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If these were scenes in Russia, China, Iran or any Arab country, Western media would be calling the protesters heroes, and damning the government for mass arrests and brutal crackdowns, while calling for regime change.

Since these scenes take place in the headquarters of the empire, the compliant journalists in NATO countries dare not make the assessment that the US needs a regime change, despite the President arming and enabling a genocide, while the federal and state governments brutally repress America’s students.
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Syrian President Bashar Assad:
"As long as the situation remains unchanged and rights are not restored to Palestinians or Syrians, nothing will alter our stance even by a hair's breadth. Everything we can offer to Palestinians and any resistance against the Zionist entity, we will do without hesitation, and our position regarding resistance will only grow stronger."
Syria, an Arab country in the levant surrounded by Israel and Israel-controlled regimes from all sides.

Plus Al Qaeda, ISIS, SDF, US and other NATO forces illegally occupying parts of Syria to serve Israel.

Good news: Syria will prevail and all of the evil forces will extinct.
Syrian President Bashar Al Assad at the useless Arab summit in Manama, Bahrain standing next to the worse traitor among the Arab leaders the Qatari prince and some other US stooges can be identified in this picture.
They still didn't reach the site of the helicopter's crash.
Forwarded from CCHS Resistance News
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Netanyahu claims he is not concerned about travelling, after ICC prosecutor Karim Khan applied for a warrant to arrest him; he threatens Khan, claiming the ICC has become a pariah in the world.
One of the reasons why we resent the 'European Values' they insist on force-exporting to our societies...
The Palestinian Resistance continues, footage showing the sniping of 3 anti-Jewish Zionist war criminals in the north of Beit Hanoun in Gaza Strip. The Israelis are known for sniping Palestinian children and pregnant women for fun..
Forwarded from الوكالة العربية السورية للأنباء (SyrianArabNewsAgency)
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مشاهد من قنص #المقاومة_الفلسطينية ثلاثة جنود صهاينة بينهم ضابط شمال بيت حانون في #قطاع_غزة