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NOTICE: The SNARS linked repeater system will be in use by ARES tomorrow from 0730-1600 for an event. Please give way to their traffic. Thank you.
It was reported on the noon net today that the 444.875 repeater on Lobdelle Peak is down. For clarification, the repeater itself is operational but not linked into the rest of the system. The link radio on the Mt. Rose end is down and will be fixed as soon as Mt. Rose is accessible.
The 146.670 repeater on Winnemucca Mtn has been restored to service. The new antenna cable was installed, eliminating the splice that had separated in the old cable. However, the link to Toulon is still down as a result of a link issue at Toulon. Efforts will be made to restore that link ASSP.
The 146.925 repeater and link radio on Toulon Peak, that covers Lovelock, has been replaced with the new Motorola SLR5700 radios, Replacing the old 1970’s vintage GE Mastr 2.
As a result of this change, users can now use tone squelch on their radios, the new repeater encodes and decodes PL tone 123.0. Coverage with the new repeater is very good and is linked into the rest of SNARS analog system.
Good morning. Mount Rose 147.150 is off the air for upgrade and maintenance. Will notify when completed.
Upgrades and maintenance are complete on Mt. Rose.
The Mount Rose repeater will be down for a couple of hours for maintenance.
Maintenance has been completed on Mt. Rose. The system should be back to normal.
The 444.875 Lobdelle Peak repeater will be offline effective immediately to facilitate installation of new equipment.
Notification will be made when it is back online.
The 444.875 Lobdelle Peak repeater got installed today and was functional for a short time. The new repeater is experiencing some kind of failure that resolves itself with a power cycle, but returns after a few minutes. Fortunately, we have another one available with which it can be swapped as soon as possible. The repeater will be offline until it can be changed out.
Good morning. There appears to be degraded receive performance on the 147.030 Virginia Peak repeater. Not sure yet what is causing the issue, but it does. It appear weather related. The antenna is likely not the issue since the signal from the repeater is unchanged.
Efforts will be made to resolve e the issue as soon as possible.
Sorry, that should have said “weather is not the issue!