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Digibyte Odocrypt pools are up and running on the Testnet and ready to go for the Mainnet immediately after launch.

Odocrypt PPLNS Pool
Odocrypt Solo Pool

These are only truly working at the present moment and tested with a live hashrate pools, but not like some others which are just declared Odocrypt support but never working.

Pools are configured for seamless switching to the Mainnet without any urgent hardware reconfigurations. Payout address can be configured in advance even before the Mainnet launch. Absolutely no additional actions required on compatible miners.

For Altera FPGA devices follow the provided instructions, for Blackminer FPGA devices request correct bitstream files from the manufacturer or your supplier and follow their instructions.
PPLNS Scrypt pool is up and running
PPLNS Qubit pool is up and running
Mining payouts Consolidation Service is available, it allows to combine multiple per-block payouts into a single one.
Within time range since 31/10/2020 02:00 UTC up to 31/10/2020 14:00 UTC time, both PPLNS pools (SHA256 & ODO) will be unavailable for a short period up to 60 minutes maximum, both web and stratum servers will be unreachable.

Please be sure that your mining devices configured properly and using stratum servers hostnames but no self-resolved IP addresses.
Also please be sure that your mining machine has backup pools configured in case you want to use some backup. or can be used as backup for Digibyte. Any miner has a chance to find a solo block :)

Solo mining and Combine Service are not affected.
PPLNS pools payout service and Combine service will be paused for next 10-12 hours for an emergency reason at the hosting place.

I remind that all payout processing located at physically secure place, which allows keep mind coins at the safest level.
But it has not so perfect Internet connectivity and electricity supply in compare with pool mining servers which are located in the best datacenters across the world..

It is SAFE to continue mining, nothing will be lost.

Solo mining is not affected, as during Solo mining at our pools network itself pays rewards to miners directly, pool never touchs mined coins.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
There is an emergency issue at payout service hosting place. PPLNS and Combine Service payouts can be delayed for a few next hours.

It is safe to continue mining, nothing will be lost. Mining is not affected.
Payout service for SHA256 PPLNS pool has some unexpected issues. Mining is not affected, all work will be paid.
It is safe to continue mining. Payouts will be resumed ASAP.
Payouts were paused for some hours for a some exception issue.
It has been fixed and everything is up and running now.
All pending payouts will be processed within 1-2 hours. Thank you for you patience!