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Howdy everyone, as you have seen, we post content on health and others at least once a day.

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1. Awesome new looks, easier to use.
2. Added the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.
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6. Added Quizzes.
7. Make video calls and upload statuses.

We still have the following available;
1. Standard Treatment Guidelines, 2017.
2. Job description for Nurses and Midwives.
3. The Labour Act.
4. Advanced Calculator.
5. Unit Convertor.
6. Code Scanner (Can also scan for PIN/AIN Validity).
7. PDF Reader (Light weight and fast).
8. Shortcuts to NMC, GRNMA, UPNMG websites.
9. And more...
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I understand some of us may get recruited soon. Kindly follow this guide to fill the MOH recruitment portal.

How to fill the MOH online recruitment portal with pictures
Employment of Nurses and Midwives - 2019 NAC/NAP AND 2019 DIPLOMA/DEGREE REFERRAL BATCHES