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β€‹β€‹πŸ”– Pro tip: how many times should I have bloodwork done when cycling?

We all know that most common steroid cycles last 8-12 weeks. But how many times should I have bloodwork done when cycling?

Answer is simple: Usually 3️⃣…

πŸ”Ž 1st - Should be done before your cycle starts. We do it to assess a baseline of what our hormone and general health markers normally look like so we can compare later on.

βœ… 2nd – 3 to 4 weeks into your cycle. This bloodwork will show you if your testosterone is legit, assuming you use it as base. Also, it will help you adjust your AI dosage and prevent estradiol related sides. You may also compare health markers like lipids, liver and kidney function with your baseline numbers.

❕3rd – Around 2 months after your PCT is finished. This should be compared with your first bloodwork. Your HPTA related tests, like FSH, LH and total testosterone will help you understand if you have fully recovered your natural production. Just like you can compare your health markers with your baseline and have a better understanding of how the cycle affected your health.

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🩸Bloodwork: What to look for

We keep emphasizing the bloodwork theme as utterly important step in a cycle especially among beginners. Here is the 1st part of the complete article of what to look for and how to approach the bloodwork topic.


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​​❓❔Query: Having a kid while on TRT or after steroid usage

Many people for different reasons wants to have children, and either because they are on TRT or have used steroids in the past they are afraid of being sterile, this is a scientifically based answer as to whether they can have children or not.

❕Keep in mind that everything has to be done under the supervision of healthcare professionals and that this is only a review of the medical literature applied in various clinical trials.

🌐 One of the most common side effects of steroid use is sterility, this is due to the loss of spermatogenesis, βœ… the good thing is that there are a large number of clinical studies on the subject and with very high effectiveness rates.

❕Spermatogenesis and its restoration depends on two factors:

βœ”οΈ The stimulation of Sertoli cells by FSH for which they will use HMG (Menotropin).
βœ”οΈ And that to assure thay intratesticular testosterone is in range, which will be achieved through the use of HCG.

πŸ—ƒ There have been many studies on this, with different treatment protocols.
βœ…Here is the one used in adults who have cycled steroids in the past or are currently on TRT. If someone wanst to recover or maintain spermatogenesis during / after a cycle of anabolic steroids or use of exogenous testosterone (TRT for example):

To keep it: 500IU every other day of HCG
To restore it: 1000-3000IU of HCG 3 times a week combined with 75-150IU 3 times a week of recombinant FSH.

πŸ’‘Duration will have to be based on a semen quality analysis (This is a specific type of analysis that a doctor will have to perform, but on your own you can perform an analysis that counts the number of sperm that can be bought in a pharmacy, this does not indicate the quality of the sperm, only that the number of sperm is adequate).Also if you are using a SERM or AI, you will have to resort to a bit different dosages.

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β€‹β€‹πŸ”– Pro tip: The least harmful steroids for hair loss

Like all treatments, taking steroids affects everyone differently. A treatment that causes hair loss in one person may not affect another. It is already known that steroids like trenbolone, anadrol and dianabol can be responsible for hair loss.
Let’s take a look at some of the least harmful of them:

πŸ’« Nandrolone:

Nandrolone is harmless to the hair. Instead of converting it to DHT, 5-alpha reductase converts it to dehydrin. It is for this reason that you should not take Finasteride treatment, it will cause more hair loss than if you do not take anything. In addition, coupled with Deca Durobolin, it is often advisable to take a product based on testosterone, which will have a negative effect on your hair.

πŸ’« Turinabol:

Turinabol has an androgenic ratio of 0, which means that it theoretically won't cause you hair loss.
However, if taken in a high dose it can potentially have negative effects on the hair. Turinabol, however, remains the product causing the least amount of hair loss.

πŸ’« Anavar or oxandrolone:

Anavar is one of the less androgenic steroids, in fact it has an anabolic / androgenic ration of 322-640: 24. However, if taken in doses greater than 100mg, it can cause hair loss.
If you are worried about hair loss, there have been promising results with Minoxidil.

Learn more in our comprehensive free E-book: Hair Loss guide.

#Protip #Harmprevention #Health #Sideeffects
πŸ”– Crashed Gear – Why it happens and what to do

For those unfamiliar with the subject, let’s start from the beginning: what is crashed gear? It’s simply the term used for when the hormone becomes unsolubilized within the solution and they become separated, usually forming crystals and giving the vial a waxy, sometimes white, sometimes gluey-looking appearance. So, let’s go over some of the reasons as to why gear crashing may happen and how to deal with it...


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πŸ”Ž Did you know that: We have a private chat!

Once in a while we open our private chat room to let loyal members of the channel to join and start sharing their experience or ask questions. We do it sporadically to keep the chat uncluttered and away from spammers, scammers and bystanders. Please respect the rules, respect the others and you will be welcomed by the community!

βœ”οΈ The first English speaking AAS chat in Telegram!

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βœ”οΈ You can check your blood-work, cycles or discuss any substances you want.

βœ”οΈ Bonuses and prizes for the most active and helpful members.

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β€‹β€‹πŸ’‘Pro Tip: Lazy meal planner

🍽 We all know the importance of meal planning in bodybuilding and training in general. However most are lazy enough to skip this part. Here is the lazy meal planner aimed to ease the daunting task. The right proportions for each meal, no calcs:

For each meal, choose a protein food from the following:

βœ”οΈ2 eggs plus 6 egg whites
βœ”οΈCan of tuna
βœ”οΈ140 g of chicken breast
βœ”οΈ140 g of fish or lean beef
βœ”οΈ100 g of cottage cheese
βœ”οΈ50g protein powder
πŸ“ƒNumbers to help you: A 75 kg person should aim for 30-35 g of protein per meal, or 165 g for the day.

🍚 Carbohydrates:
For each meal, choose 2-3 foods from the following:

βœ”οΈ2 slices of bread
βœ”οΈ1 medium bowl of oatmeal
βœ”οΈ100 g of rice
βœ”οΈ1 medium potato or sweet potato
βœ”οΈ1 medium bun
βœ”οΈ100 g of corn
βœ”οΈ36 cl of orange juice
βœ”οΈ1/2 liter of milk

πŸ₯¦πŸ₯¬πŸ₯’ Eat as much vegetables as possible. It will help to digest everything above and fulfill you with vitamins and important nutrients.

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πŸ”– Bloodwork – A closer look at HPTA results

We continue with the series, dedicated to one of the most important topics in AAS - Bloodwork. 🌑
The Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, or HPTA, is probably the most important parameters a person should look for after a cycle, as it takes the heaviest toll after any steroid usage. Many different strategies and approaches can be taken to make sure your HPTA bounces back to normal when you’re off gear, but the most assertive and effective choices will be made with bloodwork results on hand. Here’s what a good HPTA panel should contain:


#Article #Protip #Harmprevention #Health #AAS
Steroidify pinned Β«β€‹β€‹πŸŽ„Merry Christmas! ❀️ From the whole team we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Stay healthy, gain more and pin smart! 🎁 As a special present we give 40% OFF for our international warehouse 2 with pharmacy-grade (FDA approved) brands like…»
​​❓❔Query: I have taken steroids for 6 months. Which homeopathic medicines can be used to remove the side effects?

❕Homeopathy does not serve or has any use, if your side effects are at the hormonal level you will need to do a post cycle therapy.

❌ 🍸If the side effects are at the hepatic level avoid the consumption of alcohol and medications and your body will heal the liver by itself, although if you want to speed up the process use TUDCA.

🐠If there are cholesterol problems consume Omega 3, Krill Oil and Red Yeast Rice for its monocoline content.

❗️If the side effects have been kidney related, kidney function cannot be repaired, only you can prevent or slow future damage that may be caused, for example using astragalus or reducing the blood pressure.

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πŸ”– Basal Metabolic Rate – How to estimate and how to use it

πŸ”₯Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR for short, is the term used for the rate of energy expenditure per unit time by endothermic animals (including humans) at rest. In practical terms, metabolism consists of the processes that the body needs to function, such as breathing, blood circulation, controlling body temperature, cell growth, nerve and brain function, and contraction of muscles. BMR affects the rate that a person burns calories and ultimately whether that individual maintains, gains or loses weight.


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β€‹β€‹πŸ”– Pro tip: EOD aka "Every Other Day" administration of HGH

❗️Everyday injections drastically lower the body's sensitivity to its own endogenous GH pulses.

πŸ“£ In one of the clinical studies, the dose was doubled on an every-other-day (EOD) schedule, resulting in the same total dose per week between the two subgroups. Desensitization occurred in response to everyday dosing, unlike with the EOD protocol.

⏱ GH itself has a short half-life when injected IVβ€”the optimal route of administrationβ€”but injecting it IM or subQ leads to slow, sustained release and elevation above baseline levels for 12–24 hours, which is the same as continual administration from the perspective of your receptors. This leads to dramatic target tissue desensitization that persists for well over a year.πŸ”₯

πŸ’‘For enhanced benefits, HGH administration for bodybuilding, muscle growth, fat burning, and antiaging purposes should adhere to every-other-day dosing to maximize results and prevent tolerance in target tissue receptors. EOD dosing for reduced toleranceβ€”maintaining heightened sensitivity to both exogenous HGH and the body's own endogenous productionβ€”has been shown to yield far better long-term results than everyday administration.

❕ EOD administration maintains heightened sensitivity to both exogenous hGH and the body's own endogenous production compared to the everyday injections while the week dosage remained the same.

βœ… Practically the double dosage of HGH should be taken within one day with a span of around 8 hours. Example in the morning and evening and next day should be passed. This administration prevents tolerance in GH receptors and maximize long term results.
Please note that the week dosage remains the same.

#Protip #Harmprevention #Health #Protocol
β€‹β€‹πŸ”Ž Under the scope: Ligandrol (LCG 4033)

Ligandrol is an oral nonsteroidal compound that can stimulate muscle growth while having minor side effects compared to steroids, thus making it interesting for people that don’t want to use steroids or don’t want to deal with as many sides.

Ligandrol is a selective androgen receptor modulator, or SARM, that unlike steroids, can target specific tissues of the body (muscles and bones), promoting significant lean muscle mass enhancement and an improvement in bone density, all while preventing estrogen conversion due to its non-aromatic composition.

❕Can be stacked with other SARMs for improved efficiency both for cutting (Ligandrol + Nutrobal + Cardarine) and bulking (Ligandrol + Cardarine + Osterine) πŸ”.
❕Helps with cardiovascular conditioning πŸƒπŸ».
❕Assists the burning of stubborn fats πŸ”₯.
❕Has minimal side effects when compared to steroids .
❕Doesn’t aromatize, so no AIs needed during the cycle.

❗️Banned by WADA and FDA (will get caught in anti-doping) πŸ“‰.
❗️May cause a bad lipid profile and affect the liver (if taken in high doses) πŸ₯¦.
❗️May suppress natural testosterone production (if taken in high doses).

#Underthescope #Bodybuilding #Testosterone