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[Sent by MOM – 22 April]

Here’s what you need to know

From 26 April 2022:
💼 All employees who can work from home may now return to the workplace
 Masks may be removed when employees are not interacting with others and not in customer-facing areas
🔘 Workforce Vaccination Measures will be lifted

⬆️ More migrant workers may visit the community: Up to 25,000 on weekdays, and up to 50,000 on weekends and public holidays
 Unvaccinated migrant workers can participate in community visits, and visit Recreation Centres without exit passes or pre-visit tests 

From 1 May 2022:
 Vaccinated non-Malaysian work pass holders with In-Principle Approvals in Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process sectors no longer need entry approvals to enter Singapore
🔘 Instead, their employers must secure onboarding slots before their arrival in Singapore, using the new Onboard Booking system
🔘 Employers must ensure workers are fully vaccinated, undergo a two-day pre-departure preparatory programme if available, and report to the Onboard centre upon arrival in Singapore  
🚫 Action will be taken against those who do not adhere to the requirements

For more details, visit:
Comprehensive Labour Force Survey 2022
MOM will be conducting the annual Comprehensive Labour Force Survey from 25 April to 31 July 2022.

Your responses will play an important role in shaping policies and programmes aimed at strengthening our labour force. These schemes concern you and your loved ones. Help us achieve a more effective outcome by participating in the survey.
📆  From 25 April to 31 July 2022
📬  Selected households will receive an official notification letter by post.
 Participation in the survey is compulsory under the Statistics Act.
💻  Participants are strongly encouraged to complete the survey online via the link indicated in the letters.
🔐  All data collected will be protected by law under the Statistics Act.
For further assistance:
 6320 7777 (Monday to Sunday: 8.30am – 9.30pm, except PHs)
For more details, visit:
[Sent by MOM - 8 May]

Safety Time-Out at Workplaces to Start from 9 May 2022

Ministry of Manpower, Workplace Safety and Health Council, National Trades Union Congress, and industry partners are calling for a safety time-out to be conducted from 9 May 2022.

This comes amidst a worrying spate of fatal accidents at workplaces in the past month.

The safety time-out will provide a pause in work for company management to engage workers and unions to reinforce workplace safety and health processes, and act on any issues raised.

Read more here:
MOM’s 2021 Wage Practices Report is out!

Here’s a quick summary:
📈Total wage growth in 2021 was 3.9%, comparable to 2019
📓3 in 4 employers reported profits last year
💰7 in 10 employees enjoyed higher wages in 2021

This rebound reflects Singapore’s strong economic recovery and a tight labour market.

Read more at:
[Sent by MOM – 8 June]
MOM’s 2021 study on migrant domestic workers and their employers is out!
Here are the key findings:
👍: About 9 in 10 migrant domestic workers and their employers were highly satisfied with their employment relationships

🏠🥣 🙌 99% of migrant domestic workers reported high satisfaction across accommodation, food sufficiency, social and emotional support

81% of migrant domestic workers intend to continue working here

😃 85% of employers were satisfied with the support of their migrant domestic workers for their households

👦🏽👵🏽 70% employers intend to renew their migrant domestic workers’ contracts 📝
We will continue to:
☀️ Strengthen measures to support migrant domestic workers and their employers

🤝 Work with partners to boost awareness of employment rights and responsibilities among these two groups
Find out more at or read the full study at
[Sent by MOM - 10 June]

MOM will be strengthening our support for senior workers with the following changes starting 1 July 2022:

👨🏻Retirement age will be increased from 62 to 63
💼 Re-employment age will be increased from 67 to 68
☑️ Employees hired at age 55 and above will qualify for re-employment if they have worked for the same employer for at least 2 years

These measures will enable more senior workers to continue working if they wish to, and provide a larger pool of workers for businesses.

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[Sent by MOM - 18 July]

MOM and TADM have released the latest Employment Standards Report 2021

Here are the highlights:

Overall incidence of employment claims and appeals fell significantly for both local and foreign employees from 2.59 in 2020 to 1.73 per 1,000 employees in 2021

95% of employees fully recovered owed salaries ($8.6 million in total) with help from Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) and Employment Claims Tribunal, higher than 92% in 2020

92% of salary claims and 84% of wrongful dismissal claims lodged in 2021 were concluded within 2 months, an improvement from 2020

Read the full Employment Standards Report 2021: