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Switzerland just activated nuclear alarms for current blackouts. This was not a test, like what they will do in few days.
As you maybe know, Pavel started to sell @, which is still a good idea (even to support Telegram), except that he did not in a regular way, by stealing multiple @ previously. Except the fact that is pretty ridiculous using such behaviours and excluding countries from such website, don't think that this will improve quality of Telegram! A lot other problems are available: bad and limited search feature with incorrect and spamming results, wrong way to approve Telegram verified channels, spamming / fraud channels and users are still online, username issue is not fixed at all (and in future this will get even worse with a new feature Pavel will introduce), batch username creation just to sell the @ later (or for other spamming goals) was already available previously and now with the "buy and sell" feature it will just get worse, etc. Money is not synonym of quality; all depends from the owners who manage such channels.
Conclusion: Telegram should really focus on serious problems and not just thinking "if we sell usernames, people will create better content", which is just bullshit (done in a incorrect way too). Most people (except us and few others) they haven't done that with the free username channels too. To be honest usernames are not free, because in reality every created Telegram username costs around 0.5 - 3$ or more, without considering eventually money you need to pay to keep it active ...
Yes, even if you just checked Telegram the whole time, you probably noticed an abnormal temperature in Europe (or in your room). Switzerland just published their analysis, with a crazy increase of our temperatures.

Sweat in November is now reality 😞 (and probably a problem for the whole world, if this continues to happens even in future), but you can still get a fresh November thanks @WinterFreaks
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Der Black Friday ist gefährlicher als alle Vampire von Halloween. Bleiben Sie auf Telegram sicher dank @BlackFridayDiscover
Warum 10000000000000 verschiedene Dienste, soziale Netzwerke und Konten verwenden, wenn Sie alles mit Telegram verwalten / abchecken können. Es ist nun Zeit Telegram richtig zu benutzen, dank @GmailBot

Willst du dumm oder smart sein? Dann check @NutzenTelegram für weitere Vorschläge
Sich zu interessieren für was in nur einem Land passiert macht im Jahr 2022 überhaupt keinen Sinn mehr. Nur wenn wir vereint sind, können wir all unsere Leidenschaften voll ausschöpfen, richtig informiert sein, die ganze Welt retten und Fortschritte machen. Bist du bereit ein Telegram Freak zu sein?
It's time to send a message to Telegram, by stopping to buy new Telegram premium subscription, until they really consider Telegram users and urgent problems something important. Since months they just ignore such issues, by taking money from worldwide people who still want to stop the bot, but they simply don't do that (no matter which app or browser) and obviously with 0 support too. If you really don't want to contribute to this bad Telegram trend, stop and refer other friend to stop buying Telegram premium, until Telegram will really consider such problem as urgent.
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