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SwapSwop is a safe and legal cryptocurrency exchange platform. The anonymity of your coin or token exchange is ensured to the maximum extent possible.
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XMR is available again in both directions at swapswop.io, hooray!
Due to the update of the user support system to a newer one, we have missed some of the notifications about user requests. We will answer everyone shortly. We sincerely apologize.
New listing: NuCypher (NU)
New listing: MILF Token (MILF)
New listing: Akropolis (AKRO)
Today Harmony ONE is hosting SwapSwop on Reddit!

Join us on Wednesday, June 9th at 5AM PST / 8AM EST to post your questions and suggestions for the SwapSwop team.

The SwapSwop team will join to answer questions later in the day at 10PM PST / 1PM EST.

There will also be a ONE giveaway ;)

Full info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/harmony_one/comments/nveye1/tomorrow_swapswop_ama_new_exchange_supporting/
Everything is totally fine! Everything is fine! Our Twitter has been temporarily or permanently suspended for TOS violations. We hope for a speedy resolution to this misunderstanding.
New listing: Aergo (AERGO)
In 30 minutes, ONE exchanges will not be available while the liquidity provider performs software updates. We will inform you when ONE is available again.

P.S.: with love, your friendly SwapSwop team <3
Hi. Today from 06:00 to 07:00 am UTC, the site is scheduled to be updated. During the update all components of the platform will work as usual.
SwapSwop Announcements
Hi. Today from 06:00 to 07:00 am UTC, the site is scheduled to be updated. During the update all components of the platform will work as usual.
Hello to all.
Now every 2-3 weeks I will tell about SwapSwop platform updates:
1. Now users can specify Extra ID¹ data when creating an exchange;
2. Updated footer UI;
3. The move to the new user support system is over. Requests from users that were created in the previous user support system will be processed by August 31, 2021;
4. We launched the closed testing of the affiliate program. If you are interested in becoming a SwapSwop affiliate, email us at partnership@swapswop.io;
5. Minor CEO improvements.

¹ — Blockchains that support Extra ID field: Binance Coin (Mainnet), Ripple, Internet Computer, Stellar, Terra, EOS, Cosmos, Hedera Hashgraph, NEM, Internet of Services, WAX, Band (Mainnet), Ardor, Steem, Travala.com, Secret;

At the moment, the processing of exchanges at the moment is happening with a noticeable delay.

The development team is fixing the problem.

Users/clients affected by this problem, please write to support via the form on the site or e-mail support@swapswop.io
Today (October 27, 2021) starting at 7:00 AM (UTC) CHILLZ , KLAY , FTMMAINNET , BNBMAINNET , FET , FTM , GO , TOMO , WTC , ETC , ETH , THETA , TRX , VET , BNBBSC will be unavailable due to maintenance by one of our liquidity providers.

We will also notify you as soon as the maintenance is completed.
Emails at swapswop.io will be unavailable for 2 hours. Address support@swapswop.io also does not work.
If you have problems with the exchange, then use the form on the site (Bottom right corner of the screen)
We raffle off 25 $XNO because we love #NANO coin and want to please its users.

To participate you must:
1. Like and retweet this tweet
2. Follow @swapswopio
3. Subscribe to the YouTube channel

P.S. Random winners will be chosen on October 16
We fixed the site.

If something is not working for you, please write here or mail henlo@swapswop.io