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$SKYWARD is officially listed on Ref finance (but the liquidity is fairly low). You should be able to claim already exchanged $SKYWARD from the sale and deposit to Ref. There you should be able to either swap or add liquidity. You can also buy $SKYWARD on Ref. There are 2 pools on Ref: $SKYWARD - $wNEAR and $SKYWARD for $nDAI.
Hey all.

We plan to filter out the main sale page and only display sales that have all tokens whitelisted by the REF finance contract. To see non-whitelisted sales, you'll have to explicitly opt into that. If you added a deposit in a non-whitelisted sale, you'll be able to withdraw this deposit from the Account page (once the change is live). A direct link to a sale will still work.

We hope this is a balance between decentralization and a good user experience.

To get the a token whitelisted by REF finance, please create a proposal at
By unifying the tokens whitelist between Ref Finance and Skyward Finance ecosystem we hope to achieve a smoother flow for the new projects launching on NEAR.
We've added TVL in USD to the Treasury page. The current estimated TVL is $6,706,439
Paras team will be available for AMA in Skyward Flight channel.
We're collecting questions in advance and will ask the best questions at start of the AMA. The rest of the AMA will be live.

Feel free to complete this form multiple times to ask more questions.

The AMA starts Monday, September 20, 1pm UTC.