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List of Free Traffic Forums

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List Of Free Advertising Forums

Here is a list of some of the free advertising forums that I post in. If there is not an advertising section on the site, they allow signatures. Make sure that you read the rules and post in the correct forum or you might get banned from the board. Once you register in all of them, go through the list and post a message or two. Doing so will create thousands of backlinks to your website increasing your visibility in the search engines as well as all over the web.

With 2 links in your signature, you can have hundreds of links to your website in an hour or 2 per day using this list. Do it every day for 1 month and see what happens.!forum/post-free-classified-ads


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Admin for SEO group needed.

Hi I'm Shireen Duvillard, owner of 45 groups + 60 channels, pages, bots and blogs at all social media.

I need admin at my SEO group because I have no time to maintain the groups, if you have basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and PHP is alright, plus your intentions to help newbies at SEO. Many unanswered questions at this group.

You can promote your resources anytime you wish at my groups also posting your SEO articles and your website at my SEO channel regularly.

SEO group:

SEO channel:

As seen at:
My Blog:
Hatena Blog:

There is no salary for admin due the group is intended to help newbies in SEO and not a business group. Contact me @reen210 if you interested to be admin or tag me at this group @advertisehereforfree
Mini Search Engine powered by Father Google πŸ”

You can create your own search engine which commonly known as Programmable Search Engine at your own blog. It's a simple JavaScript and running asynchronous with your blog loading, so it doesn't affect your page speed for sure.

More info about sample and documentation please check my blog page:

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Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love. Goodreads launched in January 2007.

The right book in the right hands at the right time can change the world. Join our Big Community for Good Blogger, Writer, Author and Reader.

Join us:

Social Bookmarks sites that will gain good backlinks to your site. It is legalized by Uncle Google, so no more worries you get penalized. You just need to maintain good relationship with Social Bookmark Sites Owner or Admin by posting good articles and not spammy contents. 

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Mini Search Engine πŸ”
It's a Telegram Bot.
My own experiment to promote my own mini Search Engine.

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You can clone my trick if you want "Google SiteLinks Featured Snippets"
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Check how I earn all those Featured Snippets.

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5 Elements of Google Snippets. This make sense if your website is getting high ranking in Google Search. After all you can sit back and relax, just enjoy your website visitors increasing day by day. It doesn't need to pay single cent to Suspicious Paid SEO Agency.

However you need hard work to earn all enhancements.

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Start to experiment by now.
Be Success πŸ†

Privacy Policy πŸ”

How you can create Printable Privacy Policy ( Third Party Hosted and Embedded at your Blog). Check this out:

Free Ads Groups Online Shopping Tour Travel Telegram SEO


This Printable Privacy Policy is suitable for Blogger that going mad since this morning because don't know how create Standard Privacy Policy, just click the link above this text and everything going smooth.

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I can help you reposting your recipe articles at Guest Post on my blog if you wish, just send me pictures, videos or YouTube link and information how to create it, your public name and your resources, example: website, group and channel will be written as original author at my blog.

This is mutual promotion that will earn benefits between us. And it is free of charge.
PM me for processing. When it's done I will notify you immediately.

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Shireen Duvillard
Simple Mini Google Search Engine. You can copy paste at your simple HTML blank page and immediately you have your very own Mini Search Engine which powered by Uncle Google. Find out the code which I have recorded at public "Notepad" or Pastebin

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Free Website Building with my own domain :

These are samples:


Of course It's Free, I don't charge single cent to you. I give you free consultation and developing, even re-sharing your blog to my Social Media Networks.

No Bulshit! No Clickbait!
Not believe me?
Ask the owner of these Blogs:


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8. Forget Instagram that ban you with your link and join Pinterest.

9. Always mention your website at Twitter

10. Explore yourself 😁😁

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Basic SEO for new learner. For Pro you can skip it. Easily understandable.

Free Ads Groups in Podcast 🎧

Create your own podcast from your blog, see example below:

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