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THORChads Metaverse is opening soon.
THORChads Metaverse is opening in 2 hours

Are you ready?

Make sure you Joined THORChads Community.
The THORChads Metaverse is now open.
THORChads, We need your questions for the NFT Trophies Live Reveal!

The best questions from the community members will have the chance to be whitelisted for Season 1 NFT Trophy giveaway! 🔥🏆

You can ask anything to the artist DrunkPelican or related to NFT trophies, to participate:

1) Submit questions in the channel #community-questions

2) Join us in discord at 10am (GMT) where we will reveal 4 out of 10 NFT Trophies and answer your must needed queries.

Learn more here:

See you friday, THORChads! 👀
We are extremely excited to announce the first DISCORD QUEST!

Today at 11am EST here on discord, more instructions will follow up right before the start!

First 5 winners will get a whitelist pass for NFT Trophies! See you later THORChads

Join the THORChads Community here:
THORChads !

Today is our first Easter Eggs Hunt event for the THORChads Community! :thor:

Join us at 12 PM EST on discord, we will hide a few links somewhere 👀

Find the links and fill up the form for a chance to win:

🥇Top 10 will get 1 Whitelist Pass for NFT Trophies.
The time has finally come and we’re extremely excited to announce the NFT Trophies Season 1 Drop! 🚀

#ProveYourChadness on and share your Chad score on Twitter!

More info and instructions on how to whitelist can be found here:
THORChads Score Whitelist period has officially started:

We have introduced automated whitelisting. So run your scores again, spread the word and retweet!

Why automated whitelisting?

We no longer have to collect individual addresses for each whitelisting event. This way, you will assign your ETH address automatically to your THOR address.

This is to make sure the Chadest of Chads never miss an event, perk or reward again! 🚀
We’re super excited to announce the Season#1 Trophy NFT claim starting from today. 🚨

Follow these steps to claim:

1. Go to

2. Connect your Ethereum wallet

3. If eligible, click “**Claim**”
Note: Make sure you have some ETH to cover gas costs,

Here’s the detailed claim instructions:

There is NO deadline to claim your Trophy, you can claim at anytime and when gas fees are lower.

The reveal event will be live on Thursday, Dec 16th, you may want to shill your Trophy on Twitter and tag @THORChadsDAO for a chance to be whitelisted for season 2 😉

Happy claim everyone!
THORChadsDAO is proud to present our First Ever Community launch:

VanirThreads - THORForce1

Mega Thread covering launch schedule and relevant informations about the Launch:

Press Release:
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THORChad Trophy Utility Update:

For the upcoming launch of THOR Force 1, everyone who owns 2 or more THORChad Trophies will receive 10% off their mint price of the THOR Force 1 NFT. This is just the first of the utility that we plan to bring for THORChad Trophies, who's excited for season 2? ⚡️
THORForce1 Discord AMA is now LIVE in the #Stage Channel on Discord!

Join us here: for a Q&A about THORForce1 and Giveaway winners draw! 👟

Don't forget to throw in your Qs for VanirThreads in the #ama-room channel 🚀