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Here on my Telegram Channel, my vision is to share Wisdom that guides & empowers you in exploring your HEALH FREEDOM. Would LOVE for you to signup to our free Community Newsletter, and be a part of a global revolution.

This fed my soul this morning. Breathing my Biome. Infrared light awakening my pineal. Nature whispering the song of the day to my heart πŸ’œ
#lightrition #lightritionyourlife
Planet JUPITER has a special place within my heart. My Sun is in Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter... so we seem to really feel each other greatly ! This weekend JUPITER moves direct, and this represents a HUGE shift in the collective field. Check out my article full all the details.
Looking forward to this solution oriented movie Thrive II - This is what it takes. Global Live Stream 26/27 September 2020.

Watch the trailer here:
Loving my juice fast ahead of our upcoming Equinox. Now is the perfect time to declutter your home/office, eat a little lighter (or even do a water or juice fast), and begin journalling what you wish to embody in the next cycle.

Read my full blog post
Today we are graced with our NEW MOON in Virgo. Today's New Moon is a Moon of deep cleansing & healing. ⁠
Letting go of all the clutter in your life and creating a space and sacred rhythm that moves you back into harmony with nature. ⁠
You may find the desire to change your lifestyle, your work, relationships (to self/others) this New Moon, as you let go of the person you β€˜thought you should be’, and discover the LIGHT-n-Soul of who you really are.⁠
What a brilliant, intelligent & thoughtful article. Whilst I may not agree with everything, there is so much truth here that resonates deeply. Thank you Dr Malcolm Kendrick for your learned words.
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Would love for you to join me on my LIVE Zoom Transmission today, as we connect with the 13 Pleiadian Mothers & Lemurian Inner-Earth Keyholders. Today we dive deep into the Lemurian Star, and embrace Courage, Vulnerability & Kindness.

You choose your price to attend, everyone is welcome.
Can you feel it ? Today we flow into our Spring/Autumn Equinox.. The Equinox helps us to remember that we are part of a grander whole. When we let go of self-righteous need to choose a side and instead see ourselves as an integral part of something so much more beautiful, that’s the moment miracles are seeded. That is the moment that our flowers bloom.
Sharing my feelings of what the world needs more of in this moment...
Looking forward to tonights Full Moon rise... particularly later tonight as Mars in his sparkly redness will be close by the Moon.
There are so many astro transits to take us to the end of 2020, it kinda feels like the last 9 months have laid the foundations for the final 3!
Oct 2 – Aries Full Moon
Oct 17 – Libra New Moon
Nov 1 – Taurus Full Moon (Blue Moon in Northern Hemisphere)
Nov 13 – Third & final Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas Conjunct in Capricorn
Nov 14 – Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio
Nov 30 – P. Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini (Blue Moon in Southern Hemisphere)
Dec 19 – Galactic Plane Alignment
Dec 21 – Uluru Magick Box
Dec 22 – Summer/Winter Solstice
Dec 22 – The Great Conjunction – Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas in Aquarius – Lemurian Star of Bethlehem
I love listening to people who are solution oriented. Recognising the challenges of this moment & inspiring action, change.

Such a great lineup of speakers on this 4 hr live stream.. YES its a marathon.. but well, well worth it.

Make some time for yourself to listen in this weekend, and join the VOICE of change.

#reclaimyourlives #lineinthesand #wedonotconsent #freedom #sovereignty #commonlaw #naturaljustice #wearethelight #australia #africa #usa #canada #europe #unitedwestand #yourvoicematters #bravenewlife #newearth #newearthera #patriot #masquerade #constitutionalrights #dreamwisely
Later this week our Moon becomes New in Libra. Time to sow your seeds of possibility, fertilised with LOVE & watered with your Heartfilled blessings.

We planted bulbs toward the end of Spring last year, and our garden is now a bloom with these delightful Hippeastrums.

Nature is such a sublime reminder of possibility & potential.

Enjoy your week/weekend of 'seed' planting in the creation toward a beautiful tomorrow 🌱 🌸

#libranewmoon #libranewmoon2020