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The year is 2012. Abhinav Asthana runs into a problem while working on APIs. He tries to find the solution online, but there isn't any.

So he creates the solution himself. Today, that "solution" is a $5.6 billion company called Postman.

This is their incredible storyπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

First, a quick background:

We have been using APIs since the age of dinosaurs. An API is a simple tool to connect 2 applications.

But in recent years, the importance of APIs has been growing and it has given rise to a multi-billion dollar industry called the "API Economy".

The biggest players in the API economy are Stripe and Twilio. Indian startups like Postman and Yap are also part of the API economy.

Postman is an integral part of the API economy- they help companies to build and maintain their APIs.

After Abhinav created the simple API tool to solve his problem, he uploaded it to Stack Overflow where it went viral.

Then Google contacted him: they wanted to feature Postman in the Top 20 Chrome apps!

Then Nexus Ventures approached the co-founders with a cheque for $7 million and asked the 3 cofounders to form a company.

Today, Postman has evolved from Abhinav's simple API tool to a powerful API platform.

Big companies like Microsoft and Intel and Twitter and Salesforce use Postman for their API work.

And Postman became the No.1 API platform in the world and India's biggest SaaS company.
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