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I swear I'm normal
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Don’t you love it when you do your washing, and your washing machine rewards you with a feee laptop hinge?

All the eggs are lootcrates
Hey all, some important news, I'll try to keep it short.

I'm moving back to sioux falls, south dakota.

I've been in reno nevada for 5 years or so, and although I've made a lot of friends, living there is not sustainable for someone like me. I've been struggling to hold a job since covid hit, and the amount of house you can get for working full time at 14-18$/hr is a small single bedroom condo with no place to really work on projects or charge my electric car.

I've currently got a job lined up, if they hire me, I'll be staying in reno for a while to build up some income first to make the move easier, if I don't get hired, then I'll be packing up and heading out as soon as possible.

I really really don't want to leave my friends there, but I'm just not happy with my current place and can't move into anything bigger in reno. The housing market is completely ruined there.

I should be able to handle whatever's coming up, but if I don't get this job, funds will be very limited. Stuff will need to be sold, including likely my 94 mustang GT.

I'll post updates here just to let everyone know what's going on, feel free to send me PMs if you want to chat about it. I may be slow to respond however.

The vintage computer nerds among you all will enjoy this immensely
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Toaster car!!
Bit of an update on my situation

I've now got a confirmed new house where I'm moving.

However, my moving date is going to be earlier than anticipated. We're now looking at EARLY MAY instead of JUNE.

I've got a lot of shit to do between now and then, and finances are extremely tight right now.
Cleaning a vega 64

Dust stuck to the +12v rail, but not the ground rail

Damn, my bitcoin wallet is up to 400$ now, and the 300$ of dogecoin I bought a while ago is now like 800$