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May the Universe be with you...
Last text is almost finished.
Now it’s finished!👾
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Recording beta-version of vocals for Sci-Fi metal opera.
Rehearsal Pandorum time.
Demo tracking in progress...
Who is this human? Hero or enemy? Soon we will tell about storyline of our new album.
White alien marks from the frozen Europa.
Onboard computer HAL350 reporting:

The broadcast as of 06.03.2021 has been successfully archived. Available now to all representatives of the Earthen race for viewing.
We continue the creation of sketches for characters from the upcoming album.
«...Once upon a time, Zeus kidnapped Europa. Centuries later, the disciples of an ox-named alien cult from the constellation of Taurus, which represents Zeus himself, were compelled to restore the order in the Universe by escorting the refugees from the Earth to the icy satellite of Jupiter, which is, by an amazing coincidence, named after Europa. The administration of the process was entrusted to the grey race of Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru, which is, according to the competent opinion of some highly respected scientists, identified as Jupiter (also known as the Planetary Protector… but well, this is a different story). Taking into account that the ancient Roman Jupiter is equivalent to the commensurately ancient, but in every sense Greek Zeus, we come to a conclusion, that the responsibility for everything rests with oxen and other beastards...»
Earth scientists can’t catch signals from extraterrestrial intelligence because of Wi-Fi. 👾
50% of textes for Sci-Fi metal opera are edited and fixed.