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South Korean Authorities Freeze Over $39M Worth of Crypto Linked to Do Kwon - source
Ethereum L2 Optimism Sees 500% Growth in Active Users Since July - source
Afghanistan’s On-chain Activity Down 99.9% Since Taliban Takeover - source
Congress Committee Asks the DoJ for Legal Assessment of CBDCs in the US - source
Hamilton Lane, with $832B AuM, to Tokenize 3 Funds via Securitize - source
S. Korea Makes First Terra-Related Arrest as Some Call for Special Prosecution - source
If we assess #Bitcoin volumes flowing in and out of exchanges by Whale sized entities (> 1k $BTC), we can estimate their cost basis (Realized Price).

The average price of Whale Deposits/Withdrawals since Jan-2017 is currently around $15.8k - source
Investors Can Soon Short Jim Cramer with Tuttle Capital’s Inverse Cramer ETF - source
Transit Swap Hacker Offers to Return 90% of Funds if Users Refunded - source
Crypto Payment Apps Market Size Expected to Reach $2.15B by 2030: Report - source
Bitcoin Lightning Network public capacity surpasses 5,000 BTC - source
Judge Dismisses Terra-Related Arrest Warrant, Doubts LUNA is a Security - source
Binance Freezes Trading After Identifying a Potential Hack Worth $600M - source
The market cap of BUSD is up 10% over the past month after Binance announced plans to auto-convert any USDC, USDP, and TUSD balances held by it's users to BUSD.

The market cap of USDC is down -11%, USDP is down -5%, and TUSD is down -17% during the same period - source
Belarus to Stop Inflation by Simply Banning Consumer Price Increases - source
ZebPay Applies for Singapore License as Indian Regulations Remain Unclear - source
India’s Central Bank to Launch CBDC Pilot Soon: Report - source
Renga NFTs Overtake Combined Volume of CryptoPunks and BAYC - source
Bitcoin drops below $20,000 following U.S. jobs data - source
Is Ethereum’s Post-Merge Hype Over? - source