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Forwarded from Evgeny Ustinovich
🔥Dear TERA community!🔥

☝️Our project has come a long way together with you and thanks to you!

Today we stand on the threshold of great changes:

1️⃣ A new shard is launched on the TERA network!
It will be a brand new network with new tokenomics, which will be the engine for the future ecosystem. The launch date will be announced later.

2️⃣ Swap TERA coins for the native token of the future network.
In this way, the TERA coin will retain its value and provide holders with an exclusive opportunity to participate in a closed presale at the lowest prices.

3️⃣ A new network - a new name.
It's only right that the new name will be invented by our community. So we launch a contest for the best new name for the future network.
📃 You may apply till November 24, 2021 in the comments to the attached video.
🎁 The author of the best name will get the very first exclusive NFT!

The steps listed will take our product to new heights. 🔥🔥🔥

We're going to do it together! 🚀🚀🚀

📺 Details in the video
Dear coin holders and miners of the TERA network!

After our announcement about the planned launch of a new shard, we received a lot of questions.
We answer:
1. Shard TERA continues its work, no changes will take place within the network. The blockchain continues to work and develop fully.

2. As you know, the TERA network was launched with a 5% premine. All other coins are owned by the community.
Today the project needs to attract investments in order to develop further. But we consider it unacceptable to change the emission rules in the first shard of the ecosystem.
That is why a new shard with new tokenomics appears. The rules of the new tokenomics will depend on joint decisions with future investors. But at the same time, we will be able to develop not one shard, but the entire TERA ecosystem.

3. The new shard that will be launched is just a new element in the TERA ecosystem. Our future development is a union of many shards. And our step demonstrates what opportunities other developers have.

As a reminder, we have developed a sharding technology that allows you to fork TERA an unlimited number of times. Moreover, they are all connected by a common hash rate of the same miners. This increases the performance and security of the overall network. Miners will be able to choose which shards to mine.

4. There is a possibility of cross-sharding transactions. As part of this opportunity, all TERA coin holders will be able to decide on their transfer to another shard's coins. This is optional. We are interested in the ratio during this exchange to be beneficial to our community and we will take this into account when developing the tokenomics of the second shard of the TERA network.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide more details yet. As soon as we have more information, we will share it with you immediately. Stay tuned!
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Hello everyone, we are conducting a survey to determine the name of our new shard. Choose the name that looks most attractive to you...
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The bell of 2022 is about to ring. At the beginning of the new year, Tera project team sends good wishes for the new year to Chinese friends. I wish all partners and friends: more than a hundred blessings come to the door, and auspicious clouds and auspicious gas gather in the New Year!
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Hi everyone!

🔥 We are launching a new blockchain project called EMPERA.

As you all know, TERA has not attracted any investments in its project. But during 4 years of development we created a really fast decentralized consensus proof-of-work blockchain with infinite scalability, unique specifications and features, technologically far superior to all other blockchains on the market.

Now we have to attract investments and show this technology to the world.

In this new project, we have developed a new strategy and smart tokenomics that will ensure the sustainability of the community and ecosystem.

https://t.me/emperanetwork - announcements
https://t.me/emperaofficial - chat

👈 TERA token exchange will start after the main private round - on March 15, 2022 at the rate of 20 Tera for 1 Empera (INVEST token)
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Will it be convenient if the application form is posted on Google Forms?
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Forwarded from Empera
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We are announcing the start of early investor registration for our first private fundraising round. If you want to participate in the private sponsor round, become an early investor of the project and get the maximum benefit, you need to fill out the early investor form. The round will be held from March 1 to March 30, 2022. After processing your application, we will contact you using the contacts that you specified in the form.

Application form for participation in the round for private bankers:
- https://forms.gle/js5C2LAZcd9NZJmY6
- https://formdesigner.ru/form/view/172847

Fundraising will be carried out only on a smart contract in the BSC network. The address of the smart contract and the instructions will be published later in the announcement. Do not send funds by other means.

US residents cannot visit private sponsors to avoid legal problems! If you are a US resident, please do not apply.
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As a reminder, everyone will be able to exchange TERA for EMPERA during the two weeks of March 15, 2022 - March 31, 2022. Further development of our technology will go in the framework of the EMPERA project. We encourage all TERA owners to make the exchange!

All coins received during the exchange will be used to fund the development of Empera! Do not miss the opportunity to become a part of a new project! Details of the exchange will be announced soon, stay tuned!
Hi all.
In light of the upcoming launch of the new project and token exchange users have questions, what to do with sDAO or sUSD tokens, which were hung up dapp 113.

In order to exchange sDAO or sUSD tokens you can use SWAP in dapp 164.

Here is a brief instruction:
1. Make a withdraw of your coins on the dapp 113 page (will select the account, if not click create new, such as NEW DAO)
2. Open dapp 164
3. Select (at top of page) the account with your coins, for example xxxxxx (sDAO)
4.Specify a pair, for example sDAO - TERA
5.Specify the exchange amount and click Swap
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Dear friends! We are excited to announce the start of swap TERA to Empera.
Swap time: 15.03.2022 - 31.03.2022
Swap rate: 20 TERA coins for 1 Empera.
After the swap, the coins will arrive in your account and will be locked. Unlocking will be carried out automatically in Empera mainet during 3 years according to the general rules that are the same for all investors.
Swap your TERA in Dapp 217: https://terawallet.org/dapp/217
Attention: dApp 86. ShadowBank stops working, in order to withdraw your funds, please write to me in a private message @progr76 the number of your deposit account and the amount of the balance.
Attention! Use only dapp 217 to swap TERA to Empera!

link: https://terawallet.org/dapp/217

All other dapps are skam!

We are also pleased to report that about 15% of circulating supply of TERA were swap in just a day!

Empera announcements
Empera chat channel
TERA - EMPERA Swap News: as of 3/18/2022, over 120 million Tera has been exchanged for Empera Hold - see History detail

Attention! Use only dapp 217 to swap TERA to Empera!

Link: https://terawallet.org/dapp/217

Note: access to Empera coins after mainnet launch will be by the same private wallet key.
Reminder: keep your private wallet keys.

Empera announcements
Empera chat channel

As of March 26, 2022, more than 180 million (30%) of Tera coins have been exchanged for Empera Hold (see History detail)

Attention! Use only dapp 217 to swap TERA to Empera!

Link: https://terawallet.org/dapp/217

Empera announcements
Empera chat channel

The end of the swap will take place today at 24:00 o'clock UTC.

As of March 26, 2022, about 230 million (about 40%) of Tera coins have been exchanged for Empera Hold (see History detail)

Attention! Use only dapp 217 to swap TERA to Empera!

Link: https://terawallet.org/dapp/217

Empera announcements
Empera chat channel

The exchange of Tera coins for Empera has been completed. A total of 233 million coins were exchanged.

We congratulate all who have exchanged on a successful decision. Welcome aboard.

Empera announcements
Empera chat channel
For new shard projects, we have updated the license to use our blockchain code. Main theses: free use of the code and mandatory mention of EMPERA.NETWORK. The full text of the license is here.