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Are you a good content creator? Social Influencer that have good reason for many followers? You can monetize with Valued Voice. A reliable platform that work with brand names to help you earn money for your hard works

Ways to monetize:
1. Sponsored blog or website contents
2. Social Media sponsored posts i.e. your IG page, Twitter, FB page and YouTube channel

Payment Gateway:

This platform is what I found on internet seems legit, there's no bad reviews till today and recommended by bloggers

I just tried this site recently and there is no payment was made, so try with cautious. I share here because many members asked me how monetize if their site was rejected by Google Adsense
More than just powerful Analytics Tool 📊📈

With Microsoft Clarity you will know exactly what your reader doing whether just reading, copying or abusing. Device, time-frame or duration, clicked area, left page status, OS and location available

Find out what it is exactly:

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Free SEO backlinks 2022
How to rank #1 your Telegram channel on Telegram search engine? 📊📈

Try these:
1. Submit to some 3rd parties directories, e.g. (the rest you search yourself on Google)
2. Maximize your channel's descriptions, image, and title with keywords you want to rank for
3. Create a blog or website that mentions your channel and make sure they both are connected
4. Add some useful bots that work as intermediaries between Telegram messenger and the global internet e.g. @tg_analytics_bot, @telemetr_io_bot, etc
5. Create a username that is easy for human to read and to remember
6. Keep your channel's status as "public"
7. Make sure your channel's contents are useful for people, not shocking also harassing human sense, not a propaganda, stay away from politician's agenda, not misleading and one thing: "don't scam your reader plus upload harmful files"
8. Provide unique content for your reader and they feel "enjoy" with your channel

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The best (high CPC value) admob and adsense niches + keywords for blog monetization 📊💰. Updated list 2022 for USA, CA and worldwide. Think different, not all advertisers pay the same price for publisher which means every advertiser's bid depends on the demand and how worth his business was calculated

High price of CPC niche & keyword examples:

Insurance, Loans, Gas Electricity, Attorney, Mortgage, Credit, Degree, Donate, Conference Call, Insurance, Payday Loans, Tax Attorney, Credit, Personal Injury Lawyer, Claim, Finance, Cloud Hosting, Trading, Bitcoin, Stimulus, Funding, Rehab, Addiction, Car Accident Lawyer, Treatment, Cord Blood, Education, Digital Marketing, Telecom, Web Hosting, Healthcare, Automobile Dealership, Beauty & Skincare, Cryptocurrency, Fashion Retail, Home Decor, Insurance, Marketing Agency, Software, Online Classes, Internet, Travel Guide, Real Estate, Products, Manufacturing, Fashion, Retail, Fitness, Wholesale, Online Shopping, E-Commerce.. etc

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Remember about Valued Voice in an earlier post? Today they pay us, check the payment proof above 💰

Valued Voice is a platform for content creator or blogger, freelancer and social media influencer just like you and me. Recently they made a payment transfer to our Paypal on time and without delay. Thanks to all our referees and people who join us to earn additional side income, you're awesome ☺️

To maximize your income, make sure your performance in social media as influencer or content of your site as blogger is so attractive and at best peak, so you're very near to what you dream about. Alternatively, become their affiliate and sharing their referral links to your audience around the world.
Be success 🏆🏆

Read more about Valued Voice, a platform created by reliable community and backed up by big brand of companies. Valued Voice is member of Vazoola and LinkVehicle Group 👬
Rejected by Google Adsense? 🤔

Worries no more! 😁
You still have an alternative(s) to monetize your site or blog 💰

Not all publishers or site owners got approved by Google Adsense due to the lack of required criteria to be eligible as publishers in Google Ad network, however, there's still a chance for property monetization and worth trying, so, never give up!

You can googling to meet these Adsense alternative:
1. Valued Voice
2. Vazoola
3. Admitad GmbH
4. GetYourGuide
5. Intellifluence
7. Social Quotient
8. Bidvertiser
9. Pop Cash
10. Aff Lift
11. Social Spark
12. Monumetric
13. She Media
14. Mediavine
15. Sovrn / VigLink
16. Purple Ads
17. Shareasale
18. RevContent
19. GumGum
20. Infolinks
21. Adsy
22. Adsterra
23. Amazon
24. Propeller Ads
25. Clickadu
26. Skimlinks & Taboola
27. Adversal
28. Ad Click Media
29. Evadav
30. Linqia

Video monetization
1. Fullscreen Media
2. Maker Studio
3. Machinima
4. Ad Rev
5. Freedom TM

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So sorry for being "vacuum" for a while. So, to fill this gap let me share this useful "back to basic" SEO in the E-book version.

Honestly, it's more advanced (than you've ever think) and it went deeply insight what Google crawler is, what to do's & don'ts and etcetera.

Enjoy 🙏
Guest Posting on this SEO channel 📝📊

Yes, you've heard right, on this channel with approximately 1K active views or more for a month

Hi, I think it's time for me to limit myself to broadcast SEO articles on this channel. Now it's your turn to participate in it for free.

But how?
1. Contact me directly or in this SEO group or submit your content to my personal email at
2. Add 1 (one) image/video
3. Add descriptive text properly
4. Add 1 (one) link or backlink to your properties
5. If the content comes from other sources, you must mention it or provide its original link
6. Should be unique and less grammar error (optional), however I will edit it before broadcasting

1. You get traffic and backlink from this channel
2. Your name and your properties will show up here

I'm waiting your unique and good quality SEO articles 😊

Alternatively, add your comment down below 👇👇 with anything you want to promote (still, with SEO related contents).

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The comprehensive SEO tools you're deserved to have and feel something wrong to be missed!

Find out what you will get with this free SEO tool:
- YouTube SEO tools
- Writing tools
- Website tracking
- Meta tags checker
- Additional unique tools, such as Adsense calculator, WordPress theme detector, Google index checker, etc.

Meet Small SEO Tool 24, a dedicated and complete SEO tool to help you gain your site performance ;)

This is a guest posting No: 1
Submitted by Muhammad

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How to create a Rock, Paper, and Scissors Game with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

The game of Rock Paper Scissors is a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for generations. Despite its simplicity, the game can be incredibly challenging and entertaining, making it a perfect starting point for those who are interested in game development.

In this tutorial, we will be using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an animated version of Rock Paper Scissors. By following our step-by-step instructions and code snippets, you will gain a basic understanding of these three essential web development tools.

This is Guest Posting Series No: 002
Submitted by Faraz Choudhary
Telegram channel: Coding With Faraz
Website: Code With Faraz
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Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the capability of machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. AI technology can analyze large amounts of data and provide insights that would be difficult for humans to uncover. In business marketing, AI can help companies personalize their marketing efforts, improve customer targeting, and automate routine tasks.

Curious to create such AI generated video above? Visit our latest blog post is a platform that covers your needs in search of free followers, views and likes on platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etcetera.

They provide you with a free and paid plan, however the free one I think is enough, unless you're working as an SMM agency.

Just give it a try and thank me later.
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Monetize your Telegram Channel with Collaborator Pro 💰

Collaborator Pro is a content marketplace for publishers (website & channel owners) and advertisers (sponsors and brands).

Founded in 2017 (based on Whois Data), the platform now utilizes a Telegram Channel monetization system, that's good news for Telegram users (just like you and me)

While I do research online, it seems there is no issue with the payment. Other trusted reviews sites also indicate similar results

Register here now and start making money online and don't forget to add your site or TG Channel 😊
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I think you can abandon Google Maps from now, as there's no Palestine inside 😓

Remember, Google is CIA and USA government front ⚠️⚠️

#palestine🇵🇸 #savepalestine #freepalestine
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Fact Checks

This is a reality, undeniable facts, even by westerners.

Google is not good as you think, find alternatives (such as DuckDuckGo, Fox browser, Yandex, Tor etc) and avoid funding bloody war that committed by criminal israel state and its blood thirsty allies.

List of companies to boycott due their support for terrorist state of israel 👎 against Palestinian people 🇵🇸🕊️:
- McDonalds
- Puma
- Wix
- Zara
- Coca Cola
- Danone
- Nestle
- Starbucks
- More details info here

Thanks 🙏
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Forwarded from Western Hypocrisy
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You can start to leave Facebook and Instagram 🇮🇱🐖 from now 😊
Forwarded from Western Hypocrisy (Israel Diaper Forces)
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Respect this young engineer 👌 and fuck Jewish Google 🖕✡️💩.

Google is a product of zionist 🇮🇱💩 and US government front, look at Google map, is there a Palestine State over there?

Try to find alternatives to Google search engine and its products (including YouTube), such as start using DuckGuckGo, Yandex, Rumble, Bichute, Telegram etc

Better to leave Facebook (Meta), Instagram etc from now 👌