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Improving iOS Intangibles with Tactical
Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on UnsplashIn the days of lore and legend that precede my employment, Medium operated under the decentralized organizational philosophy of holocracy. Though leadership has long since shifted to a more hierarchical structure, vestiges of holocracy lurk in unexpected
Moderating Promotional Spam and Inappropriate Content in Photos at Scale at Yelp
The trust of our community of consumers and business owners is Yelp’s top priority. We take significant measures to maintain this trust through our state of the art review recommendation algorithms in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the content on our site. Albeit popular, review
[Docker Engineering]
Video: Docker Build – Working with Docker and VSCode
Tune in as host Peter McKee turns over the controls to Brandon Waterloo for a show-and-tell of how to work with Docker and Visual Studio Code VSCode. A senior software engineer at Microsoft, Waterloo is the lead developer of the Docker extension and works mainly on the Docker extension for
LyftLearn: ML Model Training Infrastructure built on Kubernetes
Authors: Vinay Kakade, Shiraz ZamanIntroductionIn a previous blog post, we discussed the architecture of Feature Service, which manages Machine Learning ML feature storage and access at Lyft. In this post, we’ll discuss the architecture of LyftLearn, a system built on Kubernetes, which manages
Running Border Gateway Protocol in large-scale data centers
What the research is: A first-of-its-kind study that details the scalable design, software implementation, and operations of Facebook’s data center routing design, based on Border Gateway Protocol BGP. BGP was originally designed to interconnect autonomous internet service providers ISPs on
Introducing Orbit, An Open Source Package for Time Series Inference and Forecasting
Orbit is a general interface for Bayesian time series modeling. The goal of Orbit development team is to create a tool that is easy to use, flexible, interitible, and high performing fast computation. Under the hood, Orbit uses the probabilistic
Achieving observability in async workflows
Written by Colby Callahan, Megha Manohara, and Mike Azar.Managing and operating asynchronous workflows can be difficult without the proper tools and architecture that puts observability, debugging, and tracing at the forefront.Imagine getting paged outside normal work hours — users are having
Six Years of Rust
Today marks Rust's sixth birthday since it went 1.0 in 2015. A lot has changed since then and especially over the past year, and Rust was no different. In 2020, there was no foundation yet, no const generics, and a lot organisations were still wondering whether Rust was production ready. In the
GitHub Artifact Exporter open source release
GitHub is the home for software development teams and is the place where they collaborate and build. For larger organizations, you might have a dedicated reporting team that wants to export this activity at a
A Product Story: The Lessons of Backstage and Spotify’s Autonomous Culture
TLDR; In episode 08 of our podcast series “Spotify: A Product Story”, we share stories and lessons from building and open sourcing Backstage, our homegrown developer portal. Hear why a developer-friendly, market-based platform like Backstage could only have been developed at Spotify where
Chaos Experimentation, an open-source framework built on top of Envoy Proxy
Services are bound to degrade. It’s a matter of if, not when. In a distributed system where there are many interdependent microservices, it is increasingly difficult to know what will happen when a service is unavailable, latency goes up, or when the success rate drops. Usually, companies find
The Architecture of Uber’s API gateway
API gateways are an integral part of microservices architecture in recent years. An API gateway provides a single point of entry for all our apps and provides an interface to access data, logic, or functionality from back-end microservices. It also
Maker to Manager — How We Support New Leaders
Maker to Manager — How We Support New LeadersIntroductionAt Skyscanner, we take the career aspirations of our teams seriously, which is why we have spent a ton of time building our two distinct engineering paths; individual contributor IC or manager. Advancing your career as an IC is seen as a
Peering automation at Facebook
Traffic on the internet travels across many different kinds of links. A fast and reliable way to exchange traffic between different networks and service providers is through peering. Initially, we managed peering via a time-intensive manual process. Reliable peering is essential for Facebook and
Building a faster web experience with the postTask scheduler
Building a Faster Web Experience with the postTask SchedulerWhen was the last time you opened a page on a website and tried to click on something multiple times for it to work? Or the last time you swiped on an image in a carousel and it stuttered and shifted around unnaturally?While this type of
Fraud Detection: Using Relational Graph Learning to Detect Collusion
As Uber grew in popularity and scale among legitimate customers, it also attracted the attention of financial criminals in the cyberspace. One type of fraudulent behavior is collusion, a cooperative fraud action among users. For example, users collude by taking
Role Management at Slack
Controlling which users are able to take which actions is no simple task. Building this into Slack has always been an interesting challenge. In large enterprise organizations, the standard types of roles we offered to customers were too broad, and delegating a generic admin role can grant someone