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Hello everyone, we have good news.
The power of the network is growing, the block chains are stable. We can say that the transition stage to the new jinn core has been successfully completed.
We are starting the implementation stage of the cross-blockchain Protocol (sharding) that will provide unlimited performance of The tera shared network.
Hello everyone, due to the successful completion of the implementation of the pow Protocol, which allows stable operation with 1000 tps, I just launched a bounty dapp that distributes coins, now it has 150,000 TERA
The new version 2373 was pushed:
- Blockviewer has added a function for searching transactions by TxID, and you can also open the desired transaction by clicking the link, example:
-Fixed minor bugs

The version is optional for updating...
Hello everyone, we are continuing to implement sharding in TERA, here are the technical details and the sharding security scheme.
1) Sharding via the message mechanism: https://terafoundation.org/files/TeraSharding-4-ENG.pdf (ENG)
2) Шардинг через механизм сообщений: https://terafoundation.org/files/TeraSharding-4-RUS.pdf (RUS)
Note: in the current version of the jinn blockchain, the function of transferring funds using a public key is disabled, so enter only the digital account number of the recipient in your wallets. Be careful.
Official accounts of shadow bank (cold wallet): 224373, 224375, 224376
Hi, @everyone As you all know, we're developing a new website. It is almost ready and we just need to finish not significant moments and before the launch of the sharding we will launch the new site. In the meantime, we prepared a short video for you. You will be able to see how the new TERA website looks.
As you all know, we are almost on the verge of launching the Testnet with support of sharding technology. Draft of the Sharding has already been completed. Within a couple of weeks, I will define the optimal parameters for starting sharding in the testnet, test the operation of dapps and prepare instructions for launch of Sharding. But this is not the main thing.
The main news is that with the launch of sharding, I will integrate Oracles. Oracles are third-party services that provide to smart-contracts, communication abilities with external sources of information, they are, act as a bridge between blockchains and the outside world. Now, Oracles, for example, in Ethereum, are a separate blockchains. And I will integrate them into TERA as a process built-in mining.
Another good news is that the integration of Oracles will not affect the launch schedule of the Testnet.
Those who are not very familiar with the Oracle terms in the blockchain can learn more from this link:
Hi, @everyone. As I mentioned in the telegram, among other things, we will update UI design of the Full Node. Click the short video link to see how the node will look like. We will show a few pages and you will see what colors will be used and will be able to see the future design.
Hello everyone, today the main network will be updated to a new release. The update is recommended.
The update to release 2428 of the main network is complete.
Updated the file of the latest version of the blockchain database.
Hi @everyone we have published our new website and landing page about sharding technology. The websites are available on 3 languages – English, Chinese and Russian. Language can be changed at the top right corner of the sites.
You can check our main site here: http://terafoundation.org/
Sharding landing page: https://teraplatform.org/

Besides we published our explainer videos
English version: https://youtu.be/OYf1BnTXZRw
Russian version: https://youtu.be/DcE6Daa5VNw

Check them out!
Pushed update 2466:
1. Full node has a new interface
2. Fixed bugs related to API-2 (relevant for exchanges)
Hello everyone during the AMA with BigOne (December 16, 2020 at 12 UTC), the date of sharding support in the main network will be announced
Attention, right now we are starting an AMA with the BigONE exchange: https://t.me/B1_EN
Hello everyone, the new version 2468 has been pushed to the network. It includes support for sharding, which will be launched starting from 68.5 million blocks (i.e. December 25, 2020). Please have time to update the nodes before the specified date. The update is required.

Added new features for creating Dapps, more details here:
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Merry Christmas @everyone! We hope Santa is good to you this year!
And from our side we bring to you our sharding technology!
Now it is fully supported in mainnet!
May this Christmas be the brightest, most beautiful Christmas of your life. May you find the peace and joy you’ve been looking for!
Hello everyone, a new update 2472 has been pushed to the network. The update concerns the operation of sharding. An update is mandatory.