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New Telegram Call UI contest for Android and iOS developers

Telegram announced the start of a competition among Android and iOS developers to improve the calling interface.

The Task is to implement the redesigned flow for audio and video calls into Telegram for Android or Telegram for iOS based on the provided mockups (Android / iOS). Regardless of the platform you chose, the submission must precisely represent the provided design – this includes all elements, their proportions and position on the screen, as well as their animations and transitions.

For a complete description of the required features and logic together with contest guidelines, see these documents:

Evaluation criteria:
The key factors that will be used to determine the best apps are:
• The general aesthetics of the app.
• Adherence to the provided mockups and design elements.
• Attention to the tiniest details in the user experience.

In addition, the smoothness of animations and the overall stability of the app will play a major role. Last but not least is the absence of significant flaws (including crashes, performance issues, battery drains, visual glitches, noticeable element blinking, layout imperfections and more).

Winners on each platform may be offered a chance to join the Telegram team in Dubai.

Prize fund: $100,000 ($50,000 for each platform)
Deadline: 23:59 on March 4th (Dubai time)
Results: March 18th, 2023

Telegram's EU Audience Reaches 38.5 Million People, or 8.5% of Population

Over the past six months, the audience of Telegram in the European Union has averaged 38.5 million people, which represents 8.5% of the population. These figures were published on the Telegram FAQ page (which is only accessible from a European IP address).

As a result, Telegram will not be subject to the Digital Services Act (DSA) for the time being, as it is used by fewer than 45 million users in the European Union.

Starting in February 2024, all digital platforms with an audience of over 45 million users in the EU will be required to disclose to regulators information about their algorithms, advertisers' access to data, content moderation decisions, and may be subject to external audits.

Now it's easier to gift Telegram Premium

Developers have improved the @PremiumBot.

Now you can gift somebody with the subscription by sending /gift command, which makes a special button show up. The button allows you to pick a user from your chat list. The list is filtered to only show contacts, non-contacts, and bots.

If you will try to gift the subscription to a user with an active Premium subscription or a bot, the bot will respond with following message:

"This bot can't help you purchase Telegram Premium as a Gift for this user. This could be because the user already has a Telegram Premium subscription."

Telegram Info English
Telegram to No Longer Support SMS Requests from Third-Party Apps According to a recent message that was broadcasted to third-party app developers, Telegram plans to no longer support SMS requests from third-party apps, meaning that users will be able to request…
Users of unofficial clients are having trouble logging into their accounts

Earlier we reported that starting from February 18, when authorizing in unofficial applications, users will not be able to request authorization codes in the form of SMS or phone calls, and that such codes will only come in other active sessions.

To date, the editors know that:
1. The first messages from users of unofficial applications that they cannot receive an authorization code in the form of a phone call or SMS began to arrive only on February 20-21.
2. Many of these users do not receive authorization codes even in active sessions: the user logs into the account in the official application, then starts authorization in the unofficial one and ... nothing happens: the code does not come anywhere at all.

We continue to monitor the situation.
Telegram Info English
Telegram's EU Audience Reaches 38.5 Million People, or 8.5% of Population Over the past six months, the audience of Telegram in the European Union has averaged 38.5 million people, which represents 8.5% of the population. These figures were published on the…
Clarification on the law of digital services

Previously, we wrote that, due to the size of the audience, Telegram is not subject to Digital Services Act (DSA).

It is important to point out that the law has its own requirements for different organizations. For the “Very large online platform” group, the content moderation requirement applies, which Telegram bypassed. At the same time, the messenger is obliged to comply with the requirements that apply to any organization belonging to the “Online Platform” category.

As such, Telegram remains bound by other relevant laws and regulations. For example, in some jurisdictions, Telegram may be required to comply with court orders to provide user data or assist in investigations, as well as comply with certain regulations related to privacy and data protection.
Telegram for macOS has been updated to version 9.4.2

What's new:
— New switch to disable all resource-intensive processes with one click.
— Individual autoplay settings for videos, GIFs, stickers, animated emoji and more.
— Power saving mode turns on automatically based on battery charge.
— Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download: from App Store, Official Website or Verified Channel.

#update #macOS
Power Saving Mode and More

Telegram for Android has been updated to version 9.5.

⚠️ Other telegram clients will receive the new version soon.

Power Saving Mode
• Users have the opportunity to disable certain animations and visual effects in the settings.
• Disabling effects will save battery power and improve performance on less powerful devices.
• The power saving mode can be set to turn on automatically when the battery charge drops below a specified value.
• In the iOS app, you can also disable background chat updates, but Telegram recommends not doing this.
• For the application on Android, the optimal settings are selected by default.
• You can switch to power saving mode or turn off autoplay, animations or effects separately in the menu Settings > Power saving.

Read Time in Small Groups
• In groups of up to 100 participants, you can now see the time when the messages were read by each of the participants.
• In addition, now you can see the time when the reactions were delivered.

Granular Playback Speed
• Now videos, podcasts, voice and video messages can be played at any speed from 0.2x to 2.5x using the slider.
• To fine-tune the speed of voice and video messages, hold the playback speed icon.
• To change the video playback speed, just click on the icon with three dots and select "Speed" from the menu that appears.

Auto-Send Invite Links
• If, when you try to invite a user, it turns out that he has forbidden it, you can immediately send him a message with an invitation link.
• To choose who can add you to groups directly, just go to Settings > Privacy > Groups & Channels.

More Updates
• Sort sticker packs by usage time.
• The ability to translate the description and the section "What can this bot do?" into different languages.
• Create a group without invited members (Android).
• Ability to mark all chats in a folder as read (iOS).
• Ability to use folders to quickly find the desired chat when forwarding messages (iOS).
• Call confirmation window (Desktop).
• View media in a separate window (Desktop).
• 10 new sets of animated emoji from Telegram artists are presented.
• Presented interactive versions of emoji, also available as reactions: 👾, 😡, 😎, 🤷‍♀️, 🤷, 🤷‍♂️.
• Developers focused on fixing more than 400 known bugs in Telegram applications for different platforms.


Android: Google Play, APK from official website or verified channel.
iOS: App Store.
Desktop: from the official site or from GitHub.
macOS: App Store, from the official website or from a verified channel.
Unigram for Windows 10+: Microsoft Store | Direct download | Installation instructions

#update #Android #iOS #Desktop #macOS #Unigram
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Power Saving Mode

• Users now have the option to disable vibrant animations and unobtrusive visual effects in settings to save battery power and improve performance by less powerful devices.

• Power saving mode can be set to automatically turn on when your battery reaches a certain percent.

• iOS users can also use power saving settings to limit background updates — although we do not recommend doing this, because you will see your app “Updating…” a lot more often.

• Telegram for Android has the optimal default settings, based on manual testing of Telegram on more than 200 different device models, so that the messenger is as convenient as possible to use on any of them.

• You can toggle Power Saving mode or tweak individual settings for autoplay, animations, and effects in Settings > Power Saving.

The full list of changes is here.
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Granular Playback Speed

• Now you can have even more flexibility by holding the ➡️ button to choose any speed between 0.2x2.5x.

• To change the playback speed of audio or video messages, just hold down the ➡️ button and select the slider.

• To change the playback speed of video, just click on the 💬 icon, select "Speed" from the menu that appears, and move the slider.

The full list of changes is here.
Please open Telegram to view this post
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Read Time in Small Groups

• To make collaboration in small teams easier, read receipts in groups under 100 members now show the time when your messages were read by each person.

• In addition, you can now see the time when delivery reactions were made.

The full list of changes is here.
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Auto-Send Invite Links

• If, when trying to invite a user to a group or channel, it turns out that he has forbidden it, you can immediately send a message with an invitation link to him.

• In chats, a preview is now available for invitation links — you will immediately see where they lead.

• To control who can add you to groups directly, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Groups & Channels.

The full list of changes is here.
Bot API updated to version 6.6

users can now create emoji sets that adapt to app's theme

Localized Descriptions
• Bots now support localized descriptions that are shown based on the user's language.
• Added the methods setMyDescription and setMyShortDescription to set the bot's localized description and short description.
• Added the methods getMyDescription and getMyShortDescription to obtain the bot's description or short description for a given language.

Stickers and Emoji
• Bots can now create custom emoji sticker sets with createNewStickerSet.
• Added support for adaptive custom emoji colors via the needs_repainting parameter in the createNewStickerSet method.
• Added the ability to specify search keywords for stickers added to sticker sets.
• Improved editing options for sticker sets, including changing the title, deleting a pack, editing emoji lists and more.

Visit the official website for the full changelog.

#update #BotAPI
Telegram fights account hijacking

Over the past few months, the activity of scammers trying to steal Telegram user accounts has increased significantly.

Over the past month, our readers have reported that they sometimes get kicked out of their accounts, and after re-logging in, they find that all messages sent by them in private chats in the last few hours or days are deleted for both interlocutors.

We suppose that these measures may be an attempt by the Telegram platform to combat account hijacking.

@tginfoen strongly recommend to subscribers to keep their account information up to date:
1. Do not keep accounts on SIM cards that are not accessible. If you do not have access to a SIM card with an account phone number, then you have a risk or losing access to this account at any time. Recall: Telegram allows you to change the phone number of account without losing chats and contacts.
2. Remember your cloud password or check access to the email specified to recover it.
3. If your account has been switched to authorization by e-mail then make sure that you have access to the corresponding e-mail box.
4. Use local passcode on your smartphone and especially in Telegram Desktop: it encrypts local date stored on your your PC and prevents using this data by intruders even if they steal it.

#FAQ #hijacking
Results of the Call UI contest for Android and iOS developers

The goal of this contest was to implement an updated design for audio and video calls in Telegram for Android or Telegram for iOS based on provided layouts (Android / iOS).

The prize pool of $100,000 was shared among all 49 developers who took part in the competition (of which 21 presented their work on Android, and 28 on iOS). Detailed information about the winners, their awards and the results of their work can be viewed on the official channel of the Telegram contests.

Submissions were judged based on the overall aesthetics of the app, the consistency of the submissions with the layouts and design elements provided, the smoothness of the animation, and the overall stability of the app.

Conducted competitions are the only way to join the messenger development team. Therefore, several winners will soon learn from Telegram not only about their payments, but also about the opportunity to continue working in the project.

Telegram Desktop updated to version 4.7

What's new:
— Disable resource-intensive animations, as well as animated stickers and emoji.
— Power saving mode is automatically enabled based on the battery saver system settings.
— Fully customizable playback speed settings for video, voice and video messages.
— Improved audio quality when playing at a changed speed.
— View the time when the message was read or reacted to.
— By inviting people to groups, you can quickly send invitation links.
— Invite links support previews.
— Descriptions of bots and the section "What can this bot do?" has the ability to translate.
— When starting a call, a confirmation window is displayed.
— Fixed inserting images from Firefox to Windows.
— Global keyboard shortcut Fn + F to switch the active window to full screen mode on macOS.
— Quiet sound notification in focus mode on macOS.

Download: from official website or GitHub.

#update #desktop
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Buying and Transferring USDT (TRC-20) Using the @wallet Bot

The verified wallet bot @wallet now lets you buy, sell and transfer USDT (TRC-20). There is no commission for internal transfers in the bot.

The minimum purchase amount of USDT is currently USDT10, and the maximum amount is USDT4,677.

When buying more than USDT303, verification of identity is required. This is done by providing a photo of one’s self, and an official identity document (like passport, residence permit or identity card).

In addition, the “Exchange” section was added, in which you can instantly exchange USDT for TON and vice-versa.

The creator of the TRON cryptocurrency, Justin Sun, who has 3.5 million followers on Twitter, made a tweet about the integration of USDT (TRC-20) into @wallet, and announced that he uses Telegram all the time.
The Norwegian Parliament Bans Telegram from Government Devices

The Norwegian parliament (aka The Storting) banned the installation of Telegram (and TikTok) on government-owned devices that are connected to the government’s internal infrastructure. The decision was made after a recommendation from the NSM, The Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

It is worth noting that The Ministry of Justice and Public Security initially mentioned Telegram as a “Russian-owned” app, but then rephrased it as “an app with a Russian origin”.

They also advised to immediately remove the apps on devices that have them installed.

Telegram Has No Plans to Integrate ChatGPT

In the recent days, there have been various reports here and there regarding the integration of ChatGPT, a large language model by OpenAI, into Telegram.

However, a close source to Telegram has denied all of these rumors and has stated that the developers have no intention to integrate ChatGPT into the platform.
Purchasing Premium using TON

In the client-side source code of the Fragment platform, there has been changes related to Telegram Premium.

According to these changes, there will be the ability of purchasing Telegram Premium subscriptions via TON on Fragment. Users would not only be able to purchase subscriptions for themselves, but they would also be able to gift Telegram Premium subscriptions to other users.

#TON #premium