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Made a shortlink for easy access to the Pop!_OS bite-sized bugs on the Pop!_Distro issue tracker:
Greetings Cyber Monday fans! Get an instant $30-$100 off of laptop and desktop base prices. Plus save even more with steep discounts on processor*, memory, and storage upgrades!
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Libre Application Summit just extended their deadline for speaker submissions through this weekend! They are looking for talks on a number of topics. This is a great opportunity for developers to help improve the linux app ecosystem. For more details see
Tenzen is headed for the coordinates Zoe brought back to Earth. Where do they lead? And this strange relic...Could it be their ticket to Thelio? Or some kind of space microwave? Play through the first chapter on Lakmi for answers: #Thelio #openhardware
New fun holiday video! Big sale on laptops, plus every laptop purchase helps fund an open source project. See the video and sales at
Hey folks! We're hiring! Want to join our team? We're currently looking for a Senior Back End Developer, Kernel Engineer, Full Stack Web Engineer/Web Team Manager, UX Architect -