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StarTerrans Across the Galaxies!

Day 3 of the Battle of $LUART is here… Factions are still ferociously fighting for Social Power Points!

It’s not too late to turn the tide in the IDO campaign for Luart, as today's topic will last for 2 days!

Topic: Design an NFT

Help design an NFT that @luart_io will feature & Auction off on their platform!

You must tag your faction: #Lunatics, #Degens, or #Interstellars

As well as;


3 Winners will be chosen daily by Luart!

Read all about the competition here:

If you haven’t already, Join us in the IDO battle of this New Year less than 2 days left! 👇

We will announce the winners for Day 2’s Social Power Contest ‘Slogans/Catchphrases’ on tomorrows Twitter Spaces Featuring Luart & Friends!
StarTerrans and future Luart Astronauts!

The 4th and final day of the New Year's $LUART battle for #IDO has come…

With yesterday’s @luart_io contest still ongoing, today’s battle is going to be run simultaneously!

Today’s Topic: Tweet about which NFT project on Terra will be big and why

Tag your faction: #Lunatics, #Degens, or #Interstellars

As well as;


3 Winners will be chosen along w/ 3 for ongoing NFT design!

We will announce the winners from Day 2 of the Social Power Contest today on Twitter Spaces at 19:30UTC

If you haven’t already, Join us in the IDO battle of this New Year with less than a day left
StarTerrans and Future Luart Astronauts,

Though the results of the @luart_io IDO were published on medium, it looks like the announcement wasn’t🥴

The hype for $LUART was soo great that it shattered our first day participation numbers, and almost broke the overall record!

With the introduction of the #luart Social Power Competition on Twitter, many future astronauts came out in full force!

Amazing entries but unfortunately winners had to be chosen as part of the fight for the 15% Gamified pool!

🥇 Interstellars
🥈 Degens
🥉 Lunatics

For a full breakdown of the results check out the Medium

We will be also breaking down the competition live on StarTerra TV later today at 21 UTC!

Join us:

Our CMO, David live on StraTerra TV now!👇

Let's wrap up this week with today's show🎥
You don't want to miss it! 🤩

Have you seen this incredible RoboHero game trailer on Twitter? 🤩

Soo good we felt we must announce that their #IGO on StarTerra starts this WEEK!!

Check it out the trailer here👇

This is RoboHero is much more than a P2E Game, where they introduce a #Watch2Earn Feature where you need not even invest to earn!

Registration starts this Thursday January 13th at 13UTC!

Prepare yourselves for battle by checking out our article regarding the #RoboHero and the StarTerra in more details here 👇

Terra Extension has gone through an update!
Thus, if you are facing some challenges with using our platform, there's no need to worry as we're in the process of upgrading.
In a few hours everything will be back on track
Attention StarTerrans,

Only 24 hours left to the incredible @RoboHero_io #IGO!

As the #LUNAtics you are, with RoboHero you’ll be able to earn some $LUNA through straight brute force!

Also, check out their AMAZING trailer

Make sure you know what you must do in order to win the @RoboHero_io #IGO starting in just 24 hours!

Have a look at your oncoming mission through our RoboHero IGO article

If you like what you see, don’t forget to subscribe to our #StarTerraTV youtube channel!

We’re going Live with all the updates…ALLLL of the happenings in the Terra ecosystem at 20utc

On StarTerra Tv we feature exclusive interviews & updates as well as a plethora of live and recorded content every Wednesday + scheduled programming!

Take a look for yourself through the link:

It’s show time! 🤩🍿

Are you curious about the newest updates? 🤤
Join our CMO, David on StarTerra TV live now! 👇
Attention All StarTerrans!

Due to the TFL update of the Terra Blockchain yesterday, we must migrate all LP tokens to Astroport before the RoboHero #IGO

If we start the IGO today, players would have to pay in $LUNA therefore we’re postponing it 1 day to update contracts for $UST

By postponing till tomorrow, we save players a minimum of 6x on fee’s considering current $LUNA price.

The RoboHero #IGO will start tomorrow at 13UTC so that you, the player, can spend $UST to participate, rather than the precious $LUNA gem!

We love our $LUNA

If you haven’t already migrated to Astroport, you will be shown a pop-up when registering tomorrow, that when accepted will move all your LP’s

There will be a small fee associated with your migration to be paid in $UST

*This does not apply to Single Asset Stakers*

Those that do not migrate, will NOT be able to participate in the RoboHero IGO or future fundraising events, nor earn rewards.

This was voted on by players as part of $STT governance.

By migrating you will receive rewards both in $STT as well as $ASTRO! 🚀

We Apologize for any Inconvenience this delay may have caused.

To the Hero’s of RoboHero and Beyond!
Beep Beep🚀

Get your afterburners fired up, put the kettle on and strap yourself in🤯

@RoboHero_io #IGO Mission has begun!

Now we’re moving at lightspeed… your opportunity will only last till the 20th!

Don’t get left behind in the dust, join now👇

Quick reminder also that If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to migrate your LP over to @astroport_fi

By doing so you'll receive dual rewards in $STT and $ASTRO as well as be able to partake in future IDOs

The battle has begun $ROBO #IGO is heating up fast. 🦾🪖

🚨 You can participate only till the 20th of January!

Get your position locked in now!🔓

🎙Have any questions and wanna know more? We have a Twitter Spaces AMA Today at 20:00 UTC - January 15th

Set your alarm and join us with @robohero_io and let's see what Alpha they reveal! 👀

Tune in as our AMA with RoboHero is Now Live! 🤩

Want to know more?
Listen and ask questions during the Twitter Spaces!👇

What will be revealed? Let's find out. 👀

How’s your Sunday going?

The mission intensifies as you're proving yourselves with the number of Players, 4105 strong, in the @RoboHero #IGO!🤩

With prefunds of over 6,250,000 $UST, the battle is intensifying!

Tomorrow we introduce the social power metrics for this IGO, and with the battle raging on, it’s high time to get involved!

If you haven't registered do so now, as you only have time till Jan. 20th

So get your thrusters on!👇

As this week comes to a close, we thought to give you guys an overview of what January has had to offer so far🤑

Take a look at our medium article highlighting key events of the first weeks of the year 👀
Beep Beep 🚀

The Social Power contest for @RoboHero_io has launched!🤖

Your first mission📡 is to create a @RoboHero_io meme then tweet and tag with your faction as well as #RoboHeroSTT @RoboHero_io @StarTerra_io!

Your next task along with 3 winners will be announced tomorrow

With the clock ticking down, learn what you have to do in order to be prepared for tomorrow's challenge!

Take a look at our medium article for more👇

We also have an AMA session tomorrow on Telegram at 19:00 UTC, so be ready to ask us some questions for tomorrow 👀
Beep Beep 🚀

Day 2 of your 2 day galactic transmission is here! 📡

Today’s challenge is to design the best @Robohero_io robot look 🤖

If you’ve won yesterday's mission🤩, you will have been informed via tweet, so make sure to check if you have!

Remember to check back in 24hrs for the final set of winners🤫

We have a Telegram AMA upcoming today at 19:00 UTC, so join up, and ask us some questions! 🤓

We also have a FURTHER StarTerra TV live tomorrow at 19.00 UTC also taking place! 👇

Be there or be square, don’t miss out on the updates!
Attention StarTerrans!🚀

We have one extra day of battling over the creative contest!

Today’s challenge is to draw your ideal @RoboHero_io robot

There’s only 24 hours left before the closure of the @RoboHero_io #IGO, so get your entries in now!

But that doesn’t mean it’s over soldier👀, there’s still time to get in the IDO!

Get yourself in before it’s too late 👇

That’s not it for today however!

We’re proudly hosting our StarTerra 📡live show today at 19:00 UTC!

Happening on StarTerra TV📺, visit below to watch

The show has begun! 🤩🍿
Tune in for the latest news and updates! 🤤

Join our CMO David on StarTerra TV live now! 🎥👇
StarTerrans! 🚀

Despite the slight delay, we’re announcing our Luart IDO Social Contest winners! 👀

With lots of excellent entries, we’re finally bringing the best of the best Social Contest winners to their deserved spot on the StarTerra spotlight 🥳

Have a look at the best entries submitted by yourselves over at our medium article below;
Beep Beep🚀

We’ve received intel that there's a new partnership on our horizon with @ProteusFinance

Soon you'll be able to have your very own Proteus debit card😱

Jaw dropped? Same here! Read all about the latest advancement here👀