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privacy -1 , but i like it :)
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RC version of cataract is out, new release will happen soon. ✌️
startpage goal:

Why did we create

As kids, we’re all taught not to touch stuff that doesn’t belong to us. It’s a good guideline. So why are online companies harvesting our personal data without our consent? They shouldn’t. That’s why we’re developing online tools that help you stay in control of your personal information. Search is done. Expect other private versions of common digital services soon. Why?

Because it’s our belief that personal data should be your data, not Big Data. Period.
Check if your email was part of data breach, and find out which of your passwords are compromized.
Stay safe 🔒
Another site where you can search for leaks of your account data
Lost ... brain.

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Will Quantum Computers break encryption
Cataract 0.4.1 is out!
Compatibility with Windows is fixed!

Cataract 0.4.2 beta is releasaed, stable vestion
- code reorgranisation
- code optimization
- more power
Telegram is 7 years old today – and we have a present for you. Yes, it's Video Calls. 🎁

Enjoy the update while we go back to doing the three most important things: adding new features, standing up for what we believe in and animating emoji.

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