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Official announcements for LittleGuardian bot.
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New feature just landed.
If you are tired with fighting spammers or don’t want to enable the intrusive checks which could potentially produce false positives - use the CAPTCHA MODE.

This mode will limit any new joiner automatically and keep them restricted until they will press the button. Simple, effective idea from one of our users.

You can manage this feature on -> your group settings -> BOT -> Enable captcha mode.
Welcome messages are back and running. Now bot will greet the users for you.
Did you knew - you can now ( from version 0.0.223 onwards ) add the website to your home screen and it will behave like an application. It will not require re-downloading, refreshing and so on - making it much easier, convenient and faster to use than ever before.

Browsers are fun but there’s an app for that ❤️
Great news - bot speaks few languages but our website is available in even more! The page will detect your language from the browser settings and set it for you. If you want to change it - use Settings button in the right bottom corner. If you’d like to help with translation into your native one - we would love it. Contact us and we’ll send you the link :) ❤️
Audit log is back! Know what settings admins have changed in your group. Clean, easy to understand way to find out which admin changed what setting.
Bugfix: If your group is connected to the channel where you publish posts, bot used to delete the posts forwarded to your channel if “no forwards” option was enabled. It was a bug / shortsightness from my side. Now it’s fixed.
Brand new knowledge database and learning centre are available in English now.
We aim to fill it up with more content and answer all your questions in one clean and easy to understand place. You can check it out on
New feature: Prohibited words. Now you can define your own words which bot should delete or even punish user after. No more annoying messages from competitors.
Enhanced captcha feature is ready, shipping right now and should be visible to everyone within next 10 minutes or so. Now you will be able to enable captcha timeout in minutes after which user will be kicked out from the group if he fails to resolve the captcha.
Also quite a few graphical improvements to the website ( because things are visible when they’re highlighted! ) 🥳
Bot news for today:
* A lot of of small improvements behind the scenes and on the website, constantly adding new content to the growing Learning Centre -
* New function available to everyone - group statistics ( currently daily and weekly ) together with list of top active users
* English profanities filter is back! You can enable / disable it from the badwords menu
* Infrastructure improvements - after initial issues with networking / slow connectivity to the website ( and website only :) ) since the new networking equipment arrived we haven’t had any complaints :)
First of all - a bit of an apologies.
Yesterday’s feature “english profanities filter” wasn’t the best one. I have released it by moving code from the old version of the bot one to the current and it was a bit rushed.
On the positive news - lesson learned and within last 24 hours I have improved the feature using one of my older projects.

What happened:
1. I’ve scrapped tweets in few languages ( 1.6 million each ) from twitter
2. I’ve de-dusted and updated my old project analysing sentiment using artificial intelligence
3. I’ve created new data sources for it to detect profanities, threatening messages and insulting messages
4. I’ve trained the AI model on those millions and millions of tweets ( this took a while )

Now the feature is live and it’ll delete messages which score according to the AI above 80% of probability of having profanities, threats or insults in them. This will allow you to keep your group clean and prevent users from fighting with each other.
Okay, so there’s a bit of an announcement.
There was an idea brewing for quite a while and adding group statistics recently was part of it.

Rules are simple:
Most likely by the end of the week I'll release group popularity ranking including only valuable groups ( not spam groups and micro traffic groups 🙂 )

To appear on the ranking the bot must be on your group ( as that’s how it will gather statistics ). If you don’t want your group to appear in the top 100 groups - go to group settings -> statistics -> “Hide group from public statistics and lists”.

If you remove the bot from the group or it will not have required privileges, bot will leave and your group will disappear from the ranking completely and after re-adding the bot - it’ll take a while to gather sensible statistics.

The group must have an invite link set up in the bot panel - otherwise, it will not show up anywhere either 🙂 The bot should have had to pick it up automatically but it's worth checking.

Groups which have premium purchased ( can be subscriptions or one-off ) will appear on top of the ranking as promoted, also within the ranking whichever place they take. Groups with premium will appear in the descending order of the premium, so ultimate -> platinum -> gold.

Presence on such a list will increase your group visibility and bring more members. I’ll try to figure out how to do the tagging so we can divide groups into topics as well.