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NEW - Declassified FISA Court Opinion:

The FISA abuses were worse than we knew.

Crime victims went to the FBI for help. The FBI used the FISA database to spy on them.

They even used the FISA database on gov't officials.

Our latest:
Our discussion of FBI FISA abuse is featured on The Dan Bongino Show today. (Thanks to Ms. Albert for the HT.)

A photo of Ghislaine Maxwell emerges.

With a black eye. 🤔

Her lawyers: "Ms. Maxwell is unaware of the cause of the bruise"
Forwarded from Noor Bin Ladin
Media is too big
God Bless Tucker Carlson for his monologue last night on ‘vaccines’ and how their LT effects are unknown, including on fertility. Must watch and share with everyone you know.
Officer Derek Chauvin's attorneys have filed a motion for new trial.

Allegations include: due process and constitutional violations for failing to transfer venue, failing to sequester the jury; confrontation clause violation of confrontation clause for failing to order Morries Hall to testify; prosecutorial misconduct.

Our analysis: it's a valid motion - and we believe he deserves the appeal to be granted - but appeals courts are very hesitant to grant the relief requested.

Read it here:
Removing Liz Cheney from leadership isn't just about January 6. It should also be a rejection of the neo-con right.

There's no room in the GOP for those who love endless wars.
A small favor to ask: a prayer for our pro-life friend who is having open heart surgery today. 🙏

Thanks - Techno.
Thank you for the prayers, friends. Frank is doing well and will be able to continue to fight the good fight, God willing.
Liz Cheney was a failure as a leader.

She peddled the Russia bounty hoax and fought ending wars.

And now she has martyred herself to CNN and MSNBC.

Let them have her.
The Dangers of the Democrats' January 6 Commission:

Subpoena powers over conservative groups.

Access to "intelligence community" data.

Our latest:

We have long suspected that the Obama White House leaked the Russian Intel (and the Flynn/Kislyak call) to WaPo on 1/5/17.

These suspicions were shared by a DNI leader.

Email on the leak: “my bet is either the WH or SCCI Dem source on the Hill.”

Our latest:

US Govt seeks to dismiss Carter Page FISA lawsuit.

After hiding evidence of FISA abuse for years, DOJ/FBI now says Carter Page lawsuit was filed too late.

DOJ claims lying to the FISA Court "is not a perversion of the judicial process."

Our latest:
Alfa Bank is trying to compel Fusion GPS to produce its internal e-mails.

This includes Trump/Russia research and correspondence with DNC lawyers Perkins Coie.

And Fusion GPS is about to lose that fight.

Our latest:
To quote Eisenhower:

Memorial is a "solemn reminder of the scourge of war and its bitter aftermath of sorrow."

Tomorrow, then, let us honor their memory by rejecting those who use war as a political tool.
You sacrificed everything in 2020.

And in response - and to preserve his own authority - Fauci decided you didn't deserve to know the truth about COVID-19.
By now, the FBI certainly has the DC Pipe Bomb suspect's height, weight, and shoe size.

We asked the FBI if they would provide this info to the public.

The FBI Responded: "The FBI has no further information to supply on this matter."