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New post about voting in an old favorite! 😎💙

Soft DAO is considering Nick for the DAO's now-vacant Foundation Head role, a leader with extensive web3 experience. His strategic vision is set to drive our DAO's growth, emphasizing community engagement, operational excellence, and visionary leadership. We invite all members to vote on Nick's appointment, shaping Soft DAO’s future.

New to Soft DAO or haven't participated in governance? This is your chance to see our community-driven decision-making in action. Join us in this important vote across our governance forum, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Your involvement matters in guiding Soft DAO's path forward:
🌟 Exciting Opportunity Alert! 🌟 We're looking for talented developers for our latest initiative: SoftSDK_v1.

If you have relevant SDK experience or know someone who does, we want to hear from you!

Check out the RFP details and submit your proposal by March 4th. Don't miss out on the chance to contribute to the DAO! 🚀
SOFT Update:

We've received a comprehensive proposal for SoftSDK_v1.

We believe an SDK offering SOFT tools will help projects with token sales, distributions, and claims. This'll help them streamline their own processes and also create a revenue stream for SOFT when we go live with our previously mentioned Fee Switch.

Multi-chain support, simplified sales processes, and enhanced tools for rewards and distributions will help catalyze growth while also increasing visibility and accessibility to SOFT and the tools within the SDK.

Additional updates are in the works around features and tooling that will help propel us back into focus for 2024.


Soft Enhancement Proposal:


As always, likes, RTs, and feedback are appreciated!
Join the discussion in our Forum re: the SOFT Fee Switch

A SOFT member has brought forward the possibility of a Fee Switch within the SOFT ecosystem, aiming to ensure sustainability and encourage further innovation.

As always, we could use the community's collective insight!

Whether you have creative ideas, constructive criticism, or any feedback, your perspective is invaluable.

Join the discussion here:
3/28/24 - SOFT Update

As the market maintains its momentum, our focus remains on strategically scaling our efforts to align with ongoing growth and opportunities.

SOFT Product and Feature Ideation/Development:
SOFT is engaging the community to ideate on product and feature development to expand capabilities and create new revenue streams. Your expertise is invaluable in this pivotal growth phase.

Treasury Re-Balancing Discussion:
We're initiating a discussion on rebalancing the SOFT treasury for long-term stability and growth. Share your insights on diversification and strategic partnerships.

SOFT Developer Grant Fund:
Introducing a General Development Grant to support SOFT tooling and feature expansion, ensuring streamlined development and efficiency within our ecosystem.

SOFT Global Ambassador and Team Lead Renewal:
SOFT is renewing its call for Ambassadors and Community Leads to deepen engagement and expand our global presence. Join us in shaping SOFT's future.

Cross Chain Opportunities:
Exploring L2s and cross-chain opportunities, SOFT is closely considering Base among other platforms for ecosystem expansion. Stay tuned for upcoming developments.
🔵 Soft Protocol Tokenomics Report 🔵

You may have noticed some changes in Soft Protocol (formerly known as Soft DAO).

This report breaks down the current state of Soft Protocol tokenomics.
🌉 Introducing SoftQuests 🌉

Hey everyone in the Soft community - have got some exciting news.

SoftQuests are now open. For the next month, you'll have the opportunity to compete in a series of quests to support the protocol and community.

The first quest includes bridging your SOFT to Base.

Info: 🔗:
Channel name was changed to «Soft Protocol»
🔵 SoftDrop Follow-Up Allocations 🔵

Hey everyone, have got some exciting news to share. SoftDrop follow-up allocations that were approved in a 2023 governance vote are live.

Thanks everyone for your patience here, let's keep building, getting soft, and getting based 🤝
🔵 SoftQuest #2 Deadline 🔵

Hi @everyone in the Soft community. The deadline for participation in SoftQuest Chapter 2 is approaching.

Until tonight (April 27) at 23:59 GMT, community members who provide liquidity on Aerodrome will earn Soft rewards.

Learn more in our blog post 👀
📣 Soft x Astaria 📣

Did you know that SOFT is now live on Astaria?

@AstariaXYZ is a leading DeFi protocol for borrowing and lending.

Join us in 30 mins for an exciting conversation on Based DeFi, hosted by Astaria 👀
🔵 Introducing Fundcaster 🔵

Today, Soft Protocol released Fundcaster, a new Farcaster-native tool for creating tokens on Base.

Learn more in the latest blog post 👀
🔵 What Are Soft Mfers 🔵

Soft Mfers, a 10k pfp NFT collection by Soft is coming soon. Though they're unique and new, they're derived from Sartoshi's open-source mfers collection.

For more details, visit the latest blog post 👀
🔵 Blu Crew: Are U Ready? 🔵

Blu Crew ($BLU) is a new memecoin created by a Soft Protocol community member. You can now earn $BLU by participating in a campaign - additionally, there will be some airdrop rounds 👀

Learn more in the latest blog post.
🔵 FlashDrop #1 🔵

The first FlashDrop is now live 👀

Holders of $SOFT on Base are eligible to claim $BLU.

Snapshot taken May 16 2024 @ 7:00pm GMT.
🔵 Have U Gotten $BLU Yet? 🔵

If you haven't yet, it's time to get BLU!

Blu Crew is a new culture coin for the Soft community.

There are 4 ways to acquire BLU:

1. Claim FlashDrop #1 (Open to Soft holders on Base)

2. Complete a Boost Quest:

3. Buy On Aerodrome: BLU/SOFT pair

4. Blu Crew Airdrop: Quests requirements will be announced tonight