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Welcome to Aikido Heaven & Earth Juku!
A Gentle Reminder:
The yudansha class is on this Sunday 28 April 2019.
Time: 10:00am ~1:00pm.
Class at 3:30 pm is thus cancelled .
10th ~12th, May:
Classes are cancelled - Penang branch dojo 10th Anniversary Celebrations and Hombu Shihan Makoto Ito shihan Seminar.
14th and 16th May:
Visiting Shihan to Aikido Heaven & Earth Juku, Bandar Puteri from 20;00 to 21:45 . Students are advice to be seated 15 min before the class starts. All are required to attend.
Announcement :
Any student interested to teach aikido 1or 2 days at. Gem International School Tropicana please contact me immediately to fill up the application forms. Class starts in September 2019. Well paid.
Please take note that on the 1st and 2nd June 2019 the Bandar Puteri HQ Juku will be used for Chinese Internal Martial Arts Seminar. So the aikido classes will be cancelled. Student please arrange to come on Tuesday or Friday evenings. Thank you.
The yudansha training is on this Sunday  14th July 2019.
Time: 10:00 ~ 13;00
Class in the afternoon is as usual.
The yudansha training is on this Sunday  4th August 2019.
Time: 10:00 ~ 13:00
Class in the afternoon is as usual. Sorry for the short notice.
Tomorrow Saturday and the day after Sunday are public holidays. Due to all busy week end for the last two months and the long public holiday breaks, I guess I have to take a break this week-end. So classes on Sat n Sun are cancelled.
There is a special class by Eiichi Nakayama (6th Dan) from Nagoya at Bdr Puteri from 8-10 pm tomorrow evening. On Wednesday Kubota Shihan will be here same time same dojo and he will be teaching also on Thursday night. No seminar fee but has to pay RM30 for mat fee. Please try to be early not late. Students should be lining up on the mat 10 minutes before class. See you tomorrow.
Please be reminded. The Hanan Shihan Seminar started from 20th today to 22nd Sun. All regular classes of Heaven & Earth dojos will be cancelled for the event.
Class will only resume on Tue next week.
Tonight there will be a yudansha class at MAA HQ at Bricksfield. All 2nd kyu and above can attend. Thank you.
Please take note on the following classes schedules in the month of October 2019;
5/10 & 6/10 - I will be away to Sabah to attend one of the Sabah dojo's 10th Anniversay.
12/10 & 13/10 - The Bdr Puteri dojo is closed for Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Sun Style Xingyi fist Seminar by Ivan laoshi.
26/10 & 27/10 - I will be in Singapore teaching aikido.
So the above dates(days) all the classes are cancelled.
Except 19/10 & 20/10 the classes are normal.
Thank you.
Annoucement :Ivan laoshi is in KL from 1st to 4th. He would like to conduct classes on 2nd (Mon) and 3rd, December. (Tue) at Bdr Puteri Dojo from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. Anyone interested to join please inform asap . No fee. Thank you.
AnnouncementThis Sunday the afternoon class will be cancelled.
ANNOUCEMENT Tomorrow evening 27th Dec is our last training for the year 2019. All H&E dojos members are requested to join the joining. There will be a certificate presentation ceremony to the recently graded yudansha. Training starts at 8:30 pm  sharp.
ANNOUNCEMENT to all:In view of world wide escalation of COVID-19 infections and the Malaysia situation as announced just now by the PM please note that Heaven & Earth Juku(school) will close all classes from 17/3/2020 to 31/3/2020  It will be reviewed after then. The coming weekend grading will be postphoned to April also.All updates will be announce later.For all international and local friends please take note. In view of the worldwide concern over the COVID-19 virus, we are reappraising the earlier 11th-12th July 2020 seminar dates. A decision may be expected by early April. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.Thank you.
The Heaven & Earth aikido classes for the adults will reopen for practice from 16/6 Tuesday. The children class will start in July.However the following SOP must follow.
The Dojo will resume practices inaccordance with the SOP of the RMCO. We place the highest priority on maintaining the health and wellness of our members as we reopen. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 
When coming for practice, please fully comply with the following measures.① Wear a Mask• Please wear a mask at all times in the dojo. You will not be allowed in without one.
② Sanitize Hands• Upon entering the dojo, as well as before and after practice, please wash hands,gargle, and use hand sanitizer
③ Body Temperature and Health Check• Temperatures will be checked upon entrance. People in poor health will not beallowed to practice. As a guide, people with temperatures of 37 degrees or more, and those coughing will not be allowed to practice.
④ Confirmation of Contact Information• Please fill your contact
Consent of Family and Related Parties• While  our Dojo work hard to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, we cannot be held responsible in the case of infection. In the unlikely event that you become infected we require that you take your own responsibility. You participate in practice under you own risk. Please receive the consent of your family members and other related parties before resuming practice. 
 About Practice• When practice please be sure to leave appropriate space open between yourself and other practitioners. 
• For the time being, no-contact practice will occur.
 Others• Please bring your own drinking water.• Please bring your own Bokken and Jo to prevent thespread of infection.
• Bring your practice gear home with you after practice.• Please do not hold conversations or gather in the Dojo
If the above procedures are followed then we can resume training and stay healthy.
Thank you.👍🙏