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The link from Mt. Rose to Lobdelle Peak is now functioning again. It came back on its own, so at this time it is unknown why it stopped working. It is functioning normally at this time.
After some testing it was determined that the link radio at Mt. Rose that links to the 444.875 Lobdelle repeater, has a dead receiver. The link transmitter is also about 5kHz high in frequency; although, the signal is still legible coming through Lobdelle. This makes the link functional only one direction; someone talking through Lobdelle is not heard on the other repeaters in the system.
A trip to Mt. Rose is needed to fix the link receiver.
SNARS Davidson site is back online.
Ophir and Davidson have a power outage while they replace the blown-down power line up to both sites.
Power is out to the SNARS site on Lower Peavine. No SNARS repeaters are affected, but the CARLA system, NT7Q, KA7ZAU, and AC6I member repeaters are affected.
Ophir/Davidson power outage updated again. Now 9:30 PM
The link to Lobdelle has been shut off on Mt. Rose since it is believed to be the source of the noise tha has been coming through. The Lobdelle repeater is now stand alone.
Merry Christmas!!
The 147.030 repeater on Virginia Peak is down due to a site power related issue.
Estimated Power Restoration at Virginia Peak approximately by 9:30 this morning.
No word yet on Virginia Peak restoration. BUT Ophir and Davidson are back up!
SNARS 147.030 Virginia Peak repeater is back up.
SNARS Ophir, Davidson, and Rose DMR are off the air. Internet provider had a major router failure.
Mt. Rose DMR connectivity restored. With all luck, Mt. Davidson will be restored this weekend.