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Here is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko addressing Australian politicians along with several other COVID-19 experts on Christmas Day 2021. He breaks down EVERYTHING you need to know in layman terminology: what the virus does and more importantly, how to effectively treat it as well as EVERY VARIANT. On a side, world renown Dr. Peter McCullough often references Zelenko.
I created this article for the purpose of the layman who is looking for an effective and all natural treatment (and prevention) of COVID-19.

The Zelenko Protocol and Why its Awesome
Here's our first video as a contributor to Red Liberty Media. The video includes a short clip from our interview with Dr. Alveda King.
Here is our second video as a contributor to Red Liberty Media. The series is entitled, "Liberty's Heroes". This week, we tell the incredible story of Peter Francisco, the man whom George Washing said, without him, the the war and our independence would have been lost.