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Forwarded from DruschbaFM - English
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Ukrainian Armed Forces continue shelling civilian areas of Donetsk

Head of Donetsk city administration Alexey Kulemzin
on shelling of the city:

▪️The situation in the city is steadily grave. Last week there were 61 shellings. Five of the city's nine districts were hit. Six people were killed and 26 wounded. Ukrainians are hitting social infrastructure facilities.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked a hospital in the Kuibyshev district, four schools, two hospitals, pharmacies, markets and shops.

▪️Mining by "Petals" continues. A total of 80 civilians have been blown up by the deadly shells.

▪️Donetsk citizens are preparing for the heating season.
Houses and social facilities are being systematically filled with heat. There is no water supply in the city. The shelling of power supply facilities also continues.

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Forwarded from Russian Head
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That's how many Putin's agents gathered in Prague for an anti-government rally!
Forwarded from Russian Head
Vitaly Klichko - the mayor of Kiev.

He is an ex boxer who renamed Kiev streets after nazis.
Forwarded from COMBAT_FOOTAGE🦅🌞
Forwarded from Russian Head
"It will start with a small country, smaller than Russia. There will be an internal confrontation that will develop into a civil war, a lot of blood will be shed, and Russia, and the United States, and many countries will be drawn into this civil war funnel of a small country. And this will the beginning of World War III. The first Easter (in Russia during World War III) after the start of the unrest in Ukraine will be bloody, the second - hungry, the third - victorious "- Schema-Archimandrite and Elder Jonah of Odessa, Orthodox family almanac "Sunday School", issue No. 1 ( 3) 2013
Forwarded from Russland
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Конгрессвумен Маржори Тейлор Грин выступая перед американцами с предвыборной речью, заявила, что «при республиканцах Украине не достанется ни цента».

Выборы в сенат США пройдут 8 ноября.
Forwarded from DD Geopolitics
The main things from the briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense:

▪️The RF Armed Forces pushed back the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenaries in the Kupyansk direction, up to 250 Ukrainian military and militants were destroyed;

▪️The Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than 50 servicemen and one tank in the course of attempts to advance in the Krasnoliman direction;

▪️The RF Armed Forces captured a number of strongholds and dominant heights in the South-Donetsk direction, over 100 Ukrainian servicemen were destroyed.
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🇷🇺🇷🇺🚀 The Russian Defense Ministry reported on a massive strike on the military command and control systems of Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense also commented on the incident in Poland.

💥 On November 15, the Russian armed forces launched a massive attack using high-precision long-range air- and sea-based weapon against the military control system of Ukraine and related energy facilities. The target has been reached.

💥 All fired missiles hit exactly the designated targets. All objects have been neutralized.

❗️ We would like to emphasize that high-precision strikes were carried out on targets located only on the territory of Ukraine and no closer than 35 kilometers from the Ukrainian–Polish border.

❗️ Photographs of the wreckage detected in Przewodów, published in the evening of November 15 in Poland, were identified by Russian specialists of Russian defense industrial complex as elements of S-300 air defense guided missile of Ukrainian Air Force.

❗️ Statements by various Ukrainian sources and foreign officials about the allegedly fall of "Russian missile" in Przewodów are a deliberate provocation with the aim to escalate the situation.

❗️ We also want to emphasize, that during the massive strike on November 15, not a single missile strike was launched against facilities in Kiev.

❗️ All the destruction demonstrated by the Kiev regime in residential areas of the Ukrainian capital is a direct consequence of the fall and self-destruction of the air defence missiles fired by Ukrainian troops from Ukrainian and foreign air defense systems deployed within the city.
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Forwarded from Dark Chicago
If we project out to a year, that would be $120 billion each year to fuel the US proxy war in Ukraine.

That's roughly 1/8 of the entire US military budget for the year: by far the world's largest.

Congrats to Raytheon, General Dynamics and CIA!
The end of a week which saw Ukraine try to drag the world into World War Three, with their patently false claims about Russia having 'bombed Poland'. They didn't get away with that, but they'll soon be back with their next scam, that's their nature. The only question for any sentient western person is how often you let yourself get scammed..... they've got one hand in your pocket, and the other....
Forwarded from Russian Head
By @zergulio:

On the shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. IMHO, everything is transparent here.

The deaf-blind and mute UN and the IAEA, which is part of it, are bending the line in favor of transferring the ZNPP under the control of Ukraine. Well, or first the IAEA, and then Ukraine.

Not for the purpose of the safety of the nuclear power plant, because for this the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply stop firing. One order from Washington and that's it. But there is no order. On the contrary, the United States has already stated that a nuclear emergency in Europe will not affect the United States in any way. What does this mean? So such an emergency is considered acceptable.

The USA and Great Britain need a foothold for the Ukronazi offensive on the Crimea on the left bank of the Dnieper, plus the dissection of our group here. They see Energodar as this springboard. Therefore, they will fire to the stop.