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Международная инициатива по продвижению научных связей между женщинами-учеными в области исследований Центральной Евразии, в частности, в области истории, археологии, антропологии, палеоэкологии, археогенетики и других смежных наук
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Deadline 31 March - some funding available
Post Doc opportunity for researcher from Kyrgyzstan
Теперь у нас есть канал на YouTube!
We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for our new small grant program! As part of our Humboldt grant, we are having a round of small grants for our members that can be used for direct research expenses (radiocarbon dating, fieldwork), open access fees for publications in open access journals, and conference attendance or support for continuing education.

Applications are accepted from June 15-July 30. We will let the applicants know the outcomes by the end of August and if you receive a grant, you will need to spend it by June 2024. Our restrictions? You must be a Steppe Sister, and be happy for us to share your photo, name and project here on our website and across social media. You can apply and read more about the program here:
UPDATE: After feedback from a number of people, we have decided to institute a rolling decision policy! This means that applicants will hear the outcomes of their submissions much earlier, and will enable them to plan for the current field season and access travel for the new academic year. It will work like this:
Applications received from June 15 - July 1 will be evaluated and decisions sent out by July 15
Applications received from July 1 - July 15 will be evaluated and decisions sent out by August 1
Applications received from July 15- July 30 will be evaluated and decisions sent out by August 15
We are launching our 1st Steppe Sisters blog post/video contest! The deadline is 30 September 2023 and the winner receives 200$. The winner will be publicly announced during our Annual Meeting on 21 October! Info here:
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Register to attend online at:
Opportunities for MA, PhD and PostDoc
We have decided to extend the deadline to OCTOBER 14th ! Please share widely !
Happy International Women's Day ! We want equal rights, not (only) flowers 💪 Check out our new winter newsletter to find out what we have been up to:… If you haven't signed up yet, you can subscribe here 💌
Dear Steppe Sisters! We have created a WhatsApp group that everyone, especially students, can use to ask questions or send suggestions. Please join via: