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a mountain of Love.
I lovingly stand firm in Love and Freedom.

I lovingly stand firm for Living Freedom everywhere and all-ways.

Let us be for freedom.
We invite you to ensure freedoms in your country and beyond.

If you see a country abusing it's people, those people matter.

If a country strictly disciplines or disadvantages it's every day citizens, something is very amiss.

If a country mandates medical procedures, something very nefarious is afoot.

Now is the time to stand firm for bodily autonomy.

Beware, be very Aware
dear citizen, any move toward making any laws that contravene your freedoms and rights, declared as the highest in most free countries, in recognition of Truth, of the Almighty Creator of Free Will,
are unlawful.


It is your Duty
as a citizen of your country,
as a child of the Creator,
to ensure all rights and freedoms.

Any and all acts of treason are forbidden.

We invite you, dear citizen,
to REMEMBER freedom.

Remember Love?

It will help you to remember freedom. πŸ’—

I AM a mountain of Freedom.
We are mountains of Freedom.
Here we stand, for Loving Freedom.
Here we stand, Truthful in Love.

Blessings upon you,
May Love be with you You all-ways. πŸ’—

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Today at 2pm, wherever you are ☝️🏻

May you remember that you are Love. In your remembrance you blossom Love for everyone always. πŸ’—
Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
Thank you to all truth seekers
Thank you to all truth finders
Thank you to all peaceful warriors
Thank you to all conspiracy theorists
Thank you to all commentators
Thank you to all readers
Thank you to all β€˜sharers’

Thank you to all with courage
Thank you to all those that don’t keep quiet
Thank you to all comforters
Thank you to all supporters
Thank you to all who went first

Thank you to all video makers
Thank you to all Podcasters
Thank you to all text writers
Thank you to all investigators
Thank you to all that did not quit

Thank you to all demonstrators
Thank you to all organisers
Thank you to all networkers
Thank you to all healers
Thank you to all saviours

Thank you to all that risked so much; their jobs, their reputation, their home…

Thank you to all that fight for freedom, peace and justice, with courage, truth and faith.

Thank you ❀️

Please share with all those that deserve this thank you.