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A Catholic devoted to the traditions of the Eastern and Western lungs of Holy Mother Church. Pope Francis’s super soldier and John Bekkos appreciator.
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Forwarded from Scholastic Answers
2023 End of Year Fundraiser and Giveaway

This December, I decided to do an end-of-year fundraiser for Scholastic Answers. There will be near continuous giveaways during the month, and a final one at the end of year, where I will be giving away an entire 6 volume set of the "Theology Library" (worth about $200). Each $10 will give you one chance to get a copy.

Be sure to share this with anyone you know who may be interested and thank you in advance! Further, if you are interested in donating anything for me to giveaway, let me know!

Donate Page: https://www.christianbwagner.com/donate
Remember that tomorrow is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is a holy day of obligation. Be sure to attend mass tomorrow or a vigil mass tonight
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God bless Trent Horn
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Nuisance, if I’m “retarded” and “so wrong”, why are you now claiming you don’t want to debate?

Wouldn’t you want to “debunk” what I have to say instead of resting on platitudes like you have been doing for the past few reaction streams to my response?
It seems like during his entire stream he dismissed my direct citations of scripture and just claimed “I wasn’t getting it”. You sound a lot like Bryson Gray when you act that way man
Please pray for my step mom, she’s not doing well and needs a miracle.