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00:51:15 Why America was ALWAYS Great (CRT/BLM LIES debunked)
00:57:44 The SINGLE reason Why Atrocities in America were ENDED
01:00:20 Tim Barton & Rick Green Final Thoughts
01:03:25 Wrap Up
ALL SUPPORTERS - Biblical Citizenship in Modern America Commentary Ep12 - Understanding the Times, Part 1 is now up and available. Join as a Supporter on YouTube or on Locals to view this and the rest of the series.

00:00 Introduction
01:36 My Recent Rick Green Zoom Call
03:23 VIDEO - Rick Green Recap
07:24 VIDEO - David Barton - Understanding the Times
15:36 Alarming Statistics that May Shock You
17:05 Ulysses S Grant Destroyed the KKK / Woodrow Wilson Brought it Back
19:10 Why Truth and Fact Matters!
20:48 The Three Stages of Ignoring Truth
25:53 How the Bible Applies to Everything (like the Foundation of our Government)
26:40 Recapping this Lesson
28:27 Summary of this Course and Applying that to this Lesson
30:48 Wrap-Up - Thoughts on God as the Source of Truth
@dineshjdsouza - Text messages between #devonarcher and #hunterbiden provide a window into how these people see themselves—not as an international crime syndicate but rather as noble saviors of humanity who are persecuted for their virtues -
Thomas Sowell explains how so-called black culture has deteriorated in this key metric... #shorts