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The website is being rebuilt from scratch
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The official TelegramDB Search bot is born!

Try it now: @tgdb_bot

This bot will replace the website in the short term.

You can use /group to find groups.
Or use /channel to find channels.
To see what public chats a user is in, or has been in, you can use /where.

The database currently has 175+ million chats, 553+ million users, and 2.05+ billion chat members!
@tgdb_bot has been updated with new features:
· /search, a new command to find channels and groups
· You can change the language using /language. Currently it supports 🇬🇧 English and 🇮🇹 Italian
· /resolve id, to get info about a user/group/channel id
· /resolve username, to get the chat id of an username
· Inline mode, to quickly resolve usernames and ids from another chat
· Group chats: now the bot can work inside group chats!

Also, the database is growing with newly discovered chats and members: currently it has 189+ million chats, 584+ million users, and 2.48+ billion chat members!
@tgdb_bot has been updated with two new features!

Extra results:
/search, /group and /channel now support up to 100 results!

The first 20 results are free, but now you can request for more.
The cost can vary from 1 to 3 credits, depending on how many results are available (max 100 for now)

Members count:
/search, /group and /channel now include members count next to the username
How to pay with cryptocurrencies

If you need to get credits for @tgdb_bot, but you want to pay in crypto, you can contact @tgdb_support.

We accept BTC, ETH, USDC (eth net), USDT.

Your payment will currently be verified manually, so it may take some time. We are working to integrate crypto payments into the bot.

For this reason we can only accept crypto payments over € 15
€ 0.10 = 1 credit
1.50 € fee

Example: € 15 + € 1.50 fee = 150 credits
TelegramDB will migrate to a new, more reliable, storage configuration.
The system will be down for approximatly 24 hours.
@tgdb_bot is back online!
We got an e-mail from the Russian Government for publishing Telegram channels in our website, they asked us to delete some channels: here's why we will not comply

🔗 link
@tgdb_bot has been restarted
In the latest update we worked to improve our crawling capabilities: in the last month we crawled almost 5.5 million new groups.

With a total of 8.2 million groups, we now have the largest database of Telegram groups in the world! 🎉

The update is also quickly expanding our members database, searchable with the /where command: we now have 3.5+ Billion crawled group members, with more than 600 million new entries in the last month.

You can see the current statistics here:

Try our bot: