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Pavel Durov talked about opportunities to support both the messenger and individual channels in future versions of Telegram.
Telegram rejects investment offer

Pavel Durov refused the offer of a consortium of Western funds to invest in Telegram, sources close to the businessman told The Bell.

According to the two people, investors valued Telegram at $30 billion and were asking for a 5-10% stake. The offer was made at the end of last week, and Durov has already rejected it.

Durov stated that Telegram is reluctant to take on "any form of exit" obligations for potential investors. The company is not preparing for a sale, merger, or IPO.
Telegram launched a contest for iOS developers to create animations for the messenger interface

Task: implement iOS animations in Telegram for iOS based on the mockups provided, optimize them to run on older devices, and create an editor that allows tweaking their parameters.

Full description competition on website.

Deadline: 23:59 on January, 31 (Dubai Time)

Prize fund: $50,000 for the first round

Telegram stickers are WebP images. Previously, if you wanted to create your own sticker set, you had to first convert images to PNG, since that was the only format accepted by the official @stickers bot. This seemed rather redundant, since the bot would then convert them back to WebP.

But not anymore. Starting today, @stickers accepts both PNG and WebP files. Creating your own sticker sets has been easier.
In some online publications and Telegram chats, information appeared a few days ago about a fresh bug in Windows 10 related to the operation of NTFS.

What happened, what needs to be done, and how it relates to Telegram, in our article:
Telegram is the most downloaded messenger for iOS in America and 45 countries of the world

Due to recent events, the influx of new users to Telegram has increased worldwide.

Pavel Durov called it β€œThe largest digital migration in the history of mankind”.

Telegram was the most downloaded messenger on the App Store in 45 countries yesterday. These are practically all countries in North, Central and Latin America, post-Soviet countries, Africa and Asia.

#top iOS
American non-profit organization demanded through Apple to remove Telegram

The non-profit organization (NPO) Coalition for a Safer Web has filed a lawsuit against Apple, demanding the removal of the Telegram messenger from the App Store.

The lawsuit was filed in the state of California. The organization claims that Telegram management did not take sufficient restrictive measures against users who spread extremist messages and calls for violence in connection with the riots near the US Congress on January 6.
Pavel Durov spoke about the blocking of channels calling for violence in the United States

US users make up less than 2% of Telegram's audience.

Telegram welcomes peaceful debate and protests, but our terms of use expressly prohibit publicly disseminating calls to violence. Civil movements around the world rely on Telegram to advance human rights without resorting to harm.

Last week, our moderators blocked hundreds of public calls for violence that could reach tens of thousands of subscribers. The team continues to process messages from users, and actively removes content that directly incites violence.

Telegram welcomes political debate from all sides of the political spectrum, but will act quickly to stop those who incite people to harm others.
Forwarded from Beta Info En (Antonio Marreti 🚩)
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Temporary Telegram invite links

In the Beta-version Telegram for macOS there is an interface for creating temporary invite links.

Administrators of chats and channels have the option to create several links that expire in time, or after a certain number of users click on it.

At the moment, the item is located in the "Group type" section, so it is available only to the creator of the group or channel. In future versions, the item will be added to the channel settings, and is most likely available to admins with the right to "invite users".

Link building does not work at this time because the client does not support changes on the server.

Who can write to me

The item "Who can write to me" has been updated on the FAQ page .

People can text you on Telegram if they know your phone number or if you send a message first.

If the user does not know your phone number, then he can find and write to you in the following cases:
- When both of you are in the same group.
- If you have installed a username. You can be found by global search.
- If you turn on display in the "People nearby" section (by default it is off).

People nearby

On the FAQ page with, an item has appeared explaining the "People nearby" feature.

If the "People Nearby" section is open, users who are in a small radius (about 100 meters) will see you in the list. If you don't open the section, you will never appear in the People Nearby list.

To be on the list, even leaving the section, and within a radius of more than 100 meters, you need to click the "Make yourself visible" button. You can remove your profile from the list at any time by clicking on the "Don't show me" button.

90 million Telegram registrations in January 2021

In the service notification list, the messenger team announced that they had passed the threshold of 90 million registrations in January.

For comparison: about the first 100 million active Telegram users told in 2016 (3 years after the official launch).

TikTok, VK, Instagram and YouTube, at the request of the RKN, are removing calls to participate in the rally. What does Telegram do?

Roskomnadzor said that TikTok, VK, Instagram and YouTube began to remove calls for children to participate in uncoordinated mass actions.

According to data departments:
TikTok has removed 38% of this information.
– VK - 50%.
– Instagram - 17%.
– YouTube - 50%

Telegram welcomes peaceful debates and protests, but deletes calls for violence, including calls to make Molotov cocktails.

"Information involving minors in illegal actions dangerous to their life and health" does not violate existing rules Telegram.
Forwarded from Beta Info En (Antonio Marreti 🚩)
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Change volume for individual voice chat users, individual mutes

In Beta-version of Telegram for macOS Voice chats got an upgrade.

Now a user can change the volume or completely mute individual users for himself.

Currently, the mute button doesn't work (changing the volume to 0 is equivalent to muting).
Donald Trump's son started a Telegram channel

He expressed dissatisfaction with the policies of social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. According to him, there is pressure on users of these services, who adhere to conservative views.

β€œI'm glad to be here on Telegram,” – said Trump Jr.
Failure of the script to deal with mass complaints on Telegram

Information about mass blocking of activists in the messenger appeared today. Users facing blocking today had previously complained en masse about a channel leaking protesters' personal data, according to politician Mikhail Svetov, whose rallies were covered by Pavel Durov.

A total of 1,700 people were blocked, all of whom have now been unblocked.

The channel leaking the protesters' personal data was blocked after all.
Vote for Instant View to be available for every website

Sadly, Telegram Info's website doesn't have access to Instant View.

Some of Telegram Info articles are being published on our website since they take too much space to get them on the channel directly. Also thanks to search engines our articles are getting promoted by news aggregators like Google Feed, which really helps us in spreading the info.

Instant View is still not available for our website not because we "redirect traffic" (we don't run any ads on our website) but because Telegram gives access to Instant View only during the Instant View Contest, last one of which happened two years ago. Telegram Info team prepared the Instant View template long time ago, but even after multiple requests it was not approved.

We have a chance to change that. If you wish to see Instant View support for our website, vote for the petition on official Telegram bug tracker:
Telegram for the first time caught up with WhatsApp in terms of mobile traffic in Moscow

Mobile Internet traffic of Telegram and WhatsApp messengers in Moscow in December 2020 and January 2021 for the first time equalized, and in general, Telegram traffic grew more than 60 times in 2020, according to a study by the largest Russian mobile operator MTS.

β€œIn December 2020 and January 2021, the mobile Internet traffic of MTS subscribers in Moscow to Telegram and WhatsApp services became equal. An active growth in traffic to the Telegram mobile application occurred in the middle of summer 2020, when Roskomnadzor canceled the restrictions on the messenger in Russia, ”says the study.

β€œThe growth of traffic on WhatsApp in general for the year from January to December 2020 was about 40%. And the traffic on Telegram for the same period has grown more than 60 times."

Telegram Info English
American non-profit organization demanded through Apple to remove Telegram The non-profit organization (NPO) Coalition for a Safer Web has filed a lawsuit against Apple, demanding the removal of the Telegram messenger from the App Store. The lawsuit was…
American NGO demanded to remove Telegram from Google Play

Following the lawsuit January 18, the (NPO) Coalition for a Safer Web filed a similar lawsuit against Google.

"[Company] Google did not take any action against Telegram, comparable to action against Parler, in order to force Telegram to improve its content moderation policy," – stated in Ginsberg's lawsuit.

Unlike Apple, Telegram for Android can be downloaded directly from the messenger site and installed on a smartphone.

A week earlier, Pavel Durov told about the blocking of channels calling for violence in the United States.