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Updated TDLib

- Potentially fixed messages syncing issue
- Fixed "Requested data is inaccessible" in stickers archive, when all of sticker sets are banned
- Fixed couple other bugs RC

Updated TDLib

- Temporary workaround for message syncing issue. Should work properly as before now.
You or your friends protesting in Hong Kong? Give Telegram X a try: when bubbles are off, it uses special internal text layout computation magic for comfortable JCK messages reading.

Proxy can be set through the shield icon in the top-right corner while entering phone number, or by following a special link from a friend, if they will give one.
Telegram X
You or your friends protesting in Hong Kong? Give Telegram X a try: when bubbles are off, it uses special internal text layout computation magic for comfortable JCK messages reading. Proxy can be set through the shield icon in the top-right corner while entering…
While Telegram X lacks many translations, here are some language packs made by the community:

You can just tap any of these links to apply language without leaving the app.

Aside from magic in the text messages, last year I spent many weeks just making sure fonts look nice while using any JCK-character based language. While nice fonts unlikely will help protesters much, I hope you will like it. If you find any issues with it, please ping in the testing group. If you find some issues with the translation itself, feel free to contribute on the translation platform.
Just updated JoyPixels (EmojiOne) emoji set.

If you are using it and wish to update, simply switch to any other emoji set, then back to JoyPixels in Settings – Themes and Chats – Emoji Set. No app update needed.

Comparison with the previous version:
For those who wait for new change logs here: stay tuned.
Москвичи, выходите сегодня к 14:00 на проспект Сахарова за право голоса:

Придёте — обещаю, что в обновлении вишенка будет дергать задницей плавнее, чем в любом другом клиенте, который придётся снести из-за этого очевидного преимущества.

Участвуйте в Умном Голосовании, если хотите, чтобы таким как я не нужно было прятаться и притворяться англичанином в канале, где большая часть аудитории из России:
I have a little announcement: sorry for a big update delay. Update with animated stickers and new features for groups is almost ready and should get to public beta next week. It will also support many little stuff like embeding wallpapers into custom themes.

Please keep in mind that many features that TGX lacks compared to other clients require TDLib, on which it is based. First I need to wait until it gets them, then I'll be able to start working on them. Also the way server API works is that you can't simply implement more important X without implementing all little stuff that was released before X, without requiring server make a "hack" for specific client.

Example: I received fully working animated stickers API support just this week and have to 1. Implement them everywhere needed ASAP. 2. Test & optimize it. 3. Since other clients already have them, I have to make them work better than in any other client, which had a chance to make experiments for weeks.

In about mid-August, when TDLib should receive full support for some essential missing features, I will return for an update streak many of you miss and send messages about.

TLDR: No, TGX for Android is not discontinued and update streak soon will be recovered.

UPD to clarify: don't blame TDLib or anyone for not having some features. When it does not, there are reasons why. It does a great job, and without it, TDLib-based clients would not be as smooth as they are. All I wanted to say is that until it gets some very important feature implemented, clients cannot start working on it, requiring some more time. beta

- Animated stickers
- Chat Permissions: control which actions can be performed only by admins or any member
- View Admins & Chat Permissions in any groups
- Added Use Less Data for Calls > While Roaming option
- New sticker sets covers
- Open profile who promoted or restricted specific member
- Chat members join date
- Chat permissions change & poll stop event in Recent Actions
- No Link Preview above input field when corresponding permission is missing
- Prompts when trying to use inline bot, record audio/video message, send GIF/sticker, but corresponding permission is missing
- Blocked input when messages are restricted in the group
- Edit group title, photo and description, when corresponding right is available
- Unified group settings: now there's no visual difference between basic and super groups
- Automatic group upgrade when performing some action that cannot be performed with basic group
- In-app update suggestion
- Screen resolution change support (previously required force closing the app otherwise everything looked bad)
- Notched device support (animation fixes, better fullscreen, etc)
- Removed duplicate status bar when using split screen (this actually was more difficult than it sounds like)
- Better overlay color calculation (transparent backgrounds used for e.g. dates, times, etc above the chat wallpaper)
- Reworked wallpapers logic internally (painfuly migrated to Backgrounds 2.0 API, but for now visually only new wallpapers added)
- Improved default wallpaper switching logic
- Option to embed any wallpaper to custom themes
- High-res thumbnails support
- Built-in thumbnail support: new media should always have low-res thumbnail (no empty placeholders)
- Internal work on video streaming
- and more. beta

Updated TDLib

- Fixed crash: request.dialog_id == dialog_id.
- Fixed sending games from bots
- Minor changes and other fixes beta

Updated TDLib

- Impoved notifications reliability
- Minor internal changes and bugfixes beta

- Fixed missing sticker suggestions while using emoji suggestions
- Fixed align of icons in settings cells
- Fixed "Have no rights to send a message" while playing game
- Fixed non-circular image preview for documents in link previews
- Fixed missing notifications after using "Erase All Data": after an update is required to either use "Erase All Data" again, or "Drop hidden notification identifiers" in the testing utilities
- Fixed subtitle overlaps on storage cleanup screen
- Fixed duplicate messages when forwarding to "Saved Messages"
- Improved notifications reliability

Updated TDLib

- Improved sorting recent sticker suggestions
- Fixed media needs to be redownloaded after forwarding it
- Fixed "Invalid number" when using links
- Fixed MTProto-proxy links / sharing
- Other bugfixes and improvements beta

Minor changes and bugfixes.

- Updated dependencies
- Updated built-in translations
- Site name in link previews is now clickable (long-press for copy)
- Animated sticker preview now pauses all background gifs and stickers
- Prompt when closing chat with unsaved message changes

Improved swipe back logic on the chat screen:
- Swipe back is disabled when editing a message (this prevents accidental loss of the edited message)
- Swipe back is disabled on the input field (this prevents accidental swipes when trying to select text)
- Fixed: keyboard closes when it does not need to in saved messages
- Fixed: swipe back works when trying to scroll back sticker suggestions
- Fixed: swipe back does not work when emoji/stickers keyboard is closed


- Fixed animated stickers on Android 4.3
- Fixed several crashes related to animated stickers
- Optimized single-frame animated stickers
- Keyboard closes in Saved Messages when not needed

Improved position calculation in several places (report if something has broken on specific device / android version):
- Fixed incorrect open/close animation location for stickers: keyboard, sticker suggestions and settings > stickers > trending
- Fixed incorrect positioning of controls while recording voice or video message

Updated TDLib

- Improved sorting of recently used stickers in sticker suggestions
- Fixed crashes and other bugfixes beta

- Still preview for animated sticker notifications


- Incorrect switch camera icon when recording video message with "Start with rear-facing camera" enabled
- Sticker menu in inline results is not visible when keyboard is open
- "View Pack" for stickers in inline results does not work
- Notification does not display if it contains animated sticker RC

Improved link previews. Started instant view rework.

- Improved link previews with external media
- IV opens fully by default
- IV can be closed by swipe
- Links inside IV open without prompt (in IV, when possible)
- Option to "Open In..." while viewing link in Instant View
- When you generate IV via custom template (, all links inside such IV will be opened with the corresponding template, if possible.
- Made embeds in Instant View usable


- Text may be hidden under the image in link previews (long site name or big text sizes)
- Memory leak that could force app to be in the fullscreen (until restart)
- Eliminated many IV-related bugs, including app freezes
- Some photos display in low resolution
- Other bugfixes RC

- Improved twitter video link preview
- Fixed "Use system fonts" setting RC

- Fixed crash when playinc flac
- Fixed white header in IV when using dark themes beta

Emoji display support everywhere, chats list rework, shared media counters, and more.

Features and Changes

1. Shared Media counters when tabs are attached to the header
2. Reworked and improved text rendering. This affects chats list, link previews, shared links, inline results, etc.
3. Emoji display support in texts everywhere within the app
4. Formatting support in pinned messages
5. Links in pinned message preview are now clickable (both tap & long-press)
6. Counters are now demi-bold in most places
7. Changed input text selection background color in Night Blue theme
8. Unified avatar placeholders rendering: now they follow the same
9. Crossed bell emoji in notifications when sender has explicitly disabled sound
10. Many minor changes and improvements on the way
11. Improved censorship circumvention
12. Protection in couple places against vertical utf characters

Chats List

13. Three-lines chats list style
14. Option to select between different chat styles (currently available: 2-line, 3-line, and 3-line with bigger text)
15. Formatting support
16. Media and forwarded messages icons
17. Unified message preview text with notifications
18. Game name is now displayed in the chats list
19. Pinned message is now displayed in the chats list like regular message with special icon
20. Album captions or number of media within an album is displayed now in the chats list

Region Selector (phone number screen)

20. When tapping region, it gets fully selected for convenience
21. When tapping region for the first time, you will see full list of regions instead of the single search result
22. Slightly improved region search algorithm

Known issues

1. RTL text + icon in the chats list gets messed up
2. Sometimes action text (typing, uploading, etc) is displayed under the animated icon

Possible bugs (report if you find them)

1. Saved Messages placeholder is used instead of the full name for the current user, where it is not intended to be, or vice versa
2. New RTL-related issues outside messages or IV, excluding the one mentioned above. If you find several of them, please collect them in the list, and then report to the group.


1. Avatar in drawer: solid line glitch on the right side of it
2. Avatar in drawer: when switching to the account with avatar, its radius may get stuck on non-zero value
3. Duplicate location message when stopping live location from message menu
4. Rudimentary option to send Live Location in secret chats which does not work
5. Can't switch slideshow to previous position in IVs (back swipe intercepts)
6. Send link with media (e.g. telegram or instagram slideshow), try to open media without reopening the chat, animation won't work (simple cross-fade)
7. "Loading user..." in replies to an auto-forwarded channel message in a group
8. Crash when parsing certain texts
9. TDLib: after performing storage usage cleanup, chats list is missing until re-entering the sreen
10. TDLib: several crashes
11. Missing ellipsis character in trimmed link previews, shared links, etc
12. Fixed character loss + overall break in the text render engine when end of prev part does not match the start of the next one and this gap includes a newline
13. Header bottom bar text may slightly touch the fast forward icon
14. Links or lines are not clickable at all in the text viewer (e.g.
15. Flag emojies in avatar placeholders get converted into alphabet
16. Specific case when text may exceed its maximum bounds
17. Chat title in the chats list overlaps the ticks icon
... + more


1. Replaced Default with LedDefault on Customize Notifications screen
2. Separate string for support accounts when it's online
3. Separate string for game invites in groups beta

Added separate theme color for chats list icons. More emoji support. Bugfixes.


1. Saved Messages icon in Settings header
2. Saved Messages icon when previewing the account chats list
3. Saved Messages icon in Admins filter in recent actions
4. Placeholder doesn't update in chat screen title when chat title / user name changes
5. When archiving / deleting from archive sticker sets while on Settings > Stickers > Archive, list does not get updated
6. After archiving sticker set in settings > stickers, it's not possible to delete it from archive too without re-entering the screen
7. When manipulating with archived sticker set, its state on trending section doesn't get updated
8. Problem when typing/action text overlays the animated icon should be fixed

Emoji Support

1. Header subtitle in media viewer, Storage Usage, Network usage screens
2. Contacts list
3. Shared groups
4. Storage usage > chats (titles, placeholders)
5. Website sessions
6. Blocked Users
7. Secret Chat Passcode Lock
8. Encryption key
9. Sticker Pack name
10. Shared Link placeholders
11. Multi-line inline results placeholders
12. Group/Channel members placeholders
13. Share menu title
14. Placeholders in messages
15. Promoted by/restricted by/banned by on member list and restriction screen


1. Added separate theme color for chats list icons beta

- Fixed wrong color in members list. beta

New header in profiles. View long chat titles. Bugfixes.


1. Updated TDLib
2. Replaced few legacy icons with vector ones
3. New header in profiles
4. Ability to view long chat titles in profiles


1. Weird sizes in web previews after changing screen resolution
2. Weird sizes in selection media counter after changing screen resolution
3. Small placeholder in non-contacts list
4. Crash when trying to open secret chat locked by passcode
5. Crash when trying to paste formatted multi-line content into bio field
6. Apply button presses automatically when multi-line content gets pasted in bio field
7. Titles of chats in global messages search may become green if there is secret chat in search results
8. RTL text overlays icons in the chats list
9. Both link title (web preview) and link text (message) are clickable at certain position of the message at the same time
10. Sometimes trimmed text disappears at all (this affects many places, including chats list)
11. Several issues related to text trimming in the profile header
12. Other bugfixes
This media is not supported in your browser
Nice demo of the new header magic from the beta. Few more improvements and it should be ready to go out for all users.