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Forwarded from Williams Herbal
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"It could have been worse!"
Forwarded from The Rio Times
Italy's Unvaccinated Shouldn’t be Discriminated Against - Amnesty International

Civil rights charity Amnesty International has called on Rome to change its strict anti-Covid-19 policies to prevent possible discrimination.

In an official statement, the NGO urged Italy to provide alternative protective measures, such as wearing masks or taking tests, in order to allow unvaccinated citizens to continue to work and use public transport.

Amnesty insisted that all safety measures “must respond to the principles of necessity, temporariness and proportionality,” and asked the govt to reconsider extending its state of emergency past March 2022.
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Farage on GB News regarding a Freedom of Information request, which asked for the number of people who died *solely* of COVID in the UK.


Not 150k as widely reported.
Forwarded from The Rio Times
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Convoy for freedom in Canada has started.
Forwarded from Lion's Den🔥🗡 (Moises Victoria)
Forwarded from 1st Amendment Praetorian
There's going to come a time by soon when the communists realize that their takeover via scamdemic didn't work.

They will try to blame it on faulty numbers, bad info, anything but the truth.

But never forget: The initial projections from the Kings College London were exponentially wrong from the get go.

The guy who is responsible for the projections used to justify lockdowns believed his own projections so little that he broke the lockdown he created to meet a married woman for a tryst.

Yet the powers that be, the elites, our brave and intellectual "betters" continued using the same shop guilty of projections that were horrendously wrong over and over and over again.

They blacklisted, censored and ridiculed some of the world's leading minds in epidemiology, evolutionary biology, front line doctors and pathologists.

All in favor of taking their cues from a lifelong bureaucrat who hasn't seen a patient in decades - certainly no coof patients - and who has a decades-long history of fucking things up on a grande scale (and torturing orphans & puppies).

When it came time to investigate the Level 4 Biofacilty that JUST HAPPENED to be in the same city as the virus outbreak, said bureaucrat used his control of all research funding to strong-arm any dissenting scientist into following his narrative that it had to be natural - despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, and evidenced by FOIA emails tha showed even his inner circle knew it was a lab leak.

To appease the "conspiracy theorists," he appointed a team to "investigate" who all had massive conflicts of interest, as they had responsibility for funding, building and running the gain of function expiraments that led to the coof.

Said bureaucrat went on every friendly media network that works have him, constantly, and received nothing but Pfizer-sponsored softball questions.

Social media used computer nerds in Silicon Valley to censor, blacklist and de-person esteemed scientists trying to sound the alarm - because their software engineering courses apparently taught them more about medicine & evolutionary biology than 12 years of school + 20 years of research at the world's pre-eminent research centers.

So when these pieces of human excrement attempt to say, "we were just doing what the experts told us," never forget that everything. Every single thing. Every:
-increased drug overdose
-loss of a job due to lockdowns
-impediment to development for children who've never seen a face
-road rage incident bc people were stretched to the limit
-innocent murdered by repeat violent offender who was let out because of "the coof"
-loss of US trust around the world for leading these shenanigans.
-broken family over disagreements over masks or shots
-vaxx injury
-lost job due to mandates
-lost business due to lockdowns

And so much more.

Never forget that it was all built on a house of lies and they persecuted anyone telling the truth or calling attention to the data with everything they had.

These people deserve nothing but Old Testament-style fury of God and man alike.
Forwarded from
NEW - British Medical Journal – one of the world's oldest general medical journals – calls for the full and immediate release of all data related to COVID vaccines and treatments.

The BMJ is a weekly peer-reviewed medical trade journal, published by the trade union the British Medical Association. The BMJ has editorial freedom from the BMA.

“ This makes me so angry… they literally ruined our lives…the damage they have done to my generation has been unbelievable…the damage to the rest of our Lives, to our education….They didn’t care about what this did to us.. Not one person in this government has cared about young people in this pandemic. Nobody cares. They disrespected the children.
The damage has been done to this generation… I literally watched my future crumble before my eyes…we’ve lost our lives forever and we will never get this back”

— a British political commentor who was a student during the pandemic.
Break down in tears at 1:40.


Watch HERE:
Forwarded from master tahra
The State v Freedom of Speech.
Guilty verdict means ALL of us are under threat of being convicted for "spreading dangerous info"!

What sort of a world is it when someone is thrown in a Category A prison, for murderers, for six days, put through an eight day trial at the Old Bailey, built for murderers, and charged with an offence that carries a seven year prison sentence....all for two obscure comments on Facebook from 5 years ago???

This is what IS being done to Tahra, Founder of The Freedom Festival, based purely on a Jury apparently being able to read Tahra’s mind on her apparent "intention" or the “likelihood ” of her causing racial hatred from these 2 comments!  This Jury, which Tahra was denied any part in selecting due to "covid" regs, convicted her and she will be sentenced on Friday 11th Feb, at 10am at The Old Bailey. Everyone is invited to come to show their support for Tahra and tell the State that we will not accept this travesty of justice. 

Because this is of course exactly what the state plans on doing to all of us who are spreading the FACTS re the jab and lockdown. 

We are already being demonised as "covidiots", "spreaders", "fake news" etc, and criminalised through the courts. But there are far more sinister plans under way for us, like the 6 city prisons being built across the UK. 

We are already vilified on mainstream news, censored on all social media with accounts, channels and videos deleted. And now the State is pushing back hard with this conviction. So we too must push back even harder to save ourselves from ending up in their city prisons. 

Freedom of speech is the right to say what some may not want to hear.This is about ALL OUR freedom of expression and such a basic right should not be a double standard game in the hands of a society which labels it a crime to merely expose uncomfortable information you're brave enough to expose. Evil should be pointed out regardless of religion, race, etc which is exactly what Tahra has been brave enough to do while the establishment has chosen to act ridiculously disproportionately to produce fear in all of us by trying to set an example of her.

Instead we must follow Tahra's courageous example of maintaining our integrity and dignity in the face of such a relentless onslaught and NEVER give up! But have complete faith in a far Higher Spiritual Power which is infinitely more powerful than their Satanic power they bow to. This is primarily a spiritual war between love and fear, good and evil, light and dark and its high time the side of love organise, mobilise and unite into a coherent force to defeat the fear and war mongers once and for all! 

Let's do this! Let's all come together on Friday 11th Feb, 10am outside the Old Bailey, and send them a powerful message that they dare not mess with us. 

If you wish to read lie about Tahra, then MSM is doing that, taking things out of context and bastardising them. However, if you care about truth and truly want to be educated, you can read a more detailed article by writting to the following Email:
Forwarded from Mr D
Forwarded from dark_universe_09
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🚨BREAKING: Nigeria destroys over 1 million vaccines, these people are not stupid. Power to the people. 💯 ✊🏽

⚠️For truth, knowledge, guidance & wisdom follow our telegram messenger group.⚠️
Forwarded from Fliss Foster
Forwarded from MurderbyDecree
VIDEO—RUMBLE—-Big Pharma CEO’s hunted by Sheriffs as protestors use Warrants to shut down ‘vaccinations’ worldwide: A Breaking News Update from the International Common Law Court of Justice with additional Warrants to refuse the shot and stop those imposing them – and links to today and recent broadcasts VIDEO—RUMBLE—
Forwarded from The Rio Times
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Unjabbed students at the New West Charter school in Los Angeles are separated from the rest of the school with tape.