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Kazakhstan to Gradually Lift Lockdown Restrictions 
NUR-SULTAN – Kazakh Healthcare Minister Alexey Tsoy spoke about how Kazakhstan plans to lift lockdown restrictions from Aug. 3 during a July 28 government meeting, reported Kazakh Prime Minister’s press service. 

Photo credit:

Kazakhstan has been in a one-month lockdown since July 5, which it had to enforce following the surge in the number…
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Kazakh Anti-Corruption Agency Proposes to Accelerate Establishment of E-Tenge to Encourage Transparency
Anti-Corruption Agency Chair Alik Shpekbayev proposed to accelerate the creation of a national e-currency to ensure absolute transparency in public procurement and eliminate corruption during a July 21 meeting of the agency’s board.

Photo credit:

“Some officials, even in such a difficult time for the country, engage in outright blasphemy, enriching themselves with the…
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Seven Pillars Law Firm Ready to Support Space Startups and Other Businesses in Kazakhstan
NUR-SULTAN – Seven Pillars Law, one of Central Asia’s most innovative law firms, has recently established a space office with the mission to assist clients looking to access opportunities, both commercial and scientific, associated with space. The Astana Times spoke with Helen Tung, the head of the Space division of Seven Pillars Law in the…
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Amidst Pandemic Кazakhstan Offers Assistance to Neighbours in Central Asia, Welcomes International Cooperation
NUR-SULTAN – The SK-Pharmacy Company, the country’s sole pharmaceutical distributor, has launched the People’s Control section on its website to show where humanitarian aid to Kazakhstan comes from and how this aid was distributed, reported the company’s press service. 

The company will also share information about the transparency of the procurement, and the supply of…
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Kurban Ait During Pandemic: Kazakh Muslims to Accomplish Religious Duties Virtually
NUR-SULTAN – The Kazakh Spiritual Directorate of Muslims changed the guidelines around the sacrifice ritual of Kurban Ait (Festival of the Sacrifice) Islamic holiday to ensure social distancing and the safety of the believers. This year Eid al-Adha will last from July 31 to Aug. 2.

Hazrat Sultan Mosque in Nur-Sultan – the largest mosque…
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Kazakh Director Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s Film Qualifies For Venice International Film Festival in September
NUR-SULTAN – Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s “Yellow Cat” will compete at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, reported Kazakh Film Studio press service. The festival, which will kick off Sept. 2 and last through Sept. 12, will be the first major international film festival to not be held virtually after the COVID-19 outbreak – although with some…
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Kazakhstan Extends Quarantine Through Mid-August
NUR-SULTAN – Kazakhstan has decided to extend its coronavirus quarantine through mid-August and only consider easing the restrictions afterward, said Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev July 29, reported Akorda press service. 

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The decision, which was announced during a meeting with Prime Minister Askar Mamin and Healthcare Minister Alexey Tsoy that focused on the…
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Volunteers Support Frontline Doctors With Free English Courses, Rides To Hospitals and Meal Giveaways in Kazakhstan
NUR-SULTAN – 2020 was declared the Year of Volunteers in Kazakhstan. This year, volunteers have had to work in exceptional circumstances due to the pandemic outbreak. 

Ilya Kan

As of Jan. 2020, more than 50,000 people have been involved in volunteer activities in the country. This time, people united across the country to help frontline…
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Kazakh Dollar Deposits Hits Lowest Level Since May 2019
NUR-SULTAN – The Kazakh deposit market had a decrease in its dollarization level. The share of dollars has shrunk to 40 percent of the total deposits in June, reaching the lowest since May 2019, said economist Olzhas Tuleuov in his Tengenomika telegram channel. The dollarization of individual deposits of individuals decreased to 41.1 percent, and…
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Kazakh Government, National Bank Adopt Joint Plan to Mitigate COVID-19 Fallout
NUR-SULTAN — The Kazakh government and the National Bank have adopted a new plan that includes measures to support the economy in case the social and economic situation continues to worsen, said Kazakh Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov at a July 29 press briefing. The plan goes in line with instructions from Kazakh President…
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Qara Film Festival To Be Held Online In Kazakhstan Showcasing International Documentaries
NUR-SULTAN – The Qara Film Festival will be held online Aug. 6-9 in Kazakhstan. A new documentary film festival will feature international documentaries dedicated to the current issues. 

“The characters of the films invite the audience to feel, think, and seek the truth. To take a refreshing new look at taboo issues. To help people…
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Kazakh Association for Biodiversity Conservation Launches Project to Protect Goitered Gazelles
NUR-SULTAN — Kazakhstan’s Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity launched the SOS Goitered Gazelle project to preserve endangered goitered gazelles in the country’s south. 

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Goitered gazelles are the only type of gazelles living in Kazakhstan, primarily in the country’s desert regions.

The population of goitered gazelles has decreased by…
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Kazakh Expert: Abai Kunanbayev’s Philosophy Deserves Special Recognition As Universal School of Thought
NUR-SULTAN – Similar to Confucianism, Kazakh poet and philosopher Abai Kunanbayev’s works should serve as the foundation of an ethical philosophy and program of social values for contemporary Kazakhs and people all over the world, said Gultas Kurmanbay, the director at Ruhani Zhangyru (Modernisation of Kazakhstan’s Identity) culture center and a Kazakh language and literature…
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Kazakh Muslims Provide Over 80,000 Needy Families With Meat With Online Animal Sacrifice
NUR-SULTAN – The Kazakh Spiritual Directorate of Muslims (KSDM) distributed sacrificial meat to 58,456 needy families, as well as the elderly, orphanages and hospitals across Kazakhstan, reported the directorate’s press service.

A volunteer distributing the sacrifice meat. Photo credit:

The directorate amended the rituals around the annual Kurban Ait (Festival of the Sacrifice), which…
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Astana Hub Announces Next Acceleration Program, Advances Social Innovation Startups
NUR-SULTAN – The Astana Hub International Technopark of IT startups is accepting applications from startups for the Stream 8 acceleration program until August 15, reported the Astana Hub’s press service. 

The office of the Astana Hub is based at the EXPO site.

The program lasts three months and gives the opportunity to teams who want…
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Kazakh Pop Sensation Dimash Kudaibergen’s Name Launched To Mars on NASA Rover Mission 
NUR-SULTAN – Kazakh Popular Singer Dimash Kudaibergen’s name is on a microchip headed  to the red planet aboard the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) Mars Perseverance 2020 rover mission on July 30 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The microchips with names on the Mars Perseverance 2020 rover. Photo credit: Dimash Kudaibergen’s instagram…
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Kazakhstan Ready to Use Pandemic as Opportunity to Develop Local Tourism 
NUR-SULTAN – The global tourism industry has suffered significantly since the COVID-19 outbreak and according to the latest data from the World Tourism Organization, international tourism numbers have collapsed by 98 percent compared to 2019. Kazakhstan has been no exception, but the pandemic could also be an opportunity to develop local destinations, said Kazakh Tourism…
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Kazakhstan Passed COVID-19 Peak, Says Kazakh Healthcare Minister 
NUR-SULTAN – Kazakhstan has passed the peak of COVID-19 infection, said Kazakh Healthcare Minister Alexey Tsoy at an Aug. 3 press briefing. 

From L to R: Head of WHO Country Office in Kazakhstan Caroline Clarinval, Kazakh Healthcare Minister Alexey Tsoy and Deputy Healthcare Minister Azhar Giniyat. Photo credit: Central Communication Services

“We can say for…
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Kazakh Government to Distribute 500,000 Computers to Children From Disadvantaged Families to Start New Academic Year
NUR-SULTAN – The Kazakh government plans to prepare school students and teachers by Aug. 25 for them to start the 2020-2021 academic year in virtual classrooms. The government will ensure children from the most needy families are equipped with 500,000 personal computers, Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin said during the Aug. 4 government meeting.

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Library Of Kazakhstan’s First President Opens Video Exhibition Dedicated to Abai
NUR-SULTAN – The Library of Kazakhstan’s First President – the Elbasy has launched the Legacy of Abai as a Moral Guideline virtual video exhibition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Kazakh poet and philosopher Abai Kunanbayev, according to the library’s press service.  

The exhibition features materials from Nursultan Nazarbayev’s personal archive, museum and book collections.…
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