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Hello everyone!

The admission procedure is up on the website.


Please give it a read. Also, do ask your queries regarding the process.

Do not hesitate to tag Tanvi for this, as the discussion on this will bring more clarity.
Namaste @everyone!

This is an important announcement so please pay attention.

When we started the camp, I was sure that 100 folks would never complete levelZero. Let's face it, levelZero itself is hard work. It's not easy to finish 8-9 exercises like that.

But, but, but, you all proved me wrong. Currently, there are 250+ people who have finished 5+ projects, an additional 150+ folks who have finished 2+ projects. And some of you who want to get in but due to exams you haven't started. Some beginner+ people are also there who know that entire thing will not take more than 30-40 hours so they'll do it all before the application submission deadline.

All in all, huge respect for anyone who completes levelZero. But you made my life difficult, how to select 100 from 200+ students? And how will I tell people who are good that sorry but you can't come in cuz seats are already filled!

So, we talked and decided that there's no upper limit on the number of students. But the bar to get in is higher now.

Pay attention more here, if you can crack the interview, you'll get in. How to crack the interview? See this guide.

If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to ask in #🔑ask-anyone channel. Just for this time, you can tag me too.

Now, why did we do this?
You should thank some folks for this who were working so hard to get in that I started feeling bad after seeing what I have created in the name of competition.

Waise to main bahut sakth mentor hun, but yaha main...
Good evening!

Let's get your ReactJS journey started.

Tomorrow we'll be learning how to use ReactJS, the most in-demand today to create a dynamic app in browser.

Not only that, we'll also learn basics of React, JSX, useState, handler etc.

As usual, learning will be fun by making an app. This time we're going to make emoticon interpretor app. 🤩🤔

Where do I find the videos?


See you tomorrow. Live 🔥🔥
I'll be live on Instagram in 10-15 minutes. Will take questions and just plain conversations.
Come let's have fun.
Doubt clearing session tonight @ 8 PM IST on Discord Server. If you're struggling with anything taught recently, our champ is here to take questions and resolve your doubts.

Ready to attend the last DSH of levelZero?

More details here 👇👇
Hello ,

Wait is over! Admission Applications for levelOne are open now. 🚀


Make sure to:
1. Read about the admission process.
2. Check that your portfolio is complete.
3. Read the descriptions and tips on the application carefully while filling the application.

Please take your time, read the doc and also ask your queries, if you have any, and then submit the application.


1. The Discord review and admission process are parallel.

2. You can apply for levelOne, even if you have not submitted projects for review on Discord or if you have but it is not reviewed yet.

The deadline for submissions: 18th December, 2020.

All the best neoGrammers!

Group is open for next 24 hours in case you have any questions related to this

I can see a lot of DMs and messages/comments everywhere around you having your end semester exams.

Please don't mess your exam because of neoGCamp. You should get better at time management overall. There will always be something pressing in your life which will push you away from success.

Here's one thing. If you have exams, we will open one more slot for you on 21st January. But this slot will have LIMITED seats. If you're good, you'll get in, but the bar will be higher than people who've submitted by 18th Dec. You can ask why? Answer is that we have limited time to interview and there are tons of applications coming in right now.

If you think you can do it then, do it then, if you think you can manage it now, I would suggest you do it by 18th December itself.

Summary: Don't do bad in exams. We don't want you to fail in college. That's worst than dropping out.
Good evening!

There are two announcements, please pay attention. If you have questions then use the #🔑ask-anyone channel on Discord.

Announcement One: Deadline Extension

Deadline for this round of submission has been extended till 20th December. Use this weekend to complete and polish your projects if you haven't done it till now. We got multiple requests to extend the deadline for this round. I think one weekend should be enough. We understand your pain but don't take it for granted, the deadline won't be extended any further after that. Sunday night is the last date.

Announcement Two: Admission Fees and Government Tax

We talked to our CA and it turns out that our product wouldn't get any tax exempt. As per Indian laws every admission would have to pay 18% GST. I can understand that this might come as an inconvenience to you and your financial plans. In total you have to pay the fee i.e. 20,000 INR + 18% Tax to GoI. Please plan accordingly. If this upsets your budget opt for EMI options as provided by your credit card. We have enabled EMI too from our side to make it easier.
Good morning @everyone

Some updates on INTERVIEWS.

1. Interviews are still going on. We have got much more applications than we initially anticipated. It's taking time. You'll get your piece of communication soon. Wait for it.

2. More importantly, people are getting rejected in interviews. So, let's talk about how to avoid it.

First 120 interviews went really well. We were rejecting 20pc. But after 120, the new batch has gone to 50pc rejection rate. We didn't make things difficult but one thing is clear, people who submitted late, they're not as sincere as the first 120. They have somehow completed the assignments and really really struggle when it comes to coding.

See, I can't help you if you don't help yourself first. There's no magic in levelOne. It's just a course. If you can't code simple programs now, then you need to take sometime and practice basics more. levelOne is not for you.

But if you're not someone who wants to give up, and your interviews are still pending here's a tip for you.

Practice by writing code, not reading code. I was shadowing few of the interviews and I can see that most folks from 120+ batch just can't code. They have idea of what to do but they haven't practised. Don't think that since you have done it once or twice you know it already. Nope. Practice more. I have shared the build repo above, see if you can write code without looking up every second.

You need to understand, we are not prepping you up for a delivery or a service job. Bhai this is dev job where you'll go and build startups of India. How will you do this without practice?

If you can't clear levelZero interview, there's no chance I can get you ready for real interviews in next 6 months. I too have limitations.

Summary: Don't fail in interviews please. Practice by coding and not reading code.
Hey! I'll be live on Instagram at 8pm IST ie in 20 minutes.
As usual QnA.
Live won't be saved.
Nothing important.
Live on Instagram at 9.30PM IST. Come and ask your questions or just distract me as you do with your live commentary 😂

See you!
Live on Instagram today around 9.30PM IST.

Usual QnA and chat.
Hey @everyone!

Tomorrow I'll be on the general voice channel for 1.5hours.

I'll be there to take questions around career, your learning path, web development. Basically anything which is useful to you and community.

Let's talk. Depending on how this goes we'll come up with a regular schedule of voice channel discussions.

Mark your calendar. Sunday 28th Feb, 11:30AM.


On Discord voice channel. If you're not on Discord join bit.ly/tanay-discord
Hello! If you're free then drop by my Youtube channel at 8PM. I am going to talk about what qualifies as a good project. I'll take questions from live chat as well. Experimenting to move conversational lives from Instagram to Youtube. Let's see.
A college student today faces a lot of options in her career building.

Even during semester breaks she needs to decide whether to go for an internship, or do a course, or do open source or prepare for the upcoming interviews?

There’s no straight answer to this. But

A framework and your personal evaluation can help you land with the right choice for YOU.

I’m going to explain this framework in detail tonight 8pm IST, live on my channel. It will be followed by a live QnA with subscribers.

Good morning @everyone!

I have sent a short story about IIT and Microsoft. A story from my life. This is sent to newsletter subscribers.

Please check if you have got it in your inbox. If yes, do reply (via email) with your feedback and thoughts or just to confirm that you got it.

For those who haven’t subscribed, go to https://tanaypratap.substack.com
Good evening! Continuing our Sunday ritual let’s talk about Masters today.

I have collected reasons to do Masters from across Social Media. Going to burst some myths in the video.

As usual QnA at the end. https://youtu.be/JbGjZk_EQpg
Good morning,

I have just sent the latest issue of my newsletter. Answering the most asked question: "What's the one advice you would give all the budding programmers?"

The answer should be in your inbox. If you have not subscribed it yet, you can read here: https://tanaypratap.substack.com