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What Can Be Tokenized?

Asset tokenization establishes the technology basis for a new category of crypto financial products. It is changing the traditional concept of ownership itself.

Private Equity Shares
Real Estate
Physical Goods
Intellectual Property
What is SRS token?

SRS is the utility token at the heart of the SREAL Platform. Token holders will experience benefits across the entire platform and are expected to obtain benefits from future projects, products, and services, whether or not detailed within our Whitepaper:

Tokens can be spent on the platform, providing immediate benefit to active users through discounted or free access to premium features.

Staking Benefits
Staking provides users with benefits for holding tokens, such as discounted fees, and bonus rewards. This brings tokens temporarily out of circulation, creating an artificial decrease in supply.
💡What are benefits of Asset Tokenization?

Without a doubt, the possibility of reducing entry barriers, and breaking a real-world asset in as many parts as needed which take the form of tokens which can be acquired by anyone, anywhere, and at any time, is the most disrupting benefit. Nonetheless, it is not the only advantage, so let us recapitulate and further explain how asset tokenization is a game changer:
💥What is SReal OTC Desk? 💥

📜With the rollout of comprehensive OTC capabilities, SReal will act as an execution partner, offering spot trading, credit capabilities and a margin trading product.

📜Dedicated traders on SReal’s OTC desk will be located in the U.S. and Asia, providing global, 24/7 support to institutions active in digital asset markets.

📜The desk will support large-cap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, as well as other coins based on demand and all the Tokenized Assets available on SReal’s platform.
💡SReal Global Digital Markets 💡

💡SReal bridges the gap between digital asset markets and traditional financial institutions and their need for backwards compatibility to the world of traditional securities: executing, margining, shorting, and reporting. Whether you’re a market maker, an investment fund, or a crypto business, SReal can provide bespoke loans of cryptocurrency, stablecoins, or USD for your institution.
💡SReal Secondary Market 💡

💡Since investors will be acquiring tokens representing a proportional part of a given asset, they can interact with these tokens by acquiring more from other token owners or selling them to third parties. We are using ERC20 tokens which allow the investors to withdraw their tokens from the platform, and store them in their personal wallets, or use them to interact in other platforms or markets. Our goal is to provide endless possibilities to our investors.
💡All you need to know about SReal Escrow

As you know, investor protection is a paramount priority at SReal. To protect each investor’s capital, your money will be deposited in an Escrow Account.

An Escrow is an instrument whereby investors’ money will be held by an independent third party that will keep the capital safe until a transaction is completed. In other words, your capital will never be deposited in SReal’s accounts. As we previously explained, SReal does not have access to any of the deposited capital in the platform and is held by a regulated entity which is authorized to handle electronic payments. This same entity is the one providing the escrow account.

The Escrow accounts will receive and hold safe all investors’ capital until the target capital raise has been met and the target asset’s due diligence has been completed. If both criteria are met, then the money is released to the corresponding asset owner, and the investors receive their corresponding tokens.
Fees to SReal

SReal believes in full alignment of interests between parties. Therefore, to ensure that each investor’s interests are completely aligned with SReal’s own interests, SReal will effectively be the asset manager and charge an annual fee in the form of percentage over the asset’s revenues.

This way, it is in SReal’s interest to maximize the asset’s revenues, which at the same time maximizes distributions to investors. As revenues are maximized, profits will most likely be highest as well, hence generating higher free cash flows that can then be distributed to each token owner. Furthermore, assets that generate higher free cash flows also are more valuable to potential buyers and would result in an increase in the asset’s Enterprise Value. A higher Enterprise Value will increase the asset’s sale price in the case of an exit, hence also increasing a potential capital gain to investors.
Tokenization Assets Exchange

SReal is the leading investment platform in tokenized assets. Through our platform, you would be able to invest in an array of different assets classes with different risk and return profiles that meet your investment appetite.

You can invest in real estate such as residential, industrial, or commercial property; invest in famous paintings from well-known artists; or even invest in infrastructure projects like renewable energy assets. New markets from all over the world are opening before your eyes.
SREAL is built to enhance the assets digitalized as to bring the true values to the owners.

We give the values to the communities where people can find the extraordinary benefits and trustful services.
How does SReal OTC Desk work?

• SReal can facilitate OTC requests for an indication, a market order, or time-weighted average price (TWAP). All orders, once confirmed, are immediate-or-cancel.
• OTC requests sent through chat (Telegram, Slack, Symphony, etc.) and soon to come, the API.
• A Term sheet is issued.
• Fiat or crypto can be sent to SReal via networks such as SEN or Signet, and crypto on Fireblocks.
• SReal will then send the purchased crypto to the client’s address. Delayed settlement is available pending credit review.
Token SRS Allocation

SparklesThe SRS token is a standard TRC-20 token secured by the Tron blockchain. 1,000,000,000 SRS tokens will be minted at the Token Generation Event, after which no new tokens will be created.

Access for more details.
💰💰💰Opening new markets through asset tokenization 💰💰💰

💡​​In a nutshell, we have determined that SReal's goal is to open up new markets to the world through the tokenization of assets. Just as companies go through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) to gain liquidity and distribute dividends to their shareholders, the same can happen with assets. and instead of obtaining dividends, they derive corresponding benefits from the performance of assets.

💡In addition, and through the use of blockchain technology, we will bring efficiency to the market by providing process automation, transparency, traceability and a 24/7 operational platform, where owners and investors can interact with each other. Cryptocurrency should be about frictionless transactions and this has always been one of our building blocks.

🛣SReal with a roadmap for the long-term development 🛣

Our journey may have just begun, but our roadmap is to completely disrupt the financial sector. Asset tokenization is just the beginning, as many new models and possibilities can be built on top of it. SReal has a clear roadmap as to how it can successfully become the new era of investment, and it all begins by becoming a trust source for asset tokenization. In order to become in said trust source, it is important that we safeguard the end-to-end process of asset tokenization, from the digitization of the asset to the issuance of the corresponding tokens which are done through a Security Token Offering.
💡What will SReal solve? 💡

Tokenization of Asset is the mechanism by which you provide access to anyone by opening markets that seem unreachable.

The possibilities of tokenization are endless. Its biggest benefit is the possibility of tearing down entry barriers for retail investors, such as high tickets to invest.

💰SReal - Digital Bank Solution:
The four critical decisions of SReal technology selection:

- Blockchain / Token Definition – choose the blockchain on which to create the token, and decide which data and transfer restrictions to include in the token.
- Custody – determine a physical custody solution that can suitably store real estate tokens. Investors may also need a custody solution.
- KYC / AML Vendor – determine a KYC / AML vendor that can integrate with the primary issuance platform and the Tokenization security infrastructure.
- Primary / Secondary Marketplace – where do you want these Tokenization securities to be offered to investors for the primary issuance? And on which exchanges do you want them to trade? These decisions will ultimately determine the success of the capital raise and the ability for investors to access liquidity. An alternative option is to create your own marketplace, which many of our larger clients are opting to do utilizing SReal’s Exchange technology.
💡What will we solve ?

Tokenization of Asset is the mechanism by which you provide access to anyone by opening markets that seem unreachable.
The possibilities of tokenization are endless. Its biggest benefit is the possibility of tearing down entry barriers for retail investors, such as high tickets to invest.
How can SReal protect our investors?

It is of the utmost importance for SReal to become a source of trust, and therefore we have established a thorough process on what can be tokenized and how the asset tokenization must be performed. Please review the “Process of asset tokenization” section to further understand what SReal does to protect the investors.

Lastly, it is important to establish that we further protect the investor, by not having access to any of the money deposited in the platform. This money is held in a wallet created for each investor by our Point of Sale (POS) provider, which has an electronic money license to operate