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The Deep State Wants Your Finances.

Don't Let Them Win!

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Chinese Balloon FALSE FLAG!

What Are They Hiding? Media Pushes Narrative About Montana Balloon.

The Chinese balloon story doesn’t make any sense and the media is lying.

Edward Szall joins Stew to confirm the balloon story is being used as a distraction.

China is a convenient “boogie man” when in reality our own government is trying to kill us.
SHOCKING Admission from Pfizer Exec!

Pharma’s New Drug MUTATING Covid, Women’s Reproduction at Risk!

Dr. Paul Alexander details Big Pharma’s new drug and how it’s causing the Covid virus to mutate.

Young middle-aged people continue to die from the vaccine.

The public knows something is wrong and they are waking up to the truth that the vaccines are bioweapons.

This is a MASS DEPOPULATION event.
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We know the Death Jab is wrecking healthy immune systems.

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Bioweapon Criminals MUST Stand Trial: Plans to Form Citizen Grand Jury Move Forward!

Nuremburg 2.0 must commence!

Covid criminals must be brought to justice and answer for their crimes!

Vira Brooks is here to talk about assembling a citizen grand jury to hold government officials accountable.

Sheriffs, judges, and attorneys who are not afraid of the backlash they will receive are needed to get the trials started.

Hospitals who pushed Remdesivir and killed the patients who trusted them must be held accountable.
INSANITY: Moderna Tests mRNA Heart Injections!

Evil Pharma Plots to Profit from Clot Shot Victims.

Stanford Graham reveals the new drug Moderna is testing is linked to a 2015 study that shows it causes myocarditis.

Big Pharma companies have made enormous profits from the clot shots.

In order to keep their stock prices high they need new mRNA shots to keep the money pouring in!
Israel already hands China all of our Top Secret DOD intelligence, via Tel Aviv.

China doesn't need to send fake balloons to spy over U.S. soil.
If Ric Grenell wanted to avoid meaningless wars as much as he wants young male play toys, we might have world peace.
Fact: gay men rape more kids than any other demographic.
Fact: God blew up two whole cities over that gay depravity.
Fact: God doesn’t like homos.

Edit: homosexuality
Bill Kristol and his warmongering tribe of Trotskyite NeoCons want to take over Russia.

It's their homeland, after all.
Grammys - all about faggotry.

It’s DEEEE-sgusting.

They’re trying to take your kids and have their way with them.

These awards are a sham.

Groomers stroking groomers.

Scramble the F-22’s

China sent another balloon!
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Pollsters predict Nuremberg 2.0 as 2023 Top Hangout Spot.
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Guess who this Satanic performance at the Grammy's was brought to you by:

Pfizer. Who else?
BREAKING: Grammy Awards erupts in chaos after large explosion leaves Harry Styles in Beyonce’s halter top.
The mRNA BioWeapon is working EXACTLY as they intended.

More than ONE MILLION excess deaths in nations targeted by Pfizer.

And still counting.