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A platform that helps you fill your pipeline with leads interested in your product at this very moment.
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SignumAI launches a solution that accelerates your revenue growth by tracking prospects’ and clients’ behavior 🚀

Our platform will help you to track your prospects’ activity so you know when they are ready to buy your solution.

We aggregate different types of intent data from several providers and use it to increase your revenue at a lower price.

How to avoid getting cold emails to Blacklist? Follow these rules:

1. Use direct language,
2. Limit links to 2 at most,
3. Never include videos or GIFs (if they are NOT an essential element of your outreach strategy),
4. Try to stay consistent with email “shape” (it looks like a capital F),
5. Don't give too many options, especially in a CTA.

Find more details, examples, and tips in this comprehensive article 👉
Signum.AI is happy to contribute to the UAE’s “One Billion Meals,” an amazing humanitarian campaign aiming to provide food aid for vulnerable communities in dozens of countries all over the world. Cheers for more initiatives of this kind!
🔥14 tech trends in modern B2B marketing from Forbes Communications Council members👇

1. Increasing Use Of Intent Data
2. Audience Identification Across Platforms
3. Cybersecurity For B2B Businesses
4. Artificially Intelligent Predictive Models
5. AI-Assisted Focus Groups
6. Real-Time Survey Tools
7. Advanced Content Marketing Strategies
8. Deep-Dive Marketing Tools
9. Data-Driven Decision-Making
10. Automated B2B Social Media Outreach
11. Lead-Tracking And Visibility Tools
12. More Personalized Messaging
13. Insights From Customer Data Platforms
14. Personalized Email Marketing Strategies

«Though it may not be a fully-fledged reality yet, the vision of Web3 as the progressive, people-powered evolution of the internet is gaining interest and traction among businesses, nonprofits and governments alike. Underpinned by rapidly maturing technology, momentum is gathering around its real world uses and the tangible value this new space can offer at both macro and micro levels.

So, what can we, as B2B experience creators, learn from this new frontier? How can it help us build meaningful moments for audiences across both digital and physical worlds?»

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Learn how to write a follow-up email with these tips 👆
"The genuine exploitation of data requires rules and regulations, as growth always increases the potential for misuse. The task of technology companies is to build data pipelines that ensure the trust and security of AI and analytics".

Some helpful tips on sales prospecting by Lisa Rose from The Brooks Group 👆
"The improved Web 3.0 user experience will require marketers to rethink their digital marketing strategies for reaching and engaging customers. Increased decentralization and privacy will make the internet a more personal and tailored experience. Furthermore, blockchain and augmented reality/virtual reality will change how people interact with the online world."

Detailed insights on how to be prepared for the new marketing world by Gartner 👇
«Business-to-business (B2B) is supposed to create the most elevated CAGR during the estimated time frame. In business-to-business (B2B), advertisers make sends that accentuate quality, service, business worth, and trust. Email marketing gives a scientific stage that screens and examines information to more readily comprehend client issues and makes an answer to address them. Advertisers might involve email marketing to grandstand items and services as an answer for business issues.»

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Here are simple rules to turn the situation to your advantage:

1. Request a review of the proposal by a decision-maker.
2. Ask: "Is there anything that I didn't cover in our conversation that I should ask about?"
3. Do your research and find out prices for previous or similar solutions.
4. Don't be afraid to write follow-ups.
5. This is where it's vital to separate yourself as a person from the negative result.
"Through Web 2.0 marketing, brands built huge social audiences and customer databases. By leveraging the new tools of Web3, such as NFTs and DAOs, brands have the opportunity to convert customers and Web 2.0 audiences into a community of owners. As brands get better versed in Web3 they will be able to mine other communities for new customers."

Lead generation is considered perhaps the most significant marketing initiative. But you can’t just let it take its own course and expect a sudden customer flow. The effective lead generation process takes effort, and that’s why it is often seriously flawed.
😎 We are excited to share another successful experiment's results. This time we launched a cold outreach campaign for our client using our prospects' activity tracking product.

🏦 Verticals: banking and fintech.
🤖 Client product: AI-based document recognition.
Learn about the new trends among buyers and sellers and how the most successful outreach managers optimize their work 👉