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A little effort can go a long way in terms of savings when it comes to your daily sustenance.
Saying no 🙅‍♂️ may be hard, but always saying yes could leave you worse off in the long run, financially and otherwise.
Do you know which company's going to be the next Facebook or Microsoft? Disruptive tech stocks are stocks of the future, set to change the world in diverse ways... and our investment portfolios, if we're sharp enough to see their potential. ⚡️📱💻

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This 30-year-old Austrian cyclist pulled off what CNN called "one of the biggest shocks in Olympics history" with her win during the women's road race. And she did it despite the odds being stacked against her.

It's a reminder that we can if we work hard and persevere at what we set our hearts on, financial and otherwise.
We've all heard horror stories about people going into debt because of their credit cards. But that isn't always the case. You can still enjoy the perks of owning a credit card without blowing your life savings, you just have to make your card work with your budget.

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Is it really all about getting a higher salary 💰 when it comes to getting a job? We think not.
You're young, single and have no financial commitments, should you get life insurance? We answer this and more burning questions about insurance to help you decide whether you should get life insurance, and what policy works best for you if you do.

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When you think self-care, it is usually massages, facials and staycations usually come to mind, and these come with a large price tag.

Well, that's not the case, it's actually making sure your physical and mental needs are met, and it doesn't need to cost much.

What are some low cost or free ways of self-care you practice?
Need more space for yourself at home? Moving out is an option, but you'll need to be ready before you make your next move.

Share your tips for living on your own in the comments on Instagram!
If you’re able to keep to a budget and pay your bills on time, a credit card becomes a handy tool in your wallet to get more rewards with your spending.

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If you have your budget in order and are considering getting a credit credit, sign up for a Standard Chartered Credit Card and enjoy 6 months subscription to Disney+ and S$120 cashback with one eligible transaction (no minimum spend). Click the link in bio to learn more.
Sometimes you just gotta do it, even if it hurts. But it's for the betterment of your wallet and your long-term wealth.

What are some unenjoyable things you do so that your wallet hurts less?
Don't get us wrong. Money is important, but the grass always looks greener from the outside.

In the end, it's all about what matters more to you.
Starting a side hustle might seem appealing. But if you want to turn it into a consistent source of income, you'll need to factor in all the costs involved to make sure you don't end up paying more than you earn.

For example, getting your goods delivered to your customers on time is really important. So, a reliable cost-effective delivery service that offers on-demand delivery, and a range of vehicle sizes, should be factored into your costs to ensure you keep your customers happy. 

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What works for your friend/parents/sibling/etc might not work for your finances. That's why it's called PERSONAL finance.
Make your spending (that you’ve budgeted for) work extra hard by maximising the rewards you earn with every dollar spent.

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Just couple a rewards app like Kris+ with your credit cards whenever you spend. This way, you can rack up rewards from both the app and your credit card. Kris+ rewards (miles) can be used to offset future purchases at a variety of partner outlets covering retail, dining and more. Learn more about Kris+ in the link in bio.
Don’t start investing before you got these things covered. It’ll make the investing journey much smoother.

Any other must-dos to suggest?
Yes. It's okay to admit that you are not doing alright or as well as those around you expect you to be. It's important to acknowledge those feelings rather than push them aside.

With #WorldMentalHealthDay coming up on October 10, let's all take time to practice self care and reach out to see how loved ones and friends are doing lately.
Losing a job is undeniably a difficult ordeal, especially so when you've just started your career. But with the right support and a forward-looking mindset, you can set yourself up for a brighter future.

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Most of us often forget to include some crucial expenses in our budgets and this can sabotage our otherwise fool-proof plans.

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