 months since the launch of THORSwap V2 interface. Regardless of market macro, we've continued to build and update more functionality and UI/UX improvements.

As we enter Q3, we'd like to conduct another community survey to learn about everyone's THORSwap experience. Continued feedback from our users is vital for us to continue delivering the best Cross-Chain DEX experience. Please take a minute to lend us your valuable insight:

Leave your discord/ twitter handle upon completing the form this week to enter a merch giveaway! One lucky winner will receive their pick of any single item on our merch store 👍
Cosmos ⚛️ is now officially integrated on THORSwap! 💪

With the arrival of $ATOM to THORChain, Cosmos' cross-chain potential can truly be unlocked.

For the first time, anyone can directly swap native #BTC $ETH & more for $ATOM, then use protocols such as Osmosis to swap from $ATOM to any other asset in the IBC ecosystem (and vice versa) 🚀

No KYC, Wrapped Assets or Bridges. Your keys, your coins 🤝

We've also built support for Keplr Wallet, Ledger & Keystore as options to connect Cosmos wallets on THORSwap ⚡️

This is just the beginning. our future IBC DEX Aggregator will directly connect to long-tail assets across the IBC ecosystem directly to THORSwap 👍

We hope you're just as excited as we are about the arrival of Cosmos - be sure to spread the good word! 📣

Twitter Thread:
How to Swap:
How to earn Yield:
Learn more on our Medium:
THORYield v2 has arrived! 🚀

A fully revamped version of your favorite mobile app to track everything DeFi and THORChain ⚡️

Complete with modern UI, UX improvements and brand new features:

- Streamlined Initial Setup Process (now supporting THORNames)
- LP Positions Tracker: new design and structure
- $THOR Staking Rewards Tracker now features token price, daily timeframe chart, Staking related Stats and historical rewards distribution to vTHOR holders
- Portfolio Tracker now includes aggregated metrics and details on each token in connect wallets (as dedicated page with historical price charts)
- [NEW] THORChain Learn page with news and educational material

Video Guide:
Learn more on Medium:

Download today 👇
Great news! THORSwap has partnered with SushiSwap to launch an Onsen farm ♨️ for $THOR!

Check it out at 👉 🍣

With the launch of our new $THOR Onsen farm, users who are providing THOR-ETH liquidity on SushiSwap can stake their SLP tokens to receive additional liquidity mining rewards — in the form of both $SUSHI and $THOR — whilst maintaining their exposure to THOR/ETH. Don’t miss this chance to stack more yield!

Previously, we hosted our own LP farming contract for additional $THOR rewards. This will be deprecated and replaced by the new $THOR Onsen Farm.

Read our Medium for all the details:

NOTE 📣: If you have existing SLP token staked on the old contract, un-stake from v1 farm first:

By launching $THOR Onsen we're boosting rewards for LP'ers + decreasing slippage.

Composability is the future of Web3. We will continue to build strong partnerships and deliver value for $THOR 🤝
A look back at THORSwap's May Rewards Distribution:

- Nearly 1/3 of a million was generated in revenue!

- Over 1/4 of a million worth of fees earned were distributed to $THOR stakers ( $vTHOR holders), equal to a sustainable real yield APY of 17.76%

- On the highest trading days, $vTHOR rewards from Fee-share equated to 25% of total yield 💪

- Fee-share yield + $THOR rewards meant on days we saw over 300%+ vTHOR APY 🔥

- $57,505 was collected for our treasury, helping us sustain BUIDL-ing no matter the market condition ⚒

Expect more updates from us in the future - onwards! ⚡️
Big news: THORSwap's Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator launches on August 23rd 🔥

In less than 2 weeks, we enter the next phase of our Multi-Chain future ⚡️ Beginning with connecting 8,300+ ERC-20 tokens direct to native $BTC, $ETH, $BNB, $ATOM, $DOGE, $LTC, $BCH, $RUNE & more!

THORSwap is now essentially a next-level #Ethereum DEX💪

No more comparing prices between AMMs for ERC-20 swaps. We've connected 1inch, Uniswap V2 + V3, SushiSwap & 0x pools to offer the best prices and the deepest liquidity.

Welcome to the next phase of THORSwap - a Cross-Chain Aggregator of Aggregators 💪 We calculate the best price, route & lowest slippage to save you gas and time 👌

Check out the juicy alpha in this Twitter thread and help spread the word! 📢
We're proud to launch THORSafe - THORChain's very own Multi-Sig Wallet Interface ⚡️ A powerful tool for collaboration, escrow & governance. Use cases include:

✔️Enhanced Security for Self-custody
✔️Reduce dependency on one person/ device
✔️DAO/ Group Decision making
✔️Escrow Transactions
✔️Running a THORNode⚡️/ Providing Liquidity as a Collective
✔️Deadman's Switch

THORSafe brings improved financial inclusion for the THORChain ecosystem, by making it easy & secure for multiple individuals to run Nodes & LP together. It reduces the capital barrier for entry and is a step towards nodes managed by DAO's, Institutions, a group of THORChads and even CEXs⚡️

THORSafe is also the first advance feature available under THORSwap's new 'Pro Mode'. To use THORSafe (beta), simply turn on Pro Mode in our web app Global Settings, and it should appear on the side menu.

In-depth THORSafe tutorial (must watch!) :
Detailed Medium article:
The wait is finally over! 🎉 THORSwap has integrated our own full-featured Ethereum DEX Aggregator 🚀

Swap thousands of ERC-20 tokens across 8+ L1 blockchains in a single transaction, right from your own self-custody wallet, without risk of centralized counterparties.

No Bridges, No Wrapping, Deep Liquidity from Uniswap V2 + V3, SushiSwap, 1Inch (ParaSwap, GMX, Curve), 0x Protocol (Matcha).

The Multi-Chain Future is NOW. ✌️

To learn more:

Video Tutorial:
Here's a look back at THORSwap's June Rewards Distribution:

- Over 100k was generated in revenue! 🔥

- Over 80k earned was distributed to $THOR stakers ( $vTHOR holders), equal to a sustainable real yield APY of 10.12% 🤩

- We generated close to half a Million in revenue in less than 2 months 💪

- Fee-sharing equated to 10% of total yield for vTHOR, on the highest trading days it was up to 30%! ✌️

- Over $26k was collected for our treasury, helping us sustain BUIDL-ing and Shipping ⚒
THORSwap Monthly Recap: August 2022 is here! 📣

⚡️Highlights from our biggest month to date⚡️:

✅ THORSwap ETH Cross-Chain Aggregator (Swap 4800+ ERC-20 Tokens!)
✅ Ethereum Ledger Support
✅ New Security Engineer
✅ THORSafe Multi-Sig Interface
✅ New Wallet Picker
✅ THORYield App Updates

More details + future alpha:
THORSwap Web App v0.7.1 has been released! 📣

⚡️Check out the updates at 👉
THORSwap has been featured by danku_r in his latest highlight on THORChain! ⚡️ Featuring a great breakdown of upcoming developments ie. an introduction to single-sided yield plus some alpha 🧐 Check it out and help retweet to spread the word! 📣

Oh yeah, we're also giving away 500 $vTHOR to 3 lucky winners 🤩
Since our last community survey, we've integrated Cosmos $ATOM, released THORYield v2, THORSafe Multi-sig, new wallet picker, Ethereum ERC-20 DEX Aggregator and many other updates ⚡️

We'd love to hear your thoughts & feedback to help improve THORSwap even further and plan the upcoming roadmap. Please take 5 mins to complete our new September Community Survey: 🤝

As thanks we have another merch giveaway! Follow us on Twitter, Retweet + complete survey and comment what's your favorite piece of merch to be in to win:
THORSwap Web App v0.7.2 has been released! 📣

⚡️Check out the updates at 👉
We gave our homepage a FRESH makeover! ⚡️

As we continue to support more Chains & Tokens, we will always remember what's truly important:

✅ Decentralization
✅ Self-Custody of Native Assets
✅ 1-click True Cross-chain Swap & Yield

THORSwap will never stop in our quest to build the best Decentralized Cross-Chain Exchange.
Share THORSwap with the world today! 📣
We're pleased to announce THORSwap's protocol token $THOR is now integrated on! 🎉

Put your $THOR to work to hire services or earn $THOR for providing your expertise - join HYVE and experience next level Web3 freelancing 💪

Watch this space: more exciting news to come! 👀
Our community's voice has been heard! Today THORSwap officially introduces two new bold updates to $THOR Tokenomics & Staking rewards. These changes signify our commitment towards a sustainable model based on Real Yield fee-sharing 🤝
1️⃣ Introducing: $vTHOR Discount Tiers

As promised, we're formalizing THORSwap Exchange Fee Discounts for $vTHOR holders. Depending on your HODL amount, you will be eligible for a discount of 17~100% off Exchange Fees when trading on THORSwap 🔥

Remember: $vTHOR holders receive 75% of THORSwap revenue as Real Yield🌱 This change means more rewards for $THOR stakers, while still providing loyal community members with sizable trading benefits.

Don't forget to connect your ETH wallet with $vTHOR to receive the discount!
2️⃣ Emissions Adjustment

From today THORSwap will reduce staking emissions by ~50% from 15 $THOR per block to 7 $THOR per block.

As swap revenue increase, we will continue to taper this down, transitioning away from inflationary emissions to a long-term sustainable real yield model🌱

$THOR was designed to be majority (65%) community owned from the beginning, with 50% total supply allocated towards Community Incentives. Rest Assured: Token supply delegated to the community remain designated for that purpose.
These two updates - $vTHOR Discount Tiers & Emissions Adjustment - are important steps towards a sustainable protocol with sustainable yield. Further steps will be explored together with the community. Onwards Chads! 💪

All the key details: