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Sensorium Corporation is a technology company that creates simulated virtual experiences of real-world concert venues and virtual worlds.
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​​We're finally revealing the artist behind the Sensorium avatars.

Australian 3D artist Jason Ebeyer created the images of the virtual passengers in the Sensorium Starship. He's known worldwide for his glossy, surreal style, and his outstanding work serves as an embodiment of the dreams about our digitized future. Jason has collabed with musicians such as Steve Aoki, Bebe Rexha, and Troye Sivan.

Here's what Jason has to say about our partnership: "Sensorium is creating an amazing new and next-generation platform, and this collaboration is a great opportunity to transfer my creativity into a new virtual universe that is expanding as we speak."

As of now, Jason has already developed over 80 unique virtual characters and several hundred items of clothing and accessories for the Sensorium Starship. In the future, the variety of items and characters will be updated regularly.

Read more about this partnership on our website:!
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KuCoin Will Add the SENSO/BTC Trading Pair

Per request of the Sensorium (SENSO) project, KuCoin will open trading service for the SENSO/BTC trading pair at 18:00 on May 9, 2020 (UTC+8).

See the official announcement here:
​​Recently we revealed the creator of our avatars — Jason Ebeyer is an Australian 3D artist who's known for his surreal style. We asked Jason a few questions about VR and his creative process. Read further to learn more!

1. What appeals to you in Sensorium Galaxy?

When I was first contacted by the team at Sensorium, I was really drawn to the idea. I loved the fact that they were wanting to develop a new and exciting social VR platform. I think a lot of people can relate to having friends from all over the world, especially with how wide-reaching social media has become. The ability to be a part of a project which was going to help bring people together was something I had to be a part of.
​​2. Tell us a bit more about the characters you are creating for Sensorium Galaxy.

When I started creating concepts for these characters and their vibe, I thought about what I look for when creating a character for my own work. The characters are designed to feel fun and friendly but also trendy and fashionable. I really wanted to focus on this kind of future human type look in terms of facial and body structure. Almost like a large mash of ethnicities and races so no matter who you are, you could relate to a character in one way or another. People will be interacting with these characters on the VR platform, so it was important that they had personality, and you could see yourself and your friends in there.
​​3. Do you play VR games? What do you think of the future of Virtual Reality?

I had played a couple of VR games when it first started to become mainstream a few years back, but nothing like what it is today. When I first got involved with Sensorium, I looked into how far VR has come, and I'm amazed at what is capable and what will be capable as technology advances. I cannot wait for the release of this social VR platform and to be able to experience this galaxy with everyone!
​​We are opening new possibilities for SENSO token! In order to make its purchase more convenient, we have recently added a new trading pair on the KuCoin exchange. SENSO/BTС is now available on
We have previously announced the launch of SENSO token — the in-game cryptocurrency that will circulate on the Sensorium platform. The token is already available for purchase on KuCoin:

While we’re working hard to create a variety of top quality content to buy with SENSO token in Sensorium Galaxy, it is already featured on crypto exchanges and can now be purchased on HitBTC as well:
We are joining forces with UNREAL ENGINE DEV CONTEST 2020 for Russia and CIS!

We strive to expand our partnership network and are ready to collaborate with outsourced VR development studios. By sponsoring and judging the Best VR game nomination, we are looking for ambitious projects for potential integration with Sensorium Galaxy.

In this contest, game developers will create and present their games to compete in a variety of nominations. Sensorium will sponsor the nomination for the Best VR-game. We pay special attention to VR exclusives, which explore new possibilities of interactions in VR and provide unique experiences unattainable in other formats.

By collaborating with Unreal Engine, Sensorium aims to promote the creation of VR games and to contribute to the further development of the VR industry.
​​In order to maximize the benefits of blockchain for Sensorium Galaxy, we are striking a partnership with the Global Blockchain Business Council, the leading industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem.

GBBC brings together innovative organizations and thought leaders from over 50 countries to advance understanding and adoption of blockchain technology amongst global regulators and business leaders.

The move is designed to underpin and bolster Sensorium’s use of blockchain and add greater weight to GBBC’s endeavors in promoting blockchain. As a member of the GBBC, Sensorium will participate in forums, conferences, and other platforms, all designed to inform, educate, and discuss important, landmark developments in blockchain technologies.

Check out more details about this partnership on our website!
​​Valve is a major gaming company that has given the gaming industry such breakthrough titles as Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2, and many others. It has influenced both the gaming and VR spheres grealy. Half-Life was released back in 1998, and it became a staple in the gaming industry, as it provided a completely new experience without long cutscenes. It is still in the top-5 of the highest-rated PC games of all time on Metacritic.

Did you know Steam was initially created in 2003 to provide quick updates for Valve's core titles? Now it's one of the largest PC game distributors! Steam currently has one billion accounts and more than 90 million monthly active users.

According to the latest Steam Survey data, 1 million people started using VR headsets in the past month thanks to Half-Life: Alyx release, increasing the adoption of VR. It is now the single most significant increase ever in monthly-connected VR headsets on Steam! Seeing such success, other companies will surely follow in Valve's steps in discovering and developing VR, which will make it more mainstream.
​​Sensorium has become a platinum sponsor of Digital Week Online, the global innovation, investments, and technology conference that will be held on 25-31 May. One of the days will be dedicated solely to blockchain. Leaders of the industry, top exchanges, corporate partners and blockchain developers will share their hands-on experience

As part of the event, on May 27th at 7:45 GMT Alex Blagirev, our Chief Digital & Investor Relations Officer, will give a talk on why VR is going to take over the new reality.

Digital Week Online is a great opportunity for networking and discussing the world's hottest topics. Join the event to learn about the latest innovations that will determine investment trends!
​​​​We have good news regarding the SENSO token! Today we are featuring it on the exchange. SENSO/BCH and SENSO/USDT trading pairs are available now!
​​What will VR become in the near future? How vast is its influence today and what boundaries are to be pushed by VR tomorrow? Such an exciting subject to discuss will be presented by Alex Blagirev, our Chief Digital & Investor Relations Officer on May 27th at 7:45 UTC as a part of the Digital Week Online.

We are taking part in this global and innovative conference to talk more about VR and blockchain technology. Join us:
​​The list of industries where blockchain can become an effective tool is rapidly expanding. One of them is the gaming industry where the use of decentralized information storage solves a bunch of problems. Cheating is the biggest of them all.

According to a survey, conducted in 2019 by security company Irdeto, 77% of players stated that they would leave the game if its fairness could be put to doubt due to other players breaking the rules. It seems that most of them were true to their word because 60% of online games reported that they were negatively impacted by cheaters and lost millions of dollars annually.

Blockchain technology can deliver an effective solution to this problem. When someone cheats in a video game, any inconsistencies within one player’s gaming experience (exploitation of a bug, hacking, etc.) would be picked up. Meaning the ledgers between two nodes — the cheater’s account and the game — would not be the same.

All it takes to make it work is to create verification methods that would evaluate in-game stats, performance, and achievements. Players whose records don’t comply with the information in the ledger can be immediately spotted and banned. This way players will get a fair game and gaming companies will keep their revenue.

Blockchain today is at the early stages of mass adoption, but perhaps soon enough we'll see it as a common technology in online games, with no more cheaters. Once VR — another rapidly developing industry — grows into the shoes of a big online multiplayer, blockchain can be there with a ready solution as well.
In Sensorium we believe that virtual reality nowadays is more normal than it ever was. And there is much more to discover with modern technologies and multi-user immersion approach. As a partner of the GBBC, the global industry association for blockchain technology, we want to talk more about virtual reality and its unique experience.

On the 28th of May at 9:15 EDT our Deputy CEO of IR, Blockchain and Tech, Alex Blagirev will unveil the widespread growth of virtual reality. Join us:
​​Recently we’ve announced the featuring of SENSO on HitBTC and now we’d like to celebrate this occasion by running a chain of giveaways.

Join our first airdrop to get a share of 50.000 SENSO. First 2.000 participants who have bought on HitBTC at least 100 SENSO from June 2nd to June 9th will receive 25 SENSO as a reward.

​​The first prototype of the Oculus Rift headset, designed by Palmer Luckey in 2010, had a 90-degree field of vision and was only capable of rotational tracking. Even boasting a technology, previously unseen in the consumer market, it still had a lot of room for improvement. The first headsets released a decade ago caused headaches due to the gear weight and nausea due to imperfections of the tracking system.

Much has improved since then. Even the most budget-friendly models by Oculus, Valve, and HTC Vive can boast at least 110-degree FOV, much better resolution, and motion tracking. Hi-end devices like XTAL, with 200-degree FOV, 5k resolution, custom-built lenses and additional features, are available for professional purposes of VR engineers and developers.

Better hardware, in turn, brings new possibilities for development to a wide range of industries where it is being used – gaming, education, medicine, etc. If something is worth an investment in the coming years, it’s definitely VR related projects!