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EYAKUZE: Kenyans, whatever you do, remember: we are now seven of us in the EAC. Who do you want representing Kenya in those meetings, eh? Please be responsible.
Kenya is not necessarily an East African democracy model. But when it comes to teaching how to negotiate, make deals, and divvy power through the vote in an ethnically and culturally diverse nation, it's a Grand Master, writes Charles Onyango Obbo.
The absence of a strong third force has increased the chances of an outright or first-round win. The recent excitement around the candidacy of marijuana champion Wajackoyah appears to have vanished in a puff of smoke.
EDITORIAL: Seen as a single unit by often ill-informed but all-important Western audiences, the global perceptions of Africa are often shaped by events in a single country.
The change of guard in Nairobi comes at a time when there has been a remarkable improvement in regional relations. Now, the only thing is for Kenyans to count the votes without shaky hands from August 9.
Rwanda has dismissed allegations that its army supported the M23 rebels in attacking the Democratic Republic of Congo; allegations contained in a report by the UN Group of Experts that is yet to be made public.
Transporters using the Northern Corridor have been bearing some of the highest costs in the world, reflecting how shortage of arteries is impeding the competitiveness of the East African region to trade.
The Supreme Court in Kenya has declared the Constituency Development Fund unconstitutional.

From @TheEastAfrican archive, read constitutional lawyer Wachira Maina's piece on the CDF.
There may be a big book and literary revival taking place in Kenya, even if some of the works being released are not of the highest standards, writes Tony Mochama.