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Look at today’s energy report (pinned at top)
Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
We are in the moment of peak evil. The moment of the AntiChrist. Everything in media is precisely the opposite of the Truth.
What a day. Even Lucy is pooped. 💚

I started the day with a longer than usual meditation.

I was reminded to love your enemies and love anyone who treats you poorly. They play a pivotal role right now in the awakening process.

Everyone has an important role.

Keep your vibration high. B/C when you are in your highest vibration you are also of most service.

Self mastery isn’t always easy and when your unsure about what to do…surrender completely to God.

Listen closely. The answers are there.

Big love…
Oct. 15th

The day reduces to 6 in a 6 Universal month for a double 6:6 code of activation.

Light up your day w/LOVE & COMPASSION. (Feel free to go back to the soul coaching call from October 4th for a refresher on this).

It’s these high vibrations from YOU (alchemizing it) that translate into ABUNDANCE in all ways (including financial flow).

This is a highly positive day (& you can thank your positive action for it).

To add to the amazing energy…
Sun trines Jupiter (the planet of expansion). The Sun shines (expands) Jupiter’s energetic influence.

Oh yes! It’s a good day to have a REALLY GOOD DAY!

When you take 100% responsibility for your life then NOTHING can stop you form being happy & ABUNDANT!!

The high vibe energy naturally supports your prosperity in all ways.

- Financial gains increase your net worth.

- Personal growth increases your self worth.

Abundance in all ways is how you make your life experience feel like MAGIC!

👆👆👆This is most painful especially when it comes from your family.

Now read below👇🏼
Remember you are here to alchemize or transmute dark to light.

Everyone is born with this innate ability.

You are a spiritual force.

Now is the time to own this part of yourself.


Dark energy (through your experiences) thrusted upon you by people or governments are not a life sentence.

Trust what you feel is right and follow that path (even if no one else is on that path with you).

It’s not easy (I’d never claim it is) but it is always worth it.

Light always wins.

It’s time to open your heart and mind with COURAGE.

You’re mind and energy have been manipulated for far too long.

Face the dark with absolute certainty and unshakable faith that LIGHT and LOVE is your part (your duty) to help humanity rise.

It’s no accident you were born at this Divine time in history.

Get to work… 💚

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Was anyone able to hear today’s livestream?
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I love strong personalities and I’ve been inspired by Kari Lake the moment she left MSM.

I knew there was a reason for her to leave a very successful career.

I reached out to her and she kindly and very thoughtfully responded back to me personally. Kari actually read one of my blogs and said I inspired her. 😍

Never underestimate what you can do. Never.

Follow your truth and stop appeasing others just to “get along”

Go do great things!
The world needs you. 🌎
💥💥💥 BOOM!
Curious... Are any of my California folks witnessing this???
Forwarded from Disclose.tv
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NEW - Cargo ships full of goods are stuck outside California harbors as far as the eye can see.